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Vegas Baby

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Summary: It would seem SG1 and the IWC have inter-married. Question is who's married who? Inspired by woke up in vegas challenge

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Breakfast Teasing

A/N Like wow I can’t believe over a 1000 hits in 24 hours of posting. For this reason I give you the second chapter so soon. I would like to say though i am English and so therefore so is my spelling!

Breakfast teasing

They exited the hotel room together arms clasped together Buffy couldn’t help but smirk at the envious looks that were being thrown her way she couldn't help but smirk. Knowing that this would cause more envy she simply lent up to whisper in his ear, “Do you usually attract such open looks?”

He fought down the natural response his body had to Buffy whispering in his ear and smirked right back, “Probably as about as many as you do dear. If looks could kill I’d be six feet under.”

They sat together in a booth both ordering greasy breakfasts and Massimo coffees. The waitress did not quite what to make of the couple so very different yet so very similar. Jack blinked in surprise at the speed that she drank the giant cup of coffee, “I think Danny may have found someone to rival his caffeine addiction.”
Buffy’s smile grew wider, “Sure wait our first happy couple.”

Jack took in the sight of his best friend with his new wife it seemed that Buffy’s description of man-eater for Faith was accurate. The woman had a similar style of dress to Buffy leather paints and a fitted type the thing was where as he’d seen his wife play innocent or dangerous Faith exuded Sex and power. He knew in that moment there marriage was sure to be a doozy and he actually pitied his best friend if he made his wife mad.

As Faith spotted Buffy in the company of an older man she raised an eyebrow. It seemed her sister slayer had finally got with the programme and got herself a man. A fine one and fitted with her slayers taste being an older man, “Hey lover is that Jack?”

Daniel blushed at being called that, “Yep that’s him."
The confirmation was all she needed to drag him over to the table. Faith knowing that she might be in a small amount of trouble tried to deflect some trouble, “Hey Sis. Did you have a fun night?”

Buffy leveled a feminine smile that showed Faith just how much fun she had, “Great amount of fun.”
Jack spoke up in a decidedly cool tone, “Yeah Danny whose your friend?”

Daniel’s blush only deepened and he took off his glasses to clean, “She’s my wife actually.”
Jack summoned him to his side and clapped his back, “Congratulations Space Monkey. You do realise you’ve made my life very difficult.”

Faith looked to the Queen slayer, “Yeah B I know about the rules but I really wanna keep him.”
Buffy did well to hide her giggle before turning to Jack and asked, “Well Daniel is your’s so can she keep him? After all we decided to keep each other.”

Faith let her jaw drop in shock, “Damn girl when you decide to rock the boat you go all out.”
This comment made both Jack and Buffy dissolve into a fit of giggles and snickers. Faith looked to her husband to ask if he had a clue as to what had caused the strange mood, she only received a shrug, “Would you care to share with us B?"

Buffy’s grin let her know this would be good, “Well if my marriage was a shock wait till you see how Xan and Willow have faired with there respective other half's.”
Faith caught her sisters tone and noticed the careful use of words with one eyebrow raised, “Are you serious?”

Daniel was confused but Jack was smug Buffy nodded, “Got it confirmed before we came down to breakfast. It seems the chosen two have a new assignment.”

Faith smirked, “Tell me about Red’s husband," frowning, " Never thought I would say that.”
Buffy remembered what Jack had described, “Okay he is exotic looking, built like a mountain, has our fighting abilities, without our advantages, wrapped up in someone with the zen of Oz.”

Faith tried to sort out the image in her heard that that description gave her even though it was very hard to do so, “Would that be the newest member of the family?”

Jack swiveled his head around to look in the direction she indicated, “Yep my man Teal’c.”

The next couple approached the table, it was amusing the pale delicate witch hand in hand with the warrior. Teal’c merely bowed his head in greeting, “Morning O’Neil I found my soul mate last night.”
Buffy gave her best friend a tentative smile while she was willing to wind the others up this was a little different she knew Willow would be even more skittish.
Giving her friend a wide smile, “Relax Willow I’m happy for you but let me tell you this. Your after breakfast conversations are going to be fantastic.”

Faith was shocked, “You told him?”
Buffy smirked, “Yep but lets just say that your husband’s job might just be as strange as yours,”

Now Daniel was shocked, “She knows?”
Buffy harrumphed, “She has a name and yes I know Henry gave me the clearance a couple of years ago.”

Daniel was now staring goggle-eyed, “You call the President by his first name?”

Buffy looked to Jack with a teasing smile, “Jack did too. I thought the flowers were a nice touch.”
Jack liked the game of shocking the space monkey, “Yep though I could have done without the knock by the secret service this morning while shifting the last of my hangover.”

Faith then understood, “That’s so not fair you got inside info.”
Buffy nodded happily, “Yep now quiet we want to scare our last happy couple. So quiet you lot.”

She heard Daniel mutter, “God help us all he has found his equal.”

Buffy’s only reply to what she heard was a wink to the archaeologist, “Xander you seem to have made a new friend.”
Xander winced at his friends cold tone. It seemed that she had spotted his wife was military and if there was one thing that his friend did not like was the military, “Wife actually. Don‘t suppose you‘ll tell g-man on my behalf. He loves you like a daughter me he just might send to a very remote place.”
Carter turned to her CO, “It is true that we are married sir.”

Jack remained stern for all of half a minute, “I offer my congratulations to you then.”
Carters face betrayed her relief, “Thank you sir.”

Jack’s face broke it into a rare full grin as put his arm around Buffy's shoulder, “Right I give my lot permission to explain your delightfully full lives once you’ve had your heart to hearts.”

Buffy chuckled, “Yeah what he said. We have to go and deal with the fall out and the paperwork and you know how much I hate paperwork.”

Willow gave her a small smile, “Maybe but Giles won’t get mad at you.”

Buffy rolled her eyes at the group, as Jack pulled her to her feet, and gave her a quick kiss on the lips before they headed back to their room.

Xander who was still suffering from his hangover as was the majority of the table, “I love her as a best friend but sometimes I hate her when she can drink more and look that bright and perky this early in the morning. How does she do it?”

Faith who had just shrugged of the last of her own hangover, “Being of rank has it’s privileges. Plus the President gave her and her hubby a heads up this morning along with the flowers.”
She couldn’t go any further in detail than that before they had explained what lurked in shadows.

Xander scowled, “Only she could have a president send her flowers in congratulations.”

Faith slapped a hand on his back, “Relax besides we gotta go have our ordered heart to hearts and then one hell of a conversation besides I look forward to getting to know your other half's.”

None at the table missed the young mans smile at that comment but the SG1 team wondered at its meaning, thing was they were about to find out.

Thats all for now. PS looking for a beta it's been pointed out how crap my grammar is!
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