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New Worlds

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This story is No. 1 in the series "New Worlds". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Doctor finds a way to travel to other realities (fandoms) and picks up some new companions on the way.

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Multiple Crossings > Faith-CenteredcharmingangelFR181671,71222910,6463 Nov 0925 Jul 12No

chapter 7

Here comes the next chapter. Sorry that it took a while. I had the chapter almost ready, but then my shoulder started to ache and I had to try and keep it completely still, which ruled out typing. Well, at least it was my left shoulder, so I could still make fanart with my right hand... And I made a lot. All the fanart for New Worlds can be found here at my homepage. I hope you all like it.

Anyway, enough with the rambling...

Thanks a lot to pagan_sun on lj for betaing this chapter again. :-)

Whoverse – TARDIS:

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Buffy had seen a lot in her life already, but she guessed there were still a few things left that could surprise her. They were not in a hell dimension, but in an alternate reality, on board a space ship. On top of that the owners of the ship seemed to know her and Willow already, or rather alternate versions of them. Well, at least Faith was here and unharmed, if what these people told them was true. But they’d know soon enough. After the doctor – what kind of person just called himself the doctor? – gave them directions to Faith’s room Dean and Dawn went to find her.

In the meantime Buffy stepped closer to the console, peering at it curiously.

“Don’t touch that,” the doctor said as Buffy’s fingers came way too close to the console. The TARDIS was a complicated ship and all sots of things could happen if you pressed the wrong buttons.

Buffy held her hands up and stepped away from the console. “Just looking around. You don’t end up in a space ship every day. Or at least I don’t.”

“You’re taking it way better than the Buffy we met yesterday,” Martha said.

“Really, what was she like? And what was I like?” Willow asked stepping closer.

While the three were talking the doctor was taking some readings with his sonic screwdriver. Buffy was definitely a slayer. She gave off the same kind of readings Faith did. Willow seemed to be a witch, just like in that alternate reality. Her readings were exactly the same. He however had no idea what to make of the readings he was getting from the other two. The guy, Sam, was mostly human with an unusual power addition. The blonde woman however had almost no human traits. Her readings were totally strange, which made the doctor curious.

“What are you doing?” Ruby asked suspiciously, looking at the doctor.

The doctor grinned at her. “Just trying to figure out what you are. I’ve never met anyone like you, and I’ve lived a while.”

“I’ve lived a while, too, and I don’t think I ever met anyone like you either,” Ruby answered crossing her arms in front of her chest. The guy was odd. There was just something about him…

“You’re not human, are you?” she added.

The doctor smiled. “No, I’m not. I am a Time Lord.”

“You’re an alien?” Sam asked sceptically. Usually he’d assume anyone that wasn’t human would be some kind of demon or other supernatural creature. But they were in space over a planet that didn’t look like earth. The existence of aliens did seem a lot more possible all of a sudden.

The doctor turned to look at him and nodded. “I’m from a planet called Gallifrey.”

Sam stared at the guy. Wow, he was talking to an actual alien. He never thought he’d experience that. Or was the guy just making fun of him?

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Illustration Illustration Illustration

“That has to be her room,” Dawn said excitedly and knocked.

“Come in,” a male voice called.

Dawn frowned and glanced at Dean. Maybe they had the wrong room after all. Well, the guy could probably point them in the right direction. Opening the door slightly she looked in. A guy was standing in the room, a towel swung around his hips, his hair still wet.

“Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to interrupt. I think we have the wrong room,” Dawn quickly said.

Jack looked at the young woman and the guy that was standing behind her a little surprised. He didn’t know they had visitors. He was about to ask who they were looking for when Faith came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel as well.

“Dawn?” Faith called, a big smile appearing on her face. “What… how did you get here?”

Dawn glanced from the guy to Faith, not really feeling too happy. In her mind she had had that Fantasy of her being with Sam and Faith being with Dean. The half naked guy so didn’t fit into that Fantasy!

Dean’s eyes were fixed on Faith, wrapped in a white towel, standing in the same room as a guy who was only wrapped in a towel as well. He felt as if someone had slapped him. He had come to rescue her. He thought she needed him. But obviously that wasn’t the case.

Faith stepped forward, still smiling. Then her gaze fell on the guy behind Dawn. Her eyes widened and she froze. It couldn’t be… Dean was dead. Sam had told her that he was dead!

Dean was about to step back and get the hell out of there when he heard Faith’s voice.


