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So Not in Kansas

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Summary: After Sunnydale closes Buffy and Faith find they are under new management. Just how are they suppose to guide two future kings? *Edit chaps 1-4*

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Reap What You Sow

Disclaimer: As usual nothing belongs to me. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Premise : The Powers aware of the potential damage keeping the chosen two in the current realm will do have them moved. The girls have new bosses, just how are Faith and Buffy to guide the two future kings?
Warnings This is not kind to the Scoobies - If you like them then this is not the fic for you!
As always read and review please! And this fic will have non canon pairings Aragorn/Buffy , Faith/Eomer and Legolas/Arwen.

Sunnydale Crater

Buffy sat at the edge of the crater, where Sunnydale used to stand and she was physically and mentally exhausted. In truth, she was done, she had lost her ability to connect with most of the people around her and that was the saddest thing of all. Buffy was not perfect and never pretended that she was, but as far as the precious Scoobies were concerned. They could take their opinions and shove them. They were suppose to be her friends yet they had betrayed her worst than the council ever had. They were only too happy to forget that they had debated and questioned her every move, well this girl was no longer going to stand it. Even as she took a few minute to collect her thoughts they were planning what she would do next. The part that most upset her was that not one of them could acknowledge the part that Spike had played to save the entire world - ungrateful sods.

Faith had listened in disbelief as the others started to plan their futures as if it was their god given right. She couldn’t stand seeing the lonely figure Buffy made so clearly mourning her friend. Buffy sensing her approach spoke up, “You know I have had it up to here with their judgments.”
Faith just snickered as she sat down beside her sister-slayer, “Girl if I was you, I’d let them rot. I never wanted you gone.”

Faith had never been easy when having to deal with emotions, but she put a tentative arm around her friend, “For what it is worth he went out fighting it’s what he would have wanted.”

At that moment, Buffy was struck with a thought, “Fancy a road trip? Just the chosen two?”

Faith couldn’t quite vocalize what she felt. For so long, they’d been competitive when really they were the only two people in the world who could understand each other. They were sisters in all but blood and Faith was happy to finally have family that accepted her for her.

What the slayers didn’t know was that they were about to get a hell of a road trip. One that if they could beat back the encroaching darkness would mean true happiness with their soul mates. They would have love, happiness, true friends, and not a judgmental Scooby in sight.

Midway through the conversation between Willow and Giles they finally looked for Faith and Buffy. Not to ask for their input, but rather to chose between either Willow or Giles’ option. Willow frowned seeing Faith comforting Buffy -it should be her. It never occurred that Buffy might reject their friendship just like they’d rejected Buffy only the night before. It was all for naught because just as she started to yell for them to get up off their asses and help - they disappeared. In the place of the Chosen Two was everyone’s favourite Balance Demon, Whistler.

Whistler had a smug smile on his face. He was demon enough to admit that he was really going to enjoy this as he had always had a softspot for the Slayers, “Well kids, you are about to reap what you sow.”

Willow was confused and wrinkled her nose in confusion, “I don’t understand.”

Whistler rolled his eyes, “You had the two strongest slayers’ in history. They have survived every demon and god thrown at them. In the end it was you that killed them your betrayal would have seen Buffy’s death in year. The powers have made a deal and moved them beyond your reach.”

Xander all but exploded, “They have a destiny, a duty!”

Whistler smirked, “One you were only too happy to take away from Buffy when you thought her reckless. The powers permitted the friendship thinking you her strength in the end you all but destroyed her if it hadn’t been for Spike convincing her - Well lets say that you lot wouldn’t be here.”

The group were left stunned at how they had inadvertently almost caused the apocalypse. The girls had tears in their eyes but Whistler gleefully carried on, “Well since you were so ready to take the slayers destiny ... the powers are charging you with it.”

He turned his back before adding, “Oh Witch, they are in an enclosed dimension. Try and reach them and you’ll destroy the universe.”

It should stop the arrogant witch but he’d keep an eye just in case. He would never trust her after she was arrogant enough to rip her best friend from heaven.

The only thing that filled the silence was Giles anguished, My God what have I done.”

Edited 22/12/2012
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