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New Worlds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredcharmingangelFR181671,71222910,6443 Nov 0925 Jul 12No

Chapter 16


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“This is ridiculous,” Ten called while ducking a blast of magic thrown towards him.

“We don’t have any magic!” he repeated.

“If you don’t think you have any magic you won’t miss it. So why not just give it up?” one of their attackers called before shooting something that looked a lot like lightning at the Doctor. Kahlan pulled him out of the way just in time and pushed him behind a large tree.

“Thanks,” the Doctor muttered, then looked around for Rose.


“Over here,” she called from behind another tree. “What exactly is it they want from us?”

“Your mag…” Kahlan started, but was quickly interrupted by the Doctor.

“I keep telling you, we don’t have any,” he insisted.

“Maybe you call it something different, but if they say you have magic then you do. They can feel it,” Kahlan told him.

The Doctor sighed. Maybe magic did mean something else on this planet, in this reality. He didn’t even know where they were. Maybe things were different here, and honestly, who cared what they called it? They obviously wanted something from them very badly, and if Kahlan was right and they could feel what they wanted, it obviously had to exist, didn’t it?

“Maybe they can feel your timelord abilities,” Rose suggested. And my immortality, or even what is left of Bad Wolf, she added in thoughts. She wished she could somehow tap into Bad Wolf right now, but unfortunately she had no idea how to do it. Maybe the Doctor really had pulled it all out of her, but sometimes she felt like he hadn’t. It was almost as if she could feel something else inside of her, something ancient and powerful. Right now however she felt completely and utterly human. Well, she couldn’t die, but that wouldn’t actually help defeat those witches or whatever they were.

The Doctor looked at Rose. He guessed someone who believed in magic could attribute his abilities to magic. That wouldn’t explain what they wanted from her, but it was a possibility.

“Well, they can’t have those,” he stated, matter of fact.

“So you do have magic,” Kahlan said before throwing a knife that was promptly deflected, flew back towards them and landed in the tree she and the Doctor were standing behind.

“What can you do?” she added sounding hopeful.

The Doctor couldn’t blame her for hoping there was something he could do. They were greatly outnumbered and there wasn’t much they could do against magical blasts. Kahlan would soon run out of knives as well, which probably was the only thing slowing their attackers down at all.

“Nothing that will help us,” the Doctor muttered frustrated. “Maybe we should try talking to them…”

“Because that worked so well the first time you tried,” Rose muttered sarcastically.

The Doctor stared at her. He really did miss supportive and cheerful Rose. “You have any better ideas?” he shot back.

“I do,” Kahlan interrupted. “You two run while I hold them back.”

“We’re not leaving you,” the Doctor objected.

Kahlan turned to face him, her look grim. “When they capture you they will take your han by force, killing you painfully in the process. You want that? No? Then run! I can protect myself. I am the Mother Confessor!” she said, feeling frustrated. Of course Sisters of the Dark had to show up when neither Zedd nor Cara or Richard, who could all deflect magic, were there. She really missed her friends more than ever at that moment. Her only hope was to get her hands on one of the Sisters of the Dark and confess her so that she could control her and make her fight against her sisters long enough for all of them to escape.

The Doctor stared at her, torn between wanting to get Rose safely away, admiring Kahlan’s courage and wanting to tell her that he would never leave her behind. But he knew he would have to make a decision soon. They were running out of time.

Luckily a rather familiar sound saved the Doctor from having to make that decision.

“What?” he muttered, his head snapping around as the TARDIS materialized a few feet away. How could the TARDIS come here? No one but him could fly it… well, except for the Master.

“Got yourself into a bit of trouble again, I see,” a man said opening the TARDIS door. He was slim, had brown hair, wore a bow tie and was not the Master… unless he had regenerated.

Before the Doctor had a chance to reply another one of those lighting blasts shot towards the TARDIS and the man was pushed down by Buffy. The next second the slayer rushed out and stopped behind a tree.

“What… how did you get here?” the Doctor called.

“Got ourselves another Doctor,” Buffy called with a smirk and gestured at the man she had pushed down. He was behind a tree now, waving around a sonic screwdriver.

“Fascinating,” he called, then beamed at Ten. “Hello. Always a pleasure to meet myself. Amy, stay in the TARDIS!”

Ten stared at the man, his mind racing. He didn’t remember ever looking like that, which meant that if this man really was the Doctor he was a future regeneration of him.

“What is he talking about?” Kahlan asked.