Damn, too late. He couldn’t just run off now.

“Hey.” He didn’t really know what else to say. But he couldn’t just stand there like an idiot. “Thought we’d rescue you from a hell dimension. But I guess you don’t really need rescuing. Seems like you have everything under control.” He tried to smile in a casual way, but wasn’t sure if he managed.

Jack glanced from the two people that were still standing by the door to Faith. It looked like some of her friends had found a way to find her.

“Why don’t you come in? I was about to go get dressed anyway,” he said and walked towards the door. He had a feeling that something was off and they needed to talk.

When the guy came towards them Dean and Dawn stepped into the room to let him leave.

“Friend of yours?” Dean asked once the guy was gone, trying to sound as if he didn’t really care.

Faith was still staring at Dean, trying to comprehend what was happening. The past night she thought she had lost Dean and Jack. Now they were both here, alive.

“You’re not dead,” she finally said. “Don’t tell me you’re immortal, too.” She looked at Dean, not sure what to think or do. How could he be alive? Or was it even the Dean Winchester from her reality? But he said they came to rescue her, didn’t he?

Dawn had the feeling that the whole situation was rather awkward. Or was it just her? Dean seemed as cool as ever. Maybe it was just her own little Fantasy that had been shattered. She took a deep breath and tried to get a grip. Faith was okay and that was what was important after all.

“We got him back,” Dawn said. “Willow did some serious magic and we pulled him right out of hell.”

Hearing her words Faith turned to Dawn, staring at her now. Then her eyes went back to Dean.

“Hell?” Faith once more felt like she was having trouble breathing. First she saw the second guy she cared about come back from the dead and now Dawn said he had been in hell. The thought of Dean being in hell made her feel sick and scared.

“Yes, but it’s all fine now. Willow rocked and we got him back,” Dawn said trying to say something, just so no one would realize how startled she was feeling.

Faith looked at Dean who averted her gaze and looked down.

Dean felt Faith’s eyes on him, but didn’t manage to look up. The whole situation was bad enough without the whole hell thing being mentioned. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk about that right now.

“I’m fine now,” he then finally said. Then he glanced up. “Why don’t you get dressed and then we can get out of here.” If she even wanted to go back home with them. But Faith didn’t do relationships, right? So the guy didn’t mean anything. Not that it actually mattered. He liked Faith and they had had a lot of fun together. But that was it. They weren’t a couple and never would be anyway. He didn’t do relationships!

“I’ll go back to the others,” he added, turned around and left quickly.

Faith looked after Dean. Once he was out the door she sank down on the bed.

Dawn hurried over to Faith and sat down next to her.

“Are you okay?” she asked her friend. Now that she was so close she noticed that Faith did look rather pale.

Faith turned to Dawn and tried to get a grip on herself. Her thoughts were racing and at the same time she felt like she couldn’t think at all. She really didn’t like to feel like this. She was the slayer; slayers were strong. And besides, everything was fine. Dean wasn’t dead and they had come to find her and take her home. Everything was okay now, wasn’t it? Well, there were two guys she was interested in now, but better two than none, right? Besides, they were going home now. Jack would stay behind. It was as simple as that. There was nothing complicated about the whole situation at all. She’d miss Jack, but they didn’t actually have a relationship anyway. It was just sex, like she had had more times than she could count. And once they were back home she and Dean… No, she wasn’t even going to think about it. She had no idea what would happen between her and Dean. It didn’t really matter anyway. All that mattered was that he was alive.

“Faith?” Dawn asked when Faith didn’t say anything.

Faith blinked, then focused on Dawn.

“Sorry. I’m fine. Just trying to get used to people coming back from the dead.” She then got up and walked over to the cupboard in which she had put some clothes that she got from the TARDIS wardrobe.

“I’ll get dressed, then we can go.”

Dawn got up as well. Somehow Faith didn’t really seem like her usual self. Maybe the whole situation with Dean and the other guy had unsettled her as well? Faith had thought that Dean was dead after all. Why shouldn’t she have been with someone else then? But now Dean was back. Maybe they could fix this somehow?

“Faith,” she then said silently.

Faith put her clothes down on the bed and turned to Dawn.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Dawn said and stepped forward to hug her friend. “And thanks for pushing me out of the way of that portal.”

