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The Fire Inside: Supernatural Crossover Fanart

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Fan Art

Summary: Crossover Fanart, mostly for SPN and Buffy, but also later to include other SPN crossovers. UPDATE now also featuring xovers with Criminal Minds and Vampire Diaries.

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TwistedSlinky + 1 otherFR13291,37201912,5344 Nov 0918 Aug 12No

The Darkness: Buffy/Castiel by PatriciaLouise

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy, Supernatural, any related characters, or the images used here. Lyrics are from Massive Attack's, "Angel."


So this is actually a bit of a sequel manip to one that Twisted Slinky has done--and will hopefully post after this one, winkwink. Picking up from her plot bunny: The Winchesters have discovered the origin of the slayers. A girl with the esscence of a demon in her? Hadn't that been a problem already? Castiel is insistant that Buffy fights on their side, but Sam and Dean are more than a little doubtful.
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