“How about we sort that out later,” Buffy suggested. “Seems like we have some witches to take care of right now. Willow!”

“Right here,” came the reply just before the redhead stepped out of the TARDIS.

“Be careful,” Ten called, but it was too late. A lightning blast rushed past him, heading directly for Willow. His eyes widened as he stared at the scene in horror. But just before it hit her Willow held out her hand and the blast stopped, then simply vanished.

“More interesting hans,” a voice called appreciatively, but Ten thought he detected a hint of unease as well.

“Think you can take ‘em?” Buffy asked looking at her friend.

“How about we don’t wait to find out,” Rose suggested. “There’s at least six of them!”

“I second that,” Willow agreed. “Get into the TARDIS. I’ll hold them off while you do.”

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Once inside the TARDIS Ten froze.

“What…,” he muttered.

“The TARDIS crashed…,” Eleven interrupted and started to explain.

“Into my garden shed… again,” a redhead Ten had never seen before said.

“Had to fix it,” Eleven went on, ignoring the redhead.

“He changed a few things, too,” Buffy butted in slamming the door shut behind Willow. “I kind of like it.”

“I can see that,” Ten muttered, though he knew that it was really the TARDIS herself who decided when to change. He could kind of understand it, too. The new décor was better suited for so many companions. Still, he would have to get used to the new look. He did like it, but he already missed his old control room as well.

The next second the TARDIS shook.

“How about we get out of here,” Amy suggested, stumbling slightly.

“Right,” the Doctors both said at the same time and walked towards the console.

“So… future regeneration…” Ten mumbled while familiarizing himself with the new console.

Eleven grinned and made the TARDIS fly off just as Amy joined them at the console.

“So, you’re really him?” she asked looking at Ten curiously. “He doesn’t look younger than you,” she observed glancing at her Doctor.

Eleven smirked slightly, then gestured between them. “Doctor, Amy. Amy, meet… me. And yes, he is younger… and from an alternate reality, still me though.”

“New companion?” Ten asked trying not to seem too excited at the prospect of meeting a future version of himself and possibly a future companion.

“I don’t want to interrupt, but where’s everyone else?” Rose asked joining them with Kahlan who looked around the TARDIS with wide eyes. Rose knew she should probably talk to Kahlan, make her feel more at ease in this strange place, but seeing a future version of the Doctor, who had yet another new companion, made her emotions run high. Would it never stop? And why did they all have to be so pretty?

“Sam took Dawn to her room. She’s resting after being attacked by a demon,” Buffy said. “She’s okay though.”

“Rory went with them to patch her up,” Amy added. “Not that you know Rory… he’s my husband, and a nurse.”

“Oh,” Rose muttered. Husband… well, at least this companion was married for a change. That meant she wasn’t interested in the Doctor in that way, right?

“No idea where Ruby and Eric went,” Willow said. “Eric had to leave when we opened the TARDIS and it was day outside. And Ruby… well, who knows.” She shrugged.

“Maybe she left for good,” Buffy muttered sounding hopeful.

“Buffy,” Willow exclaimed in a chiding voice.

“What? Don’t tell me you’d miss the demon,” Buffy went on.

“We are trying to locate the rest of your companions now,” Eleven stated ignoring the chatter going on around them.

“Ha, found Jack,” he added with a grin. He was rather looking forward to seeing his immortal friend again. “He’s on this planet.”

“Then lets go get him,” Rose said.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

The Master’s TARDIS:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Martha could hardly believe it, but her door had actually been unlocked. When the Master rushed off in a hurry earlier he must have forgotten to lock it. Sneaking through the TARDIS she tried to find Faith, but hadn’t had any luck so far. Just like the Doctor’s TARDIS this one was huge. However, Faith couldn’t be that far away, since Martha had always been able to hear Faith’s screams. As that thought came to her Martha realized that she hadn’t heard any screams all day. Her heart started to beat faster as she tried not to think about what the implications of that could be. Surely Faith was alright, she just had to be!

Martha’s mind was still trying to come up with logical reasons for why Faith had been silent for such a long time when someone suddenly stepped around a corner, facing her. Martha stopped dead, but relaxed when she noticed that it was Faith. A smile appeared on her lips. There it was, the most logical reason of all: Faith had escaped as well.

“Faith,” Martha said silently. She stepped towards her friend, ready to hug her when Faith suddenly lunged forward and hit her in the chest, knocking the air right out of her. Then the slayers fist connected with her jaw, making her stumble backwards until she hit the wall.