Faith was a little startled by the hug. Dawn was her best friend, but somehow the whole situation still felt odd. People usually didn’t hug her. She then however relaxed and put her arms around Dawn as well. It was good to have her friend back. And it was good to know that this really was her Dawn. She didn’t think another Faith pushed a Dawn out of the way of a portal, too.

“Anytime,” Faith answered as she let go of Dawn and smiled at her.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

TARDIS control room:

Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration Illustration

Dean was leaning against the wall. Everyone else was chatting and in a good mood. They had found Faith and weren’t in a hell dimension. It was reason to be happy, but Dean just couldn’t seem to get into the happy mood. He frowned about his own stupid behavior. He was acting and feeling like a jealous boyfriend. What the hell was wrong with him? He sighed and then pushed himself off the wall. He would stop this right now. He wasn’t with Faith, so she could do whatever she wanted and so could he. Maybe it was time he started to act like himself and got to know one of the women in the room? It wasn’t like Faith was the only hot girl on this space ship after all.

Looking around Dean’s eyes fell on Willow. She was good-looking, but she had a girlfriend. He had seen them kiss before they left the slayer school. It wasn’t like he minded girls kissing; and he definitely didn’t mind them doing it if he could join in. But he had no idea if Willow would go that way. His eyes then fixed on the black woman from this world. She was kind of hot, but he probably wouldn’t stay long enough to chat her up. Continuing to glance around Dean spotted Buffy and a smile appeared on his face. She was definitely hot and he already liked her anyway. Making his decision Dean walked over to Buffy.

----- -----

Faith would never have thought that so many came looking for her. Maybe she really had managed to change after all. A few years ago most of the people here would probably have celebrated to be rid of her after all.

Smiling Faith stepped away from Willow who had hugged her happily. Even Buffy had come, as well as Sam and a woman she didn’t know. Well, she’d probably get to know her at some point. Now her eyes went to Dean. He really was back. Her heart started to beat faster and she suddenly felt the urge to go over to him and throw herself into his arms. She had missed him so badly. But she wasn’t the hugging kind of person. Besides, Dean seemed to be busy talking to Buffy. Did he even notice that she was here? Why would he? If Buffy was in a room men usually didn’t notice anyone but the blonde slayer.

Faith sighed, then noticed Jack coming towards her. At least he didn’t seem to have forgotten her already.

As Jack reached Faith they heard someone calling: “Now that we found your friend, can we get out of here?” It was the blonde that Faith didn’t know. She didn’t look too happy to be here.

“Right. I’ll get started then. I should be able to open the portal back home within a few minutes,” Willow announced and went over to her backpack.

“I guess this is it,” Jack said looking down at Faith. He’d really miss her. Faith really was something. She had managed to brighten up his life and make him enjoy living again; and all that in such a short time.

“Yeah, I guess,” Faith answered as Martha and the doctor came over to them as well.

“It was nice having you around,” the doctor stated.

“It definitely was. Now I’ll have to put up with these two on my own,” Martha said jokingly. Then she hugged Faith. She really had started to like the slayer

Faith smirked and briefly hugged Martha back. It was weird to be hugged yet again, but Faith slowly started to like the feeling. It did mean that people actually liked her after all, didn’t it?

“Oh, and thanks for saving me from the vampires.”

“You’re welcome, but I didn’t do it on my own,” Faith said and glanced at Jack.

“Hey, I did get one, too,” the doctor exclaimed.

Faith chuckled. “Yes, you did. Nice job. And sorry for bailing on you.”

After Martha let go of her Faith saw that Willow started some kind of spell. She however didn’t get the chance to see what exactly the witch did, as the doctor hugged her next.

“No worries. I’m just glad you didn’t run away,” the doctor said.

“Take care of yourself ,” he then added before letting go again.

“My turn,” Jack stated chuckling and pulled Faith into his arms.

Faith went into his arms willingly. Part of her felt like she shouldn’t hug Jack in front of Dean, but she pushed that feeling away. These were her last moments with Jack, who actually seemed to care about her, unlike Dean, who probably was still busy chatting up Buffy. Besides, she still did like Jack a lot.

“I’ll miss you,” Jack stated and placed a kiss on Faith’s head.

Faith let go of Jack and glanced up at him.

“Me too,” she admitted silently, then looked down.

Jack smiled slightly as he looked down at Faith. He had the feeling that she wasn’t really comfortable with the whole situation. She seemed a bit distant and almost… shy. He gently put a finger under her chin and pulled her face up. Then he leaned in for a goodbye kiss. Before their lips met they however heard a frustrated shout.

