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New Worlds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredcharmingangelFR181671,71222910,6433 Nov 0925 Jul 12No

chapter 6

Here finally is the next chapter. Sorry for the delay. Studying kept me busy and killed my creativity. :-(

Thanks a lot to pagan_sun on lj for betaing this chapter and for all the nice talk. :-)

TARDIS – Faith’s room:


The door shut behind Faith with a loud thud. Faith winced slightly and leaned against the wall, trying to catch her breath. She had to calm down and take a deep breath. There was enough air in the room, even though she started to feel like she was suffocating again.

Breathe, she tried to tell herself. Everything was fine, if she just kept breathing. No, nothing was fine! Jack was dead. She glanced at her hands and then her clothes, which were full of blood – Jack’s blood. Everything seemed red all of a sudden and Faith started to rip off her clothes as fast as possible. Then she hurried into the bathroom, locked the door and stepped into the shower. She needed to get rid of the blood. Maybe then she would be able to calm down. She couldn’t freak out. Freaking out was dangerous. Besides, she was a slayer. Slayers didn’t freak out. They dealt with whatever was thrown at them and moved on. But how was she supposed to move on? She had never been good with people. There weren’t many that she let get close to her. But a few had managed to get past the walls she put up to protect herself. Most of them were dead now. Why did they all have to die?

Faith hit the wall hard while water was running down her body. It reminded her of when she was in LA and tried to help Angel. She had hit the wall back then, too. She broke that wall. The TARDIS wall seemed to be more robust however. Her hand didn’t hurt that much either. She frowned. Physical pain might have been a good distraction. Maybe she had to hit harder. Her eyes fixed on the wall. However, instead of hitting it again she placed a hand on it. Jack said the TARDIS was alive and he seemed to love the ship. She couldn’t just hit it again.

She sighed at the thought of Jack, then slid down until she was resting on the floor. Pulling her knees closer she leaned against her legs and let the water stream down over her.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Outside the TARDIS:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

Jack opened his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he quickly sat up.

“About time,” the doctor muttered.

Jack glanced around, trying to remember what happened. Right, they were behind the club and vampires had attacked them.

“Sorry. I was just enjoying the feeling of lying on the dirty ground so much,” Jack replied sarcastically while turning to the doctor.

The doctor smirked slightly.

“The vampires?”

“All dust.” The doctor gestured around.

“Good,” Jack stated and pushed himself up. Then he glanced around again. The doctor was helping Martha up. But where was Faith?

“Take that,” the doctor called and threw a stake over to Jack. He didn’t want any more bad surprises while they went back to the TARDIS. Not all of his companions were immortal after all.

Jack caught the stake. “Where’s Faith?” he then asked while walking towards the TARDIS.

“In the TARDIS. She didn’t really take your death well.”

Jack stared at the doctor. “You didn’t tell her…”

“Nope, thought it would be funny to let her believe you were dead,” the doctor stated in a sarcastic tone of voice. “Of course I told her. But she didn’t listen.” He sighed. He was a little worried about their new friend. “You should go talk to her.”

“What about Martha?” Jack asked as he reached the TARDIS, opened the door and waited for his friends to enter.

“She’ll be fine. She was drugged, but I’ll take care of her. You go talk to Faith.”

Jack nodded, closed the TARDIS door and hurried towards Faith’s room.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

TARDIS – Faith’s room:


Jack knocked on Faith’s door, but didn’t get an answer. She probably didn’t want to talk to anyone. He surely wouldn’t want to either, if he thought she was dead.

He opened the door slightly and looked in.


He didn’t see her, but her clothes were scattered on the floor, leading to the bathroom. He could hear the shower, too.

He went to the bathroom door and knocked. “Faith?”


Faith sat on the floor in the shower. She didn’t know how long she was sitting there already. The water was still warm, but she was on an alien ship. Maybe the water stayed warm here indefinitely? She didn’t really care about that, but thinking about unimportant stuff like that was better than thinking about Jack or Dean. Losing Jack brought back all the pain about losing Dean as well. They were both gone and she hadn’t been able to save either. She barely knew them, but it already hurt so much to lose them. She just didn’t know how to deal with the pain anymore. Jack had helped to ease the pain about losing Dean. But now? What would she do now?