Pain rushed through Martha as she sank down to the ground.

“Well done,” a voice said and Martha noticed Denna behind Faith, a wide smile on her face.

Martha blinked and looked from Denna to Faith who was now towering over her. What the hell had just happened? Faith couldn’t really have hit her, could she?

“Don’t look so shocked,” Denna said. “I told you I’d break her. It was only a matter of time.”

Denna then turned to Faith. “Let’s take her to the Master.”

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Once in the control room Faith dragged Martha towards the console and pushed her down hard.

“Ah, I see, you came to witness my success,” the Master said beaming at Martha.

Martha winced slightly as she pushed herself up and glared at the Master. She really didn’t want to witness anything the Master was doing. Her eyes travelled to Faith. She still couldn’t believe that her friend had hit her! Had she gone over to the Master’s side to escape further torture? Was she maybe pretending to be on their side until she saw an opportunity for them to escape? Or was Denna right? Had she actually broken Faith? Was the Faith she knew gone? No, she couldn’t be!

“You re-captured her,” Faith said looking at Denna and the Master before glaring at Martha.

Martha blinked, unsure what Faith meant. She was the one who caught her after all.

“Of course we did. I promised that you would be able to get your revenge on her for abandoning you when she escaped with the others who came for her and didn’t even think about you for a second when leaving,” Denna said stepping next to Faith and brushing a strand of hair out of the slayers face in a loving way.

Martha’s eyes widened. “Is that what they told you?” she asked, staring at Faith. “I never…”

“Lies,” Denna said while leaning into Faith and playing with the slayers hair.

“… left,” Martha finished. “And never would have without you!”

“Shut up,” Faith shouted, stalked over to Martha and hit her again.

“Now, now,” the Master said in a chiding voice. “I want her alive to witness my… our triumph.”

“He is right, Faith. Leave her,” Denna agreed.

Faith narrowed her eyes but stopped, then pushed Martha away from her hard.

Denna grinned before pulling Faith towards her and kissing her passionately.

Martha stared up at them unbelievingly while trying not to move her aching body much. This could not be happening!

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

“We’re almost there,” Dean said walking faster and pulling out his gun.

Jack followed his example and pulled his gun out, too. Walking swiftly he took in their surroundings, looking for any kind of danger.

A moment later they stepped into a clearing. The first thing Jack noticed was the TARDIS, standing a few feet away. He smiled, relieved to see the ship. Then his eyes fell on Martha, who was on the ground nearby, gagged, bleeding out of several wounds and holding her arm to her chest tightly. Anger rushed through Jack at the sight of her like that, but he pushed it away for now. Next to Martha on the ground was a blond woman dressed in white leather, similar to what Cara was wearing. She seemed to be unconscious. Over her stood Faith, wearing some kind of cloak. In her hand was a thick branch. She must have knocked the blonde out, Jack thought. Maybe Faith didn’t really need their help after all.

“Faith,” Dean called and rushed towards her, putting his gun away.

“Dean, wait,” Cara called from behind them, her voice sounding urgent.

Jack stopped and glanced at Cara, but Dean ignored her, too fixated on Faith.

“It’s a trap!” Cara shouted.

----- -----

Dean rushed towards Faith happily. He had feared the worst after what he felt through their weird bond, but she was okay. She was standing just a few feet away.

“Faith,” he called. She turned to him and smiled. A wide smile appeared on his own face. Then he heard Cara’s words and stopped a few steps away from Faith.

“What do you mean?” he called over his shoulder just as Faith threw away the branch. Before Cara could answer Faith moved, dropping the cloak she was wearing. Dean had a moment to admire Faith wearing the same skin tight leather outfit Cara did before she attacked him with the same kind of sticks Cara had.

Years of training and the knowledge that just because something looked like someone you knew didn’t mean that it actually was the person you knew made Dean react instinctively. He stepped to the side a second before Faith’s stick would have touched him, then ducked her next swing while noticing that the blonde who had been on the ground stood up and came towards them. Great! He really didn’t think she was on his side.

Sure enough the blonde attacked him as well, making him stumble as he tried to avoid her blow. One of the sticks hit his arm and immense pain rushed through his body as he fell backwards. A moment later the stick was knocked away from his body and Dean saw Cara fighting off the blonde while Richard faced Faith, or whatever the hell it was that pretended to be Faith.

Realizing that the pain that had rushed through his body a moment ago was gone Dean pushed himself up. He didn’t know what was going on, but he guessed he would find out soon enough.

