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New Worlds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredcharmingangelFR181671,71222910,6463 Nov 0925 Jul 12No

chapter 2

Buffyverse: Slayerschool – Cleveland:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

„You can do it, right? You can bring Dean back?” Dawn asked looking at Willow. She had brought Sam back to the Slayer school and they were talking to Willow now.

“I don’t know, Dawn,” Willow said feeling rather uneasy. She could tell that this was really important to Dawn and the guy she had with her. She wished she could just tell them that she’d be able to help. But she had no idea how. Raising the dead wasn’t that easy. And besides, it wasn’t like the dead necessarily wanted to be brought back. She had learned that after pulling Buffy out of heaven. Buffy had been a mess and needed a long time to readjust.

“You can do it. I know you can,” Dawn insisted. “You brought Buffy back.”

“Yes, but you know I can’t bring anyone back the same way.”

“I know,” Dawn said sighing. Something essential to that spell only existed once; she remembered that.

“You can find another way, can’t you?” Dawn asked in a begging voice. She couldn’t let Sam down.

“I’ll check,” Willow promised, even though she was sceptical. “But I don’t think there is another way.” It wasn’t like she hadn’t checked on ways to bring back the dead before.

Dawn smiled a little.

“Thanks. You’ll find something,” Dawn said.

Willow sighed. She didn’t want to let Dawn down, but she didn’t really want to give her and her friend false hope either.

“Dawn, I’ll check, but I don’t think there is a way. If there was one Tara would be here right now,” she stated and looked sad and vulnerable all of a sudden.

Dawn looked at her and started to feel guilty and stupid. Of course Willow would have brought Tara back if it was that simple. She should have thought of that right away. But she had been so busy worrying about Sam and Dean that it simply slipped her mind.

“I know,” Dawn said silently. “I’m sorry…”

“It’s okay. I’ll try to find a way, if you want me to. But there is something else you should consider. I know that you want Dean back. It’s understandable and normal. The question however is what he would want. Are you sure he’d want to come back?” Willow asked.

Sam stared at the redheaded witch. So far he had let Dawn do the talking, as she knew Willow. But now he couldn’t stay quiet any longer.

“Of course he’d want that,” he said, sounding more agitated than he had intended to.

Willow turned to look at him. She could understand his outburst. She remembered well how it was to lose Buffy and Tara. All you wanted was to get them back. You couldn’t even think about anything else.

“I know that’s what you think now. It’s what I thought, too, when I brought Buffy back. But you have to try and see it from their perspective.”

“Dean wants to come back,” Sam stated trying to stay calm. Why wouldn’t Dean want to come back?

Willow sighed. She had the feeling that she wasn’t managing to make her point.

“Okay, I get it. It’s just that pulling someone out of heaven can be hard on…”

Sam’s eyes widened. She was thinking Dean was in heaven. Well, he surely would be under normal circumstances.

“Dean isn’t in heaven.”

Willow and Dawn both turned to look at him.

“Are you sure? You said Dean was a hunter, a fighter for good. He would surely go to heaven then,” Willow said.

“No, he didn’t. He’s in hell,” Sam stated.

“I tried to tell that to myself as well, when Buffy died. I convinced myself that she was stuck in a hell dimension and I had to save her.”

“I don’t know what happened with Buffy, but I do know what happened when Dean died. He went to hell…”

“You don’t know that,” Dawn said interrupting Sam. The thought of Dean going to hell was unthinkable and frightening. Surely it couldn’t be true. “I’m sure he’s…”

“He’s in hell,” Sam said, sounding really agitated now. “I know that for a fact. He sold his soul to a demon and went to hell. And it’s all my fault.”

Dawn and Willow both stared at him in shock. They didn’t say anything for a while, waiting
for him to go on.

“Sam? What happened?” Dawn finally asked when Sam just stared ahead as if he wasn’t really with them anymore.

Sam blinked when he heard Dawn’s voice, trying to get rid of the images that were showing up in his head, images of Dean dying.

“Tell us everything, please,” Willow added. She had the feeling that there was a lot more to this than she had thought, and if she wanted to help she needed to know everything.

Sam sighed. He really didn’t want to talk about it or even think about it. But if he wanted them to help he had to tell them what happened. He took a deep breath and then told them about how he died and how Dean brought him back by selling his soul.

Dawn tensed when Sam told them that he died. The thought of Sam dead made her heart ache and she was starting to have trouble breathing. Only hearing Sam’s voice and feeling his warm hand in hers helped her to calm down and concentrate on his words again.

