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So Not in Kansas

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Summary: After Sunnydale closes Buffy and Faith find they are under new management. Just how are they suppose to guide two future kings? *Edit chaps 1-4*

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: AragornhellbellsFR15915,09983720,9545 Nov 0917 Feb 13No

And the fight is on!

Buffy looked at the small army she’d been gifted with and she could say that she absolutely loved her gift. She was given a group of Elven warriors who could keep up with her. She was sure that they could certainly do a lot of damage alongside her. They stood strong and implacable on the wall next to her, Aragorn and Legolas. Aragorn was their chief motivator knowing exactly what to say to stir them.

Buffy didn't mind the fighting, in fact some days she lived for the fighting. What bugged her was the fact that she constantly had to move her soaked hair out of her face. Oh and let’s not forget her personal favourite, the bloody drums as Giles would have said. She sighed, “I mean I know they are evil but can’t they just leave the damn drumming alone. It’s annoying!”

Aragorn snorted, “It’s meant to be intimidating and I fear you will have your fill soon enough.”

Gimli added, “I just want to be able to see the vile creatures.”

Legolas smirked, “Would you prefer a box?”

The bonded couple collectively winced as they waited for the inevitable explosion. The pair had somewhat thawed in their interactions but if there was one thing sure to set Gimli off it was to mention his height. He was even more sensitive about it than Buffy, which was saying something.

She decided to distract them, “I know let’s make it a game. Person who kills the most gets ...”

Aragon decided to help her out of a jam, knowing through their growing bond that she was struggling to come up with something. He added, “... will get to be exempted from cleaning duties for a week.”

Buffy smirked, knowing that unless she let archer boy get the jump on her then she should win this competition easily. However she wasn’t too worried about that part, what she wanted more than anything was for them to all survive to say daylight. In truth, and and as mushy as it may sound - that would be an acceptable win in her book.

The rain was lashing down and the advancing army was just fractionally outside of the reach of the elven arrows. She inched forward, “Little bit closer come on, show your ugly faces.”
She was itching for the battle to start; the slayer was getting restless beneath her skin. It sensed too many foes and they were not in striking distance. She smiled, “Raise your arrows.”

Aragorn was issuing the command to his group. They were getting odd looks from the Rohirrm but shrugged them off. It was not their fault that there bows had a much greater distance than the Rohirrim made bows. They looked to Théoden for his permission as they were acting as Generals’ in his lands, “King?”

The old man sighed knowing that for there to be any tomorrow that they would need to fight now. “Fire at will for we fight for Rohan!”

The chant reverberated around the keep and Buffy smiled as many of the soldiers seemed to perk up, which was a good thing. A sad soldier, who was depressed, was more likely to end up a dead soldier. Buffy grinned, “You heard the man, let’s show them why it was a bad idea to pick on us.”

The arrows fell, and due to the dark sky were not really detectable until they slammed down into the first rows of the orc flanks. The first hit was all that was needed to ignite the battle. Buffy dragged Aragorn into a fierce kiss, one that made the future king blink, “”Don’t Die!”

“Same to you Melleth.”

With that the first ladders were being placed on the wall. The wall was serious impeding her ability to see so she jumped on top of it. It wasn’t like with her balance she’d fall off; the elves re-holstered their bows and reached for their delightfully curved pointy swords. She’d been given one so that if she wanted she could fight with two swords. They were too many ladders for her to get to them all - and the close fighting began.

Buffy was in her element and she looked graceful even when fighting amongst the first born. She was disgruntled when Aragorn fell to the floor to avoid a lusty swipe of an axe. She took exception and buried a smaller knife in its brain so it fell forward never seeing its killing blow. Aragorn shot her a grateful look before diving back into the action, and perhaps synonymous with their combined destinies they ended up fighting back to back.

“I thought I said - Don’t die!” She yelled, as she slammed both of her swords in a thrust to kill two orcs at the same time.

“Doing my,” he took off three heads in a long sweeping arc of his sword, “best.”

Buffy would have stuck her tongue out, instead she settled for a, “try harder.”

She laughed hearing Legolas and Gimli. “I’ll not be outdone by an elf.”
Buffy really liked the way Gimli smacked the orc in its nether regions. The orc got felled like any other man. She could see two problems, Aragorn ordered the archers to target the run along the causeway and she saw the lone orc making a run up to the spillway. “Legolas take him down!”