“Don’t hurt her,” he called to Richard who was swinging his sword. Dean didn’t know if this really was Faith or something impersonating her, but he wasn’t willing to take any chances with Faith’s life. Before he knew what was really going on no one was going to hurt or worse, kill ‘Faith’.

“She’s a Mord Sith,” Richard answered gesturing at Faith’s clothes.

“So?” Dean asked while picking up the branch Faith had thrown away earlier and joining the fight. He had no idea what a Mord Sith was and all the clothes told him was that he really liked the way women dressed in this world.

“She’s no longer the woman you knew, Dean. Denna turned her against you,” Richard stated and briefly gestured at the blonde.

“She tortured her until she broke,” Cara clarified. “The woman you knew is gone.”

Dean turned to look at Cara, his eyes wide. Tortured? Gone? That couldn’t be true! His mind refused to believe that he had lost Faith, and he didn’t even want to think about Faith being tortured. But there was no time to think about it anyway. They were in the middle of a fight after all.

----- -----

When Cara and Richard joined the fight Jack went over to Martha, kneeling down next to her while still keeping an eye on the fight. Narrowing his eyes he got rid of the gag.

“You okay?” he asked in a concerned voice. She didn’t really look okay, but he guessed anything less than life-threatening would count as okay in their current situation.

Martha winced but nodded. “A few bruises, cuts, and a broken arm,” she summed it up.

“I can heal her,” Zedd offered crouching down next to them.

Jack glanced at him, then nodded. Dean might be against magic, but he wasn’t Dean, and he definitely wouldn’t let Martha suffer a second longer than she had to, if he could help it.

“Zedd’s a wizard, Martha. He can help you.”

“Nice to meet you, Martha,” Zedd said while holding out his hand over Martha’s arm.

“A wizard?” Martha asked staring at Jack.

Jack nodded with a slight smirk. He could see that Martha was about to protest or ask a question, but instead her eyes went to her arm, widening in surprise.

“The pain is gone,” she said and started to flex her arm.

Jack turned from Martha to Zedd who smiled, then moved his hand over Martha’s cuts and bruises. They disappeared one after the other.

“Wow,” Jack muttered.

“How did you do that?” Martha wanted to know, looking at Zedd in awe. Jack couldn’t blame her, he felt slightly in awe, too.

“Magic, my dear. I am Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, wizard of the first order.”

“Martha Jones,” she said with a smile. “Nice to meet you, too, and thank you.”

“You are very welcome.”

“So, with all that magic, is there anything you can do about that?” Jack asked gesturing at the fight nearby.

“I’m afraid not,” Zedd answered sounding glum. “I am rather useless against Mord Sith. They can deflect magic, turning it back against its wielder,” he explained while getting up.

“Of course they can,” Martha muttered while getting up as well.

Jack frowned, not liking the look on Martha’s face. “You okay?” he asked once more.

“Fine,” Martha stated with a sigh. “It’s just been a rough couple of weeks.”

“Weeks?” Jack asked surprised.

“Yes. The Master…,” Martha began, then stopped, suddenly realizing who was missing. “Where is he anyway?”

“Right here,” a voice said.

Jack spun around just before something bright hit him in the chest, knocking him off his feet.

----- -----

“Jack,” Martha screamed rushing to his side. Dropping to her knees she quickly felt for a pulse. There was none. She sucked in a breath and tried to remind herself that Jack would be fine. He always was. He’d wake up in a few minutes and be okay. Still, seeing Jack dead was awful, and no matter how often she’d see him die she would never get used to it.

Tearing her eyes away from Jack Martha looked up just in time to see Zedd deflect another blast the Master sent their way, probably meant for her this time. The Master’s eyes widened as the blast hit him in the chest sending him flying backwards.

“Nice,” she called grinning at Zedd. The wizard smiled briefly, then rushed to her and examined Jack quickly.

“Cara!” he called concerned. “Get over here before it is too late.”

“He’ll be fine,” Martha said trying to reassure Zedd.

“Richard,” Cara called gesturing for him to hold off Denna so she could go over to Jack. Judging by Zedd’s words Jack was dead and she only had a brief amount of time to bring him back with the breath of life before it would be too late.

Richard nodded at her and started fighting Denna, leaving Dean to deal with Faith.

Cara was just passing Richard on her way to Jack when another one of those bright blasts hit Richard in the chest, making him fly backwards.