Faith then heard a knock on the door and someone called her name. It had to be the doctor. Why couldn’t he just leave her alone?

“Go away,” she called after ignoring him didn’t seem to work.

“Faith, it’s me, Jack. Open the door.”

Faith’s head snapped up when the words registered. Jack? How was that possible? Could it really be him? Suddenly she remembered the doctor’s words: He can’t die. Was it possible that he did mean that literally? She pushed herself up, shut off the shower and stepped out.

As if in trance she grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself and slowly headed for the door. What if it was the doctor after all, trying to lure her out? But it sounded like Jack, didn’t it?

She finally opened the door and there he stood. It looked like the doctor had been right. Jack wasn’t dead.

Jack quickly stepped forward when the door finally opened. Placing his hands on Faith’s arms he looked down at her.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

Faith just stared up at him. The doctor told her that Jack couldn’t die and now he was standing right in front of her. But somehow she still couldn’t believe it.

“You died.”

“I can’t die, Faith. I know I should have told you. I just…” He stopped and sighed. He simply didn’t like to talk about his immortality. He wasn’t really fond of it.

Faith still looked at Jack, her eyes traveling down to his shirt, which was bloody. She placed a hand on his chest, where the knife had been. Then she ripped his shirt open. There was no wound, not even a scar. She placed her hand on his skin, then glanced up at his face again.


“Something happened to me, a while back. I was killed and then brought back. Since then I can’t die.”

“But you did.”

“Well, technically I did. But I never stay dead. I can’t really die.”

“You should have told me.”

“I know. I’m sorry…”

“I watched you die,” Faith stated, her voice changing from sounding defeated to angry. Then she pushed Jack away from her.

Jack stumbled backwards, trying to keep his balance, but as soon as he stood steady Faith pushed him backwards again, until he hit the wall rather hard.

Backed up against the wall Jack grabbed Faith’s arms and tried to hold her still.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that. But I’m fine now. I’m alive,” he said trying to get through to her.

Faith stared at him briefly, then leaned forward and kissed him hard.

Jack was a little startled at first, but then let go of Faith’s arms, reached for her hips and pulled her closer as he deepened the kiss.

“Show me,” Faith breathed as she pulled away and looked up at him. Then her towel hit the ground and Faith started to pull at his shirt.

Jack didn’t mind in the least when Faith ripped his already ruined shirt apart and then tugged at his belt. He had started to feel a little lost, not knowing what to do to make Faith feel better. But now he knew exactly what to do.

Getting rid of his clothes Jack grinned down at Faith, then he leaned in and kissed her again.

Faith wrapped her arms around Jack as he kissed her and slowly pushed her backwards until her back was pressed against one of the TARDIS columns. She usually preferred to be in control, but Jack was anything but a usual guy. The way he kissed her made her whole body ache. She also needed him to show her that he was alive.

Pulling away Jack breathed heavily. Faith really was a great kisser and one hell of a woman. Being with her made him feel alive. It wasn’t that he was afraid of dying. He knew he wouldn’t be that lucky anytime soon, if ever. He was immortal, but he hadn’t really been alive the past years. He had been a mess. This was the first time in years that he actually felt alive again.

Faith grinned when she saw the way Jack looked down at her. It made her feel special and wanted. Her hand traveled downwards and started to stroke him.

Hearing Jack moan Faith couldn’t wait to feel him inside of her and started to move her hand faster. Jack groaned and pulled away slightly. Then he lifted her up so she was sitting in the somewhat y-shaped column. Spreading her legs wide he entered her in one swift move.

Faith gasped, crossed her legs behind him and started to urge him on.

Liking her gasping sounds Jack kissed her roughly and started to move, first slow, then faster.

“Harder,” Faith breathed after breaking the kiss. As he complied she arched her back and grabbed the column for support. Faith had the feeling that he knew exactly what she needed as he took her hard and fast, making her pant.

It didn’t take long before Jack felt her come. The feeling drove him over the edge as well.

Panting heavily Jack leaned against the column for support and smiled at Faith. He loved the way her drying hair looked slightly tousled and her soft lips were parted in an inviting kind of way. He leaned in and kissed her deeply.