“It’s not working, is it?”

Willow frowned and turned to the blonde demon. She really didn’t like her annoying tone, but she was right.

“Just leave her alone,” Buffy said stepping next to Willow and glaring at Ruby.

“She’s right,” Willow admitted. She had felt magic building up, but the portal just wouldn’t open. She was still staring out into space through the TARDIS door. There was no portal and no way home.

“But there are other spells. I brought a book about portals, just in case…”

“You knew that it wouldn’t work,” Ruby said accusingly.

“No, I didn’t,” Willow said feeling annoyed. “I just like to be prepared.”

“Does this mean we can’t go home?” Dawn asked.

“No, it just means that it’ll take a bit longer, right?” Buffy answered and glanced at her friend. Willow nodded.

“Great,” Dean muttered, who noticed that Faith was holding hands with that guy now. He so did not like the sight of that. Being stuck here for even a minute longer somehow felt like torture.

“I’m sorry,” Jack said squeezing Faith’s hand slightly.

Faith glanced up at him, then to the doctor.

“If Willow can’t get us home you will, right? I mean we’ll continue to search for the right reality.”

“Sure. I’ll get you all home,” the doctor answered and tried to smile at Faith. The chances might be slim to find the right reality, but he wouldn’t give up, he never did.

“We’ll check out the next reality right after a quick stop to London.” He glanced at Martha, to see if she still wanted to go through with her plans. She nodded.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

Whoverse – earth – London - 21st century:

Illustration Illustration Illustration

“We’ve got something to take care of,” the doctor told Jack as he and Martha got ready to leave.

“Want me to come?” Jack asked feeling a little curious.

“No, we’ll be fine,” Martha answered. Telling the doctor about her failed marriage had been hard enough. She didn’t really want to get into it again right now.

“You can keep an eye on the kids while we’re gone,” the doctor said glancing around.

Jack raised an eyebrow, but then chuckled slightly. “The kids and I will be fine. Don’t worry about us.”

“Don’t run off too far,” the doctor said, then stepped out. Martha followed, took the doctors hand and the two of them left.

Jack was curious about what the two were up to, but guessed he’d find out soon enough. He then turned around. Faith was sitting by the console, talking to Dawn and Buffy. Willow was in her room reading her magic book about portals. The others hadn’t come back from the rooms they had been given either.

“So, how about a quick visit to London?” he asked as he approached the three women.

“Really?” Dawn asked. “I’ve always wanted to see London.”

“We could go shopping,” Buffy stated, her face lighting up for a second. “… if we had any money that is valid here.” She had no idea if the money in this reality was the same as in her own.

“I do,” Jack said and winked at her. If there was one thing you got enough of after living a very long life it was money. He hadn’t needed much while he lived at the Torchwood HUB anyway, so his bank account was full.

“You’d let us go shopping and pay for everything?” Dawn asked unbelievingly.


Dawn’s grin widened. Maybe the guy was not so bad after all.

“We can’t…” Buffy objected.

“Of course we can,” Dawn said with a mischievous grin, then she turned to her sister and glared at her.

Jack laughed at them. “I doubt my money will be any good as soon as we leave this reality, so why not use some of it now.”

“I’ll go tell the others. Maybe they want to come,” Dawn stated.

Faith chuckled at their enthusiasm.

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

A few hours later – back in the TARDIS:

Illustration Illustration

Faith walked to her room, feeling rather exasperated. She would never ever go shopping with Buffy and Dawn again. They were just crazy when it came to clothes and especially shoes. Maybe she should have stayed in the TARDIS after all, like Willow, Sam, Dean and Ruby. But they were researching how to open a portal back home. Research was the job of watchers, not slayers!

“Back already?”

Faith glanced up and noticed Willow coming towards her, carrying several books.

“Already? We were gone for hours.”

Willow chuckled. “But you went shopping with Buffy.”

Faith groaned, then nodded. “I see your point.” She then went and opened the door to Willow’s room.

“We decided to go to a pub or something. You should come.”

Willow dropped the books on her bed and then turned to look at Faith.

“Sorry, but I have a lot to read.”

Faith glanced around the room. There were books everywhere.

“I think you need a break. Besides, it’s not your fault we’re stuck here… for now.”

Willow sighed. She knew that, but it still felt like it was her fault.