“No,” Cara screamed as she caught Richard and lowered him to the ground. She was faintly aware of Zedd throwing wizarding fire at the stranger that had sent the blasts while checking on Richard. He was dead, too. Panic rushed through her as she glanced at Jack then back to Richard. Would she be able to save them both?

“Don’t worry about Jack,” Martha said joining the blonde at the man’s side. “He’ll wake up any second.” She was about to feel for a pulse when she suddenly heard the familiar sound of the TARDIS. Her head snapped around until she spotted the ship materializing a few feet away. The door opened before the ship was fully visible and a woman rushed out, coming towards them.

“Richard!” Kahlan called anxiously. She had seen what happened from inside the TARDIS. The Doctor had a screen that magically let them see what happened elsewhere. And he claimed he had no magic!

Kahlan sank down beside Richard just as Cara gave him the breath of life. She waited for a moment, then Richard finally opened his eyes and blinked up at her.

“Kahlan?” he asked uncertainly.

“I’m right here,” she answered before leaning down and kissing him.

After giving Richard the breath of life Cara turned around and went over to Jack who was still on the ground.

“He’ll be okay,” the black woman said joining her once more.

“He’s dead,” Cara objected before leaning down and giving Jack the breath of life as well. Nothing happened. She tried again. Nothing.

“No… Jack,” she called shaking him slightly.

“I told you, he’ll be okay,” Martha said placing a hand on the woman’s arm. “He can’t die. Jack… he’s immortal,” she said. The woman obviously cared about Jack – didn’t they all, Martha thought for a moment as her other hand found Jack’s lifeless one and took it into hers - and she didn’t want the blonde to think that Jack was dead, like Faith did. “He comes back to life whenever he dies.”

Cara stared at the woman. Could that be true? The breath of life hadn’t worked. Could he come back anyway? Or hadn’t it worked because he was different?

“We just have to wait a bit.”

Cara nodded, then turned and looked around for the man that had killed Richard and Jack. While they waited for Jack to hopefully wake up again there was someone that needed to be killed.

----- -----

“Denna!” the Master roared ducking the wizards’ fire balls. She was by his side in a matter of moments and the wizard backed off. But the Master barely had time to enjoy his temporary victory as the TARDIS materialized a few feet away.

“Nooo!” he screamed annoyed before turning to Faith who was still fighting with Dean.

“Kill him!” he called. “Now!” His plan to turn Faith into a Mord Sith and make her his in secret had obviously failed. He might no longer be able to sneak her back in with the Doctor’s companions to kidnap Rose from right under the Doctor’s nose, but he’d be damned if he let the slayer slip from his grasp now. She would still be a useful asset, and she’d be his as soon as she killed Dean, the man she used to love, whom she thought had betrayed her. The process would be complete and she’d be a Mord Sith as soon as she killed him. Unfortunately Faith still hadn’t done it. She was a slayer and had agiels, which caused immense pain with a single touch! Why wasn’t Dean Winchester dead yet?
People were rushing out of the TARDIS, ready to join the fight. At least one of them was a slayer, too. Another was a witch. Then there was the Doctor and a lot of other wildcards. He was running out of time.

As anger rushed through him the Master started to flicker then turned towards Dean. If Faith didn’t kill him he would! Maybe that would work as well, and if not, who cared?

----- -----

Faith finally had Dean alone. The Master had taken care of the other man. Dean was hers now, hers to kill and take her revenge. He had betrayed her, left her to be tortured while running off with Martha. Yes, she deserved it, but Dean didn’t know that. She had never told him about her past and the others wouldn’t tell him, would they?

“Why?” she asked as her agiel hit Dean in the chest making him stumble in pain and fall to the ground.

“Why?” she screamed glaring at him furiously.

“Why what?” he asked through gritted teeth.

Why wasn’t she good enough for him? Why didn’t he care about her? Why did he abandon her? She didn’t get to voice and of it. The Master screamed at her to kill Dean. Yes, she had to kill him. Dean deserved to die! She took a step forward.

“You want to kill me? Well, here I am,” Dean said pushing himself up on shaky legs. “Do it if you can.”

Faith stared at him, hesitating for a moment as their eyes locked. She blinked and for a moment felt unsure about what to do. Then she saw the Master a few feet away. He was flickering again, right before shooting one of those lightning blasts at Dean.

“Nooo,” she screamed and jumped forward, pushing Dean out of the way.


Dean screaming her name was the last thing Faith heard before immense pain rushed through her and she blacked out.

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The End?

You have reached the end of "New Worlds" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jul 12.

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