Faith breathed heavily when Jack finally broke the kiss and then pulled out of her, stepping away. Wow, that really had been… amazing. And she had never been kissed like that after having sex. Not even Dean did that. She frowned. She just had really great sex with a very hot guy who luckily wasn’t dead and she was thinking about Dean? No, she definitely wasn’t!

Pushing away all thoughts about Dean Faith jumped down from the column, grinned up at Jack and walked past him.

Jack’s eyes followed Faith as she moved through the room, her hips swaying in just the right way. Damn, she was hot, and naked.

“So, convinced that I’m alive?”

Faith turned to look at him and smirked. “Definitely, but I could always do with some more convincing.”

Jack grinned. He definitely liked that thought. “Let me just take a quick shower, then we can work on that.”

Faith grinned and watched him walk over to the bathroom, wondering if she should join him. It wasn’t like she hadn’t taken a shower already, but who cared about that?

“Jack,” she then said silently.

He turned around to look at her.

“Don’t do that again.”

Jack raised an eyebrow. “What, fuck you?”

Faith almost laughed at the way he said it. But she didn’t really feel like laughing.

“Die on me.”

Jack noticed the way she looked at him and stepped towards her.

“I can’t promise that…,” he started. “But I can promise to always come back.” He smiled slightly and brushed a strand of her hair out of her face, tugging it behind her ear. Right now he even felt like he might not mind to come back for a change.

Faith smiled slightly. “I can live with that.” She knew she’d probably always wonder if he’d actually come back when he died, but at least she knew now that it was possible or even most likely.

She then pulled away and stepped towards the bed. She wasn’t really good with intimacy. Of course she had had sex a lot of times. But it mostly was just that: sex. This felt like more. It did feel intimate.

“So…,” he then said and Faith turned to look at him. “… what about the fucking part?”

Faith had to chuckle at that. He really knew how to lighten up the mood.

“You can do that again.”

He grinned seductively and made a step towards her.

“But now it’s my turn to be in charge,” she added and pushed him onto the bed. Then she climbed onto the bed as well and grinned down at him wickedly.

“I guess that shower can wait,” Jack decided, liking the way she was hovering over him.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----


Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

“It was right here,” Dawn said. They were now in the alley where Faith disappeared through the portal.

Willow stepped to the spot Dawn gestured at. She could feel the left-overs of the magic that were still lingering there.

“So, how is this going to work?” Dean asked, placing his backpack that was mostly full of weapons, on the ground beside him.

“I found a spell that will let me tap into the magic that was left behind by the portal. I will use that to reopen it,” Willow stated. She knew that it probably would have been better to find out more about the demons that opened the portal so that she knew more about its origin. But Faith most likely was in a hell dimension. They had to hurry. So when she stumbled upon a spell that would let her repeat whatever magic had been done in the same spot before, Willow had decided to use that. She knew that it would work. The trickier part would be opening the same kind of portal from the other side. But she had found useful spells. One of them would work. She even had a whole book about opening portals to other dimensions in her backpack, just in case what she was planning to do wouldn’t work after all. She was fairly certain that she would find a way for them to get back.

“Sounds good to me,” Dean said. He could hardly wait to go. Faith probably was in danger. He had to get to her.

“Okay, let’s do this,” Dawn said. She knew that they were probably going to a hell dimension, but part of her still couldn’t wait to go. Faith had been sucked into the portal because she saved her. She owed it to her friend to go and find her.

Willow nodded, turned to the place the portal had been and placed one hand into the air, where she felt the lingering magic. With her other hand she started to draw symbols into the air.

Buffy watched Willow and waited, her slayer senses tingling, as she felt the magic. Something appeared just behind Willow’s hand as the witch started an incantation. It looked like a small black hole, and it was growing.

“What are you doing?” a voice called.

Dean turned around and saw Ruby coming towards them.

“Oh great. What the hell do you want?” he asked.

“I’m glad to see you again, too,” Ruby said. “How was hell?” She didn’t wait for an answer and turned to Sam.

“Whatever you’re trying to do, stop it now. You’re playing with dangerous stuff. This is really dark magic.”

Dean frowned at Ruby and was about to tell her to go to hell, when Buffy stepped forward and glared at Ruby.