“I’m not really in the mood to go out.”

Faith frowned. She didn’t like the thought of Willow staying behind again, but she knew the witch well enough by now to know when she was set on doing something.

“If you change your mind, we’re leaving… well, when Buffy and Dawn have managed to decide which one of their new outfits to wear.”

----- ----- ----- ----- -----

About an hour later:

Illustration Illustration

Dean walked into the pub. When he heard that the others wanted to go out he felt glad about the break. They had been in the TARDIS library for hours, trying to find something useful about portals or any other way to get home. They hadn’t found anything and Dean was bored to death. Worse than that however were Sam’s attempts to figure out why Dean was acting all moody. Was it that obvious how he felt? Or did Sam just know him way too well? Hopefully it was the second.
Determined to get into a better mood Dean decided to get some drinks and asked Buffy what she wanted.

As Dean left for the bar Dawn frowned at her sister.

“What are you doing?” she asked, leaning close to her sister so she would be able to hear her over the loud music and other noise.

Buffy turned to her sister, not sure what she was talking about.

“Oh come on, don’t give me that look. You know exactly what I’m talking about.” When Buffy still didn’t say anything Dawn added: “Dean. You’re flirting with him.”

Buffy frowned. “I’m not flirting with anyone. If there is any flirting going on it’s coming from him.”

Dawn crossed her arms in front of her chest and glared at Buffy.

“Totally not interested over here,” Buffy exclaimed. She might have started to like Dean when he came back from hell, but once Dawn told her about how she and Faith met Sam and Dean there was no way Buffy would ever go for Dean. There definitely had been enough bad blood between her and Faith in the past. It was always Faith going after Buffy’s guys, but that didn’t mean that Buffy would do the same. She wasn’t interested in drama, especially drama involving the other slayer. They got along well enough at the moment and Buffy wasn’t going to risk that over a guy, especially since Faith seemed to be Dawn’s best friend now.

Dawn raised an eyebrow at that. But before she could say anything she spotted Dean coming back and handing Buffy a drink.

Buffy took the drink, looked at it and then at Dean. Frowning she drowned the drink in one and then excused herself. She needed some distance.

“What was that about?” Dean asked.

Dawn just shrugged and then smiled as Sam appeared with drinks for them. He even still remembered what she liked to drink.

“Thanks,” she said beaming up at Sam.

Dean groaned and decided it was time for him to leave. He definitely wasn’t in the mood to watch his brother and Dawn making eyes at each other. Drowning his own drink he went back to the bar.


As the bar stool next to Dean got empty Faith quickly took the chance and went over to him. She had barely managed not to stare at him the whole time. She had no idea what to say to him, but she just couldn’t stay away any longer. Buffy was nowhere in sight, so this was her chance.

When the guy next to him left Dean felt relieved. He smelled like he hadn’t showered in a while. Besides, maybe a hot woman would sit down next to him now. He could definitely do with a flirt. It didn’t take long and the chair beside him moved slightly. Dean turned to his right, ready to place a big smile on his face if he liked what he saw. What he hadn’t expected was to see Faith sitting down next to him. Where was Jack? The guy had been all over her when they were in the TARDIS and then he had taken her shopping.

“Hey,” Faith said and smiled slightly.

Seeing her smile Dean couldn’t help but return it. She was even prettier when she smiled and damn hot, especially in that skirt and those boots. Every other woman in the pub definitely paled in comparison to Faith. No wonder he hadn’t managed to forget her.
If things hadn’t gotten so damn complicated he would have dragged her out of the pub and found a place where they could… No, he wouldn’t even think about that. One more thought in that direction and he’d have to find the toilet to get rid of a very obvious problem.

While ordering herself a drink Faith tried to think of how to start a conversation with Dean. Then she sighed. Everything had been so simple and easy between them the last time. She remembered well how they met. She had been playing pool. Then he suddenly stood there, watching her. She knew in that moment that she wanted him, and she definitely got what she wanted. What she hadn’t expected was that he was a hunter and that they’d get rid of the demons in town together.

“What?” Dean asked and Faith was pulled out of her thoughts.

Faith turned to face him. “Just remembering how we met,” she said looking at him and licking her lips.

Hearing that a grin appeared on Dean’s face. He definitely liked the look on her face when she said that. Maybe she hadn’t forgotten how much fun they had together after all.