They were both targeting the orc but she could see it wasn’t going to be enough. She felt the keep shake with the force of the explosion and watched in horror as Aragorn who was a little further up the keep going flying through the air with the flying stone. She took a deep breath, and ordered the elves to follow her. They would make their stand at the breach; it would provide a bottleneck effect for the orcs and should make it easier for them to pick up. She jumped in front of her fallen soldiers especially Aragorn and figured that her ring may as well get in on the action. In Sindarin she yelled, “Stand Back.”

The first soldiers that tried to stream through the breach were crisped and fell down. It made the orcs a little wearier about moving forward and Buffy smirked, as she saw in the corner of her eye Aragorn pick himself up. He shook his head, “You’re in the lead.”

Buffy grinned, “I had a little help,” waving her ring. She wasn’t stupid the ring in open use will mean that she will have drawn the notice of both Sauron and Saruman, but if she saved the lives of men in the here and now - well, she’d deal with the rest afterwards. Buffy and Aragorn led the charge of the Elves as the close quarter fighting began once again, only this time it was preferable as it was in a bit more open space.

She may be in the lead thanks to her ring but Legolas got the style points for shimming down the stairs on a shield - firing as he went. The really cool part was where he flicked the shield up and used it as a makeshift projectile that he buried in the throat of the large orc at the bottom of the stairs. They were too many and no matter how good a fighter you were the odds were bound to against you sooner than later. Thankfully Buffy heard the king call the retreat; there was no shame in falling back and collecting yourself together.

They were up to the gate when they saw the pike slam into the King. Buffy knew that he would be in trouble but they had no time to stop. Aragorn braced the king, “What do you need?”

Théoden sighed, “Time as much as you can give me.”

Buffy and he shared a grin; they knew what stunt they could pull. Aragorn wanted one more, “Gimli follow us.”

They crept around the side and they could see the causeway. Gimli was ready and excited to do it but he knew that he could not make the jump. “Throw me.”

Aragorn smirked, “Are you sure. It’s a long way.”

Gimli was sullen much to Buffy’s amusement, she bite her tongue so as not laugh when he growled, “Not one word to the Elf. I don’t like the look you’re sharing.”

Buffy was innocent and distracting him as Aragorn prepared to throw him, “It’s a couples thing.”

She had not even finished her sentence before he was thrown across to the causeway. Gimli barrelled into them giving them a start and they managed to create a gap between the advancing orcs and the broken gate. She was content to slay and the causeway was a veritable feast for the slayer, in fact inside she was purring.

The King watched as the lady employed all of her talents to keep Rohan and her husband safe. She was a fierce protector in her own right, and as the door was shored up the last thing he wanted was for them to be trapped. “Get out of there!”

Buffy threw a rope up high that was quickly caught by a Captain of Rohan, and Aragorn ably caught a rope thrown by Legolas. They watched as even larger ladders were being flung against the wall. She picked up a bow and sheathed any arrow she could and was ruthlessly targeting the threads that was being used to raise them. The orcs really did make a satisfying thump when they landed back on the ground.

The King ordered a further retreat and a war council meeting. Buffy sighed and gamely stabbed, thrust and parried her way to the King’s side wondering where this was going. In truth, Buffy was pissed, and someone was going to die - her clothes were ruined. She would make sure that the line held - hook or by crook but the men were tiring and she didn’t know what to do. And then she heard her beloved’s suggestion. “Go out and meet them.”

She was going to have words with her bonded about stupid ass plans that will see most mortals dead. Honestly this plan could have only thought up by a man, still she had to stand by her man. Or did she? Surely there was a rule that she shouldn’t have to when it is a stupid ass plan. She was trying to be positive remembering that as a leader - people would look to her. The only problem was that she was finding it difficult, but then she saw a glimmer of sun. Oh she hoped, that was what she thought it was - Gandy best have brought Faith and Eomer to the party. She cheated and stretched out her slayer senses and got an answering tug.

“You know what I agree.” Buffy said enjoying the looks of shock.

“You do?” She’d even shocked the Elf, bonus.

“Yep, why not? Beats standing around.”

Aragorn could sense something, a resounding satisfaction that they would win. He was startled to realise that this was Buffy’s emotion not his. “We ride out and fight for Rohan.”

Théoden was tiring but would go out in a battle. He would be unable to face his forefathers having done anything less. “For Rohan!”

Buffy saddled up with the others and let Aragorn on the source of her amusement, “Look in the horizon.”

“The sun,” he said in surprise. He remembered Gandalf’s promise, about returning on the fifth dawn. His smile was damn right diabolical and matched by Buffy’s.

This fight was on.

Next Chapter: More fighting, Slayers tag teaming and oh yeah Buffy has to explain that she and Aragorn have kind of, sort of, maybe married?

The End?

You have reached the end of "So Not in Kansas" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 17 Feb 13.

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