“You are really starting to annoy me. We opened the hellmouth, got Dean out and closed the hellmouth again. Nothing evil got away and no one died. I thought that would have shown you that we know what we‘re doing. But no, you think you know everything better again…”

“Just shut up,” Dawn suddenly called, feeling annoyed. “It’s too late anyway.” The portal was growing bigger and bigger and wind was starting to erupt, just like it had the last time.

Everyone turned to her, then to the portal.

“A portal,” Ruby muttered.

“Genius,” Dean muttered, then added: “Let’s go.” He grabbed his backpack, raised his gun and stepped through the portal first.

Ruby stared at Dean, then grabbed Sam’s arm.

“Wherever this leads, don’t go. You are needed here.”

Sam glared at her. As if he’d stay back now that Dean went through the portal already.

“We’ll be back.” He turned to go after Buffy, who had followed Dean, but Ruby didn’t let go of his arm. Frowning, Sam turned to face Ruby and quickly punched her in the face. Yanking his arm free he rushed towards the portal, took Dawn’s hand and stepped through with her. He didn’t really like to hurt Ruby, but this wasn’t the time for discussions.

Willow didn’t wait to see what the demon would do. She stepped through the portal quickly, letting go of her hold on it, so that it would close behind her.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Whoverse – next morning:


Martha was sitting on the sofa in the TARDIS living room, a cup in her hand. Taking a sip she grimaced.

“What is that?” she asked.

“Something for the hangover,” the doctor answered.

Martha frowned. She wished it was just a normal hangover. She could hardly believe that she had actually been drugged. The guy had seemed so nice. But it hadn’t even been a guy. It was a vampire! The doctor had told her about it when he checked up on her this morning. She didn’t remember much of the past night.

“You want to talk about it?” the doctor then asked.

Martha glanced at him. “I can hardly remember what happened.”

“Not last night,” the doctor said watching her. He knew Martha probably didn’t want to talk about why she was traveling with him again or she would have said something already. He usually didn’t ask questions because he didn’t really like to talk about what bothered him either. But something was wrong with Martha and he wanted to at least offer to listen.

Martha sighed. She knew that one of them would ask what happened sooner or later. She had thought it would be Jack, but he seemed to be busy with Faith.

“If you don’t want to talk about it that’s fine. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you want to anyway.” The doctor definitely didn’t mind her company.

Martha managed a small smile when she heard his words. No matter what had happened between them in the past she knew she could count on the doctor. It was why she had called him.

“It’s Tom… he…” She sighed and took another sip. It still tasted horribly, but her head was pounding and she felt a little nauseated. She however wasn’t sure if it was because of the drugs or her memories.

“I really thought he was the one. I even married him, quit UNIT and rejected the offer to work for Torchwood, so I could be with him…”

The doctor looked at her. He hadn’t known that she got married. She probably didn’t really want him at her wedding. Well, it wasn’t like he liked weddings anyway. He wasn’t in the mood for happy couples since Rose stayed with the other doctor. But he had the feeling that Martha and Tom weren’t actually a happy couple.

Martha was glad that the doctor didn’t say anything; it somehow made it easier to go on.

“When I got home I caught him…” He voice broke and she couldn’t go on right away. “…with another woman.”

The doctor sighed. Then he got up and walked over to the couch. Sitting down next to Martha he put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.

“I’m sorry,” he said silently. He knew how she must feel. To see the one you loved with someone else was heartbreaking.

Martha leaned into the doctor and let him hold her. He didn’t say anything else, but he didn’t need to. It was enough that he was there and held her. It eased her pain a little and she hoped she could do the same for him. She didn’t know what exactly happened between the doctor and Rose, but obviously they hadn’t gotten a happy ending either.

Martha didn’t know how long they sat there together, but it must have been a while. When she finally drank the rest of the strange tasting anti-hangover drink it was cold. She grimaced once more, then turned to the doctor.

“Would you take me back? I think I need to fill out some divorce papers.” She hadn’t even thought about what she was going to do before, but now she simply knew. She didn’t just want to run away. Of course it didn’t really matter if she was technically still married out here. She never had to go back to her own reality, time or planet. She could just disappear and start over. But she felt like she had to end that marriage as quickly as possible. Maybe she would start to feel better then. And she might feel like she could one day go back home, if she ever wanted to.