Once Sam had started the words kept flowing. He told them everything, how it all started, why he died and how Dean sold his soul exactly. Then he added what he had tried so far to bring Dean back. Willow asked a few questions to clarify things and paid close attention. Dawn listened quietly. Sam was glad for that. It also felt kind of good to finally talk about everything. He thought it would make everything worse, but it didn’t. He guessed things couldn’t really get worse anyway.

When Sam was finished Dawn squeezed his hand gently. He had really been through hell. Losing your brother had to be hard enough. But knowing that he went to hell to save you was just horrible.

“It’s not your fault, you know? He did it for you, but there was nothing you could have done to change that and you didn’t make him do it either,” Dawn said trying to make him feel at least a little bit better.

Sam sighed. “I know. But I should have been able to save him. I have to find a way…”

“We will find a way,” Willow promised. She was determined to find a way to save Dean Winchester now. She might not have been able to bring Tara back, but a lot had changed since then. She had learned a lot and was more powerful now. But what was even more important was that she now knew that she had to save someone from hell. With Tara, she always knew that she was in heaven, and once she saw reason and was herself again that had stopped her from continuing to search a way to bring Tara back. She saw what it did to Buffy to be pulled out of heaven, and she loved Tara way too much to do that to her, too.

Sam looked at Willow and could see in her eyes that she meant it. She might have been hesitant before, but she no longer was. Hopefully that meant they really were going to get Dean back.

A knock then came from the door.

“Come in,” Willow said straightening up in her seat.

The door opened and Rupert Giles entered. “Xander said you wanted to see me.”

“Yes. Good that you’re here, Giles. We need your help.”

“Alright, what happened?” Giles asked and then glanced at the young man that was sitting very close to Dawn, holding her hand. Did Dawn have a boyfriend? And if yes what was he doing here?

“We need you to find out anything about these demons,” Willow said gesturing at photos that were lying on her desk. She had printed them out right after Dawn gave them to her.

Giles blinked, tore his eyes away from Dawn and the young man, and went over to pick up the pictures. The guy obviously knew about demons and he could find out more about him later. The demons surely were more important right now.

“Any particular reason?” he asked.

“They opened a portal that sucked Faith in,” Dawn stated.

Giles looked at her shocked. “It… sucked her in? Meaning she is…”

“… gone,” Dawn finished his sentence. “We need to find her.”

“Of course,” Giles stated. They might have had problems with Faith in the past, but she had changed and was one of them now.

“I’ll get right to work.”

“Maybe Xander could help you. Or some of the slayers,” Willow suggested.

Gilles nodded. “And what will you be doing?” he asked, noticing that she didn’t offer to help. Willow and Faith had their differences, but they were rather close now. He guessed that it had something to do with them both turning evil and coming back from it.

“Me? I’m going to find a way to pull someone out of hell.”

----- ----- ----- ---- ----

Whoverse - TARDIS:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Faith sat on a chair near the console. Jack and the doctor were somewhere under it, trying to find the strange system. There was nothing Faith could do to help. Slaying demons, staking vamps and generally kicking some ass, that she could do. But if it came to space ships and mysterious systems…. Well, she was useless. And she was stuck in an alternate reality.

A few years ago Faith would have welcomed the opportunity. A whole new world, a spaceship, an alien, a hot guy and no one that knew about her past. It was kind of perfect. But she had started to make amends back home and made some friends. She was getting along with Buffy. Not that they were real friends. That probably wouldn’t be possible after what happened. But they got along. She had become close with Xander and especially Willow during the year that Buffy and Dawn spend in Italy. She really liked a lot of the new slayers and loved training them, even though she never would have thought that was possible. And then there was Dawn. She came back with Buffy about two years ago, when Wolfram and Hart went crazy in LA. Then they moved to the Slayer school as well. One night Dawn watched her train and Faith offered to teach her, since Buffy didn’t seem willing to do it. She still seemed to want to keep Dawn as far away from anything that she might have to fight. You’d think Buffy had learned from experience that that wasn’t possible. Evil found you whether you wanted it to or not. It didn’t matter if you could fight or not. But if you were prepared you might live longer. At least that was what Faith thought. So she went behind Buffy’s back and started training Dawn. Back then Faith would never have guessed how close she and the younger Summers would get. Buffy eventually realized that Faith hadn’t been completely wrong in training her sister, when Dawn staked two vamps in front of her eyes, instead of being beaten up.

A smirk appeared on Faiths face at the memories. Then she sighed. Why did she have to end up in another world just when she was starting to like her life? Well, there were things that weren’t so good back home. Dean was gone. The past two months had been really tough for her. It wasn’t like they were a couple. She almost snorted at the thought. Dean wasn’t the type for relationships. Neither was she however. But there had been something about him. He got her, and she felt like she understood him as well. A part of her had definitely hoped to see him again. She even planned to see him again, when she called to invite him and Sam to Dawn’s birthday party. That was when Sam told her. It felt like he hit her, knocking the air right out of her. Nothing had been the same since then.