“So, what happened to calling each other when you’re in danger,” she then asked. When they exchanged numbers she had hoped he’d call even if there was no danger. She hadn’t expected it, but couldn’t help but hope. She really had thought they’d help each other out though. But he hadn’t called at all. He must have known there was danger, if he ended up in hell. It couldn’t have happened too fast for him to be able to call for help, could it? He didn’t just die after all, he went to hell. Good people like him didn’t just end up in hell.

Dean sighed and looked down. That really wasn’t something he wanted to talk about. He couldn’t just tell her that he’d never intended to call, even if he was in danger. Well, he might have called if they needed help with a job. But he so would never have gotten her involved with his ‘going to hell’ problem, which she obviously was referring to. It was bad enough that Sam had to try to save him and fail. He didn’t want to put that on anyone else, too.

“There was nothing you could have done,” he finally said. He had sold his soul and went to hell. There was no way to change that. Besides, it wasn’t so bad after all. He did come back, didn’t he? And he didn’t even remember hell.

Dean had barely finished that thought when memories suddenly started to come forward. He saw images of a terrible place, could feel fear gripping his body, immobilizing him.

Faith stared at Dean. “I could have tried,” she answered. But Dean didn’t even seem to hear her. He was staring ahead now, as if he didn’t see what was in front of him at all.

“Dean?” she asked leaning in closer. There was something wrong with him, she could feel it.

“Dean,” she said louder this time and placed her hand over his.

Dean felt like he was trapped in a terrible place. Did he remember hell now, or was he even back in hell? Maybe he had been stupid to believe he could get away. But then he suddenly heard a voice. Someone was calling his name. No, not just someone. It was her. He could feel her hand on his now, too. He held on to her hand and the terrible images he was seeing started to fade away. He blinked and the pub with all the people in it came back into focus. He turned his head slightly and then he saw her: Faith. She was right in front of him. He wasn’t in hell, he was with her. Everything was alright now.

Faith had started to panic slightly when she noticed the look on Dean’s face. But then he blinked and gripped her hand. The force he used almost hurt, but she was a slayer, she could take it.

“Are you okay?” she asked as he looked at her.

Dean took a deep breath and tried to shake off the memories that almost overwhelmed him.

“I’m fine,” he muttered in a rather hoarse voice.

Yeah, right, Faith thought. “What happened?”

“Nothing. I just kind of… spaced out for a bit,” Dean answered. He so wasn’t going to tell her what he remembered. Hell definitely wasn’t a place anyone should ever see. He didn’t remember much, but what he remembered was nothing he was willing to tell anyone.

Noticing that he was still gripping Faith’s hand rather firmly Dean let go of it and then got up. He needed some air.

“Where are you going?” Faith asked.

Dean didn’t answer her, instead he just kept walking. Frowning Faith got up as well and followed him. They were almost at the exit when Faith caught up with him and blocked his way.


Dean came to a halt, feeling rather exasperated.

“What?” he asked sounding annoyed.

Faith stared at him and flinched slightly at his tone of voice. It didn’t sound like he wanted to see or talk to her. Usually she’d leave in a situation like that, feeling annoyed and offended. But this was Dean and something was wrong with him. She had failed to save him once. If there was anything she could do to help him now she at least had to try.

The look on her face stopped Dean. What was he doing snapping at her?

“Sorry, I didn’t meant to…,” he started, then sighed.

“It’s okay,” Faith quickly answered. “I don’t want to get on your nerves, but…” She didn’t get to finish.

“You don’t,” Dean quickly stated. The last thing he wanted was for her to think she was annoying him or something. He just didn’t want to get her involved in his mess. He liked her way too much for that.

Faith glanced up at him and a small smile appeared on her face. It was definitely good to hear that.

“I’m just worried about you,” she then admitted.

That brought a smile onto his face as well. So she did care about him.

“I’m fine.”

“You weren’t a few days ago,” Faith said. “You were dead.” She sighed and looked down, feeling all emotional again, something she definitely didn’t like.

Looking at her Dean put a finger under her chin and lifted her head back up. The look on her face made his heart beat faster. Then he stepped forward and pulled her into his arms.

As he wrapped his arms around her Faith leaned into him and breathed in his scent. Then she finally relaxed and put her arms around him as well. She hadn’t thought she’d ever be able to do that again.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered as he held her close to him. Somehow the feeling and smell of her let him relax. Maybe it wasn’t fresh air he needed after all.

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