“And would you wait? I just want to take care of that. Then we can go as far away as possible.”

The doctor nodded. “Whatever you need.” He got up and held his hand out to Martha.

Martha took it and got up. Then they walked towards the control room.

“You know, if you want I can find and get rid of him for you. Maybe drop him off on that nasty excuse of a planet Jack was hiding out on.”

Martha glanced up at the doctor and smirked slightly. “You’d do that?”

“Sure, he’d deserve it.”

Martha wasn’t sure if the doctor would actually do that. He probably knew that she wouldn’t take him up on the offer anyway, but it was still good to hear it. Her hand reached out, took his and squeezed it gently.


Once they were in the control room the doctor went over to the console while Martha sat down next to it. He pushed a few buttons and the TARDIS went back to their own reality. As soon as they arrived there an alarm light went off and something appeared on the screen.

Martha jumped off the chair and stepped next to the doctor.

“What is it?”

The doctor looked at the screen and turned off the alarm light.

“We’ll have to make a slight detour,” he stated. “After Faith came to our reality through a portal I made the TARDIS watch over that part of the universe. There's another energy burst in the same spot Faith arrived.”

“Do you think someone else came through a portal as well?”

“Probably. Maybe someone is looking for our slayer,” the doctor said with a grin. “Let’s go there… to about 5 minutes before the energy appeared. We wouldn’t want someone else to end up in space.”

“Good idea,” Martha said. Ending up in space surely wasn’t fun.

The TARDIS shook slightly and rushed off through the time vortex.

“Open the door,” the doctor then told Martha while expanding the TARDIS shields. “Let’s see, if we can let whoever comes here right into the TARDIS.”

“What if it’s not someone friendly?”

The doctor glanced at her. “It most likely is someone coming to look for Faith. I don’t think one of Faith’s enemies would travel through a portal to another reality, do you?”

Martha shrugged and opened the door. “I guess not.”

“And if someone else fell through the same kind of portal it probably is a victim of the demons Faith fought. We can’t let whoever that is end up in space either.”

Martha nodded. There weren’t a lot of creatures either of them would willingly let end up in space anyway.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Dean felt a strong suck, then he landed on the ground hard. He groaned, but got up quickly, his gun in hand. Buffy appeared next to him within seconds.

Using the momentum of the fall Buffy rolled forward and then got to her feet gracefully. Once she was standing Buffy quickly looked around for any danger. There didn’t seem to be any. Their surroundings looked strange and there were two people. She frowned. What kind of hell dimension was this? Something then hit her from behind.

“Sorry,” Dawn mumbled as she stumbled into her sister. Then she glanced around and raised an eyebrow.

“Where are we?”

“Sorry, didn’t mean to be rude,” the doctor exclaimed and stepped forward. “Welcome to the TARDIS. Nice to have you here,” he stated cheerfully, but then glanced at the weapons the people were holding.

“You mind putting those away?” he added gesturing at the weapons.

“Yeah, actually we do,” Dean answered, not sounding too happy. Wherever they were, it so didn’t look anything like he had expected it to.

Sam pushed Dawn slightly to the side when Willow came through the portal behind them. Then his eyes widened as Ruby appeared next to her. He really hadn’t expected her to come along.

“What are you doing here?” he asked not sounding too happy.

“Making sure you survive this stupid trip,” she snapped. Then she looked around. “Where the hell are we?”

“That’s what I would like to know,” Buffy stated.

The doctor still eyed all the weapons, but decided to just ignore them while putting on his 3-D glasses. As expected they did travel through the void.

“You’re in an alternate reality, on board my ship. And there really is no need for any weapons.”

“An alternate reality?” Buffy asked at the same time as Dean muttered: “Why should we believe you?”

Martha stepped forward, standing next to the doctor. She wasn’t too fond of all the weapons either, especially the guns. But she wasn’t afraid. She might not actually have met these people before, but she had met Buffy and Willow from another reality.

“You came for Faith,” she said and smiled.

“You know her?” Dawn asked.

“Yes, she’s here. Probably still in bed.”

“Guys”, Willow then muttered and gestured behind her. Where the portal had been they could now look out into space through an open door.

“I think we’re on a space ship.”

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