Maybe a change would be good. She could start over, leave everything behind. And who knew, some people might actually be glad that she was gone. But others would miss her, right?

Faith sighed. It wouldn’t be easy not to be able to go back home. But she had to focus on the good things. She got a clean slate, Dawn wasn’t stuck here as well, and there was some eye-candy poking out from under the console. A small smile appeared on her lips. Jack definitely made this world look more appealing. There was just something about him. He wasn’t just hot, he was interesting as well. He was the first guy that managed to make her forget Dean for a while, which was a good thing, right? Constantly brooding over a guy she spent 3 days – or better nights - with was kind of pathetic, wasn’t it? He never called either. He probably didn’t even waste a single thought on her after he left. Alright, he was dead. She was allowed to be sad. But she had to move on. Jack seemed like a good start.

“Alright, got it,” the doctor suddenly exclaimed, pulling Faith out of her thoughts. Then he appeared from under the console. Jack followed soon.

“So, what does it do?” Jack asked.

The doctor hurried to the screen and pressed a few buttons on the console. “Let me check something first.”

Faith got up and went to stand with the two of them.

“Hah, I was right,” the doctor exclaimed. He started to explain what the system did, but got an annoyed look from Faith.

“English, please,” she muttered.

“Alright, well, basically this system let’s us travel to other realities,” he explained and grinned.

“But that would endanger the universes,” Jack said.

“No, that’s exactly what this system is for. It makes traveling from one universe to another safe.”

“You’re kidding,” Jack stated and grinned. “That’s great. We could….”

“… try and find a way home for Faith,” the doctor stated, interrupting Jack and giving him a look.

Jack sighed. He guessed the doctor really wasn’t in the mood to see Rose again. Then he turned to Faith, who was smiling now.

“Really? You can get me home now?” she asked. And there she was trying to convince herself that coming here was a good thing.

“Well, theoretically. We don’t really know where you came from, but we could at least try without risking to destroy two universes in the process,” the doctor said grinning.

“You see, that system, it’s brilliant actually. It charges itself from energy that is created when you travel through the void.”

“Which means it charges itself at the same time as it is used,” Jack said.


“But why wasn’t it charged when you traveled to that other reality last time?” Jack wanted to know.

The doctor frowned and then shrugged. “I don’t think it was ever used. It needed to be charged first and it needed more than one travel to do that apparently.”

“So it lay there dormant all that time?”

“I guess so. Where else would it come from?”

They didn’t get the chance to think about it as a mobile started to ring.

“You have a mobile?” Faith asked.

“Sure, you don’t?” the doctor replied while walking over to his coat and rummaging through its pocket.

Faith snorted. “Sure, but we’re in space… who knows where. How do you get a connection here?”

“We’re in the Andromeda Nebula or Andromeda Galaxy, about 2.5 million light years from earth in this time. And I get a connection everywhere.”

Faith had no idea how that was possible, but had a feeling that the doctor would start babbling a lot of nonsense again if she asked, so she didn’t. She was about to ask what he meant by ‘in this time’, but in that moment the doctor finally found his mobile.

“Ha, there it is”, he said and opened it.

Faith smirked. She kind of liked his enthusiastic outbreaks. She then glanced at Jack.

“Is he always like this?”

“Most of the time,” Jack said.

Faith grinned. She had a feeling that she could have ended up in worse places. These people might have a way for her to get back home and she definitely liked them.

“We’ll be right there,” the doctor said and shut the phone. Faith had been too distracted to hear what he was talking about.

“Just a quick stop before we head off to another universe…,” the doctor said and pulled a handle.

The TARDIS started to shake and Faith had to hold on to the console.

“Where to?” she asked.

“Earth, 21st century, London.”

Faith raised an eyebrow. “Why do you say it like that? 21st century?” she asked. Of course it was the 21st century. There was no need to point it out.

Jack frowned. He really wasn’t in the mood to go back to earth. It brought back unwanted memories that he had managed to bury quite well over the past week. He then glanced to Faith when she spoke.

“The TARDIS goes anywhere in space and time.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No,” the doctor said and winked at her.

“Really? You’ve got a time machine?”

Jack chuckled, forgetting his worries for the moment. Then the TARDIS landed already. He guessed there was no way back now.

“Who called?” he then asked. Maybe he could just stay in the TARDIS.

“And old friend,” the doctor said mysteriously and grinned. Then he rushed towards the door and opened it.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Whoverse: London – earth – 2009:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Martha Jones put her mobile back into her jacket pocket and sighed. The connection somehow had been bad, but she was sure the doctor said he’d be right there. Hopefully he wouldn’t accidentally mess up and arrive in a year from now or something. She really couldn’t wait that long.

She had barely finished that thought when she heard a familiar noise and a breeze started to appear out of nowhere. A small smile appeared on her face, despite everything. Then she saw the TARDIS materialize a few feet away.

The door opened and the doctor stepped out, grinning at her.

“Martha Jones,” he called and opened his arms wide.

Martha smiled briefly and rushed into his arms. As the doctor wrapped his arms around her Martha started to relax. At the same time her eyes became a little watery. Then a voice interrupted the reunion.

“Martha Jones… voice of a nightingale.”

Martha blinked surprised and let go of the doctor. Then she stepped to the side. There he was, standing right in front of the TARDIS, looking just like he always had… as if nothing happened.

“Jack,” she breathed silently. When she called the doctor she so hadn’t expected to see Jack again. He had disappeared after the incident with the 456. Gwen told her what happened later and informed her that Jack left the planet about a month ago. She didn’t think that he’d come back so soon. She didn’t even know if she’d ever see him again.

Jack watched as Martha stopped and just looked at him. She knew. He was sure of it. Gwen must have told her what happened. Or maybe everyone at UNIT knew what happened that day. He sighed and looked down slightly, unable to meet her gaze. What if she hated him for what he did? He however didn’t have time to wonder much longer as Martha rushed forward and threw her arms around him.

A smile appeared on Jacks face as he wrapped his arms around her.

“You’re back,” Martha said silently as she held onto Jack.

“Just visiting actually,” Jack said as he held her.

Faith stood in the TARDIS door, watching the happy reunion. This woman obviously meant a lot to the doctor and Jack. She didn’t really like the way Jack held her, but pushed those feelings away. Jealousy was a nasty trait. She knew that well. It was one of the reasons she turned evil. She never wanted to go there again, which was why she worked hard on her jealousy and envy issues. Besides, she didn’t even know the woman. Starting with negative feelings towards her wouldn’t be nice, would it?

Martha let go of Jack again and looked up at him. She really wasn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t expected to see him and anyway, what did you say to someone who lost his lover and had to sacrifice his own grandson a day later to save millions of other children? She couldn’t even imagine how much pain he was in. And still he was smiling down at her. How did he do that?

“Faith, this is our friend Martha Jones,” the doctor then said and Martha noticed for the first time that a young woman was standing inside the TARDIS door.

“Martha, meet Faith…” He didn’t know her last name yet and looked at Faith questioningly.

“Just Faith,” she said and stepped forward to shake Martha’s hand.

“New companion?” Martha asked while shaking Faiths hand.

“Actually we just met. We’re trying to get Faith home,” the doctor explained.

“Going somewhere?” Jack then asked and gestured at Martha’s bag that was lying on the ground a few feet away.

Martha glanced at her bag and sighed. She had gotten so lost in the moment that she completely forgot her reason for calling the doctor. What a nice moment. She wished she could forget about it altogether.


Jack raised an eyebrow at her short answer. Somehow her demeanor had changed as well. Something was wrong.

“Anywhere specific?” Jack asked.

“Not really. Anywhere but here is fine.” She then glanced at the doctor.

The doctor was a little surprised at that. He thought Martha had called him because she needed his help with some alien problem. But now he had the feeling that it was something else. The way she looked at him confirmed that. Something had happened, but it didn’t look like Martha was willing to talk about it. Not right now at least.

“Need a ride?” the doctor asked.

Martha smiled at him slightly. “That’s what I was hoping for.”

The doctor went towards the TARDIS and held the door open for her. Martha was about to get her bag when she noticed that Faith had already picked it up and was smiling at her now. She turned around and entered.

Stepping into the TARDIS Martha did feel a little better. She really missed the TARDIS.

“Sounds like someone is happy that you’re back,” the doctor stated as he walked inside.

Faith raised an eyebrow at that and glanced at Jack.

“The TARDIS… her music changed,” Jack said. It was the same when he came back. The ship really did like them.

Faith had no idea what that was supposed to mean.

Seeing Faith’s confused look Jack added: “She’s alive” He patted the TARDIS wall slightly.



Faith’s eyes widened and she looked around the room again. She then noticed the humming sound. She had heard it before, but didn’t pay much attention to it. It really had changed. It was even more enjoyable now and somehow soothing at the same time.

Martha smiled and patted the console slightly. “It’s good to be back.”

The doctor grinned and stepped to the console.

“Alright, let’s go. ‘Anywhere but here’ is waiting.”

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