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Vegas Baby

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Summary: It would seem SG1 and the IWC have inter-married. Question is who's married who? Inspired by woke up in vegas challenge

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Finding the lost!

Authors note: First of all, big thank you to everyone who has encouraged me and is still reading this. Remember that in this 'verse Adria is not Vala's 'daughter' but she still exists.

Okay so this story is not dead but completing teacher training in England means surrendering your life for about a year! Once, I finished I started writing but this story was a little harder to restart than Fresh Starts.

------------------Finding the lost ---------------

There was a shiver of excitement almost running through the crowd of soldiers in the mess. They were not sure what was going on but the base took their cues from SG1 and Slayer. The base had not been the same since Dr Jackson had been taken captive by the Ori. Whilst, the whole base had supported Faith they had all wanted to find him safe and well. Anyone else and they might have been less optimistic but this was Dr Jackson.

The whole team was good at escaping death but Dr Jackson and Mrs O'Neill had actually turned it into an art form. What was known was that Harris and the female O'Neill had gone to Atlantis and found something. The soldiers who had been pulling guard duty said that when the blonde slayer had returned she looked like she was ready to hunt. Now it didn't take a genius to know who she wanted to hunt. If it had been someone nicer they might have felt sorry for the person who had incurred her wrath. In this case they wanted to watch and eat popcorn.

Sure enough the SAR teams were tapped for a mission along with most of SG's 1, 2, 3 and the blonde slayer. Faith saw them off standing but Willow and Xander stood close to support her if needed.

Faith gave Buffy a sad smile that truly conveyed everything and she unconsciously stroked her stomach. Buffy looked ready for battle and none of the soldiers had seen this Buffy. The Scooby's had, she was letting the slayer out to play. It happened when the foe was pretty terrible, or, one of her family was in danger. Therefore, this situation was in Buffy's mind a perfect reason to let the slayer out as it was both.

The plan was simple the SG team soldiers were in undercover outfits, intending to take up positions in the immediate vicinity. Buffy had let it be known that under no circumstances were they to interfere in her ‘match off’ as she phrased it. The other soldiers had been tasked with removing the innocents; after all, the teams wanted Adria and her soldiers.

Buffy met with the woman from yesterday. She was delighted that Buffy was coming to pray and had brought people from her ‘village’. Well, Buffy thought the base could count as a village. Her ‘people’ being Cam, Vala and Col Walker who were the most versed in undercover work.

It was a true test, pretending to be simple villagers when she saw Daniel being dragged. She was of course, immensely grateful, to see that he was alive and well enough to be dragged but that was about the extent of her gratitude.

The purpose of Adria's visit was to see how well the village had accepted Origin. If the town had full accepted it then she walked into the town she would feel the power buzz that would be passed on to the ascended.

Daniel was following, well, was dragged behind her, by her most loyal minions. She had been ordered to convert him but it must be done through persuasion not coercion. It had not been explained to her fully but because of his previous ascensions if he was to convert and become a Prior the boost of power would be immense.

Adria froze upon entering the Village she could sense something was not right.

Adria decided to tread carefully as something did not feel right. This was supposed to be a simple mission, check on the villagers and let Daniel Jackson see the power of the Ori. She may not be able to torture him into submission but she could make him feel despair. The villagers were perfect they looked down when she walked past.

As she reached the village square she caught sight of a group in the middle that set alarm bells off for her. She paid attention to their clothes and they looked as if they belonged.

Buffy watched as the Oricae swanned into the square as she expected people to bow to her. Buffy was not impressed; she and Faith wore their leather so much better.

The leader for the village stepped forward, "Welcome to our village will you lead the prayer?"

Adria wanted to roll her eyes at the complete foolishness, of course, none of that showed on her face.

As soon as the Ori soldiers approached the Village, Buffy pulled her red cloak around her face. The cloak had been chosen by Jack. He'd had a wry smile that morning and said, "Well if you're going to hunt wolves."

Buffy saw the soldiers, walk closer, Buffy had dampened her energies but she would be unable to completely hide her power. Adria froze and turned around directly facing her. The brunette leader frowned and asked in a sickly sweet voice, "Have you heard the word of Origin?"

Buffy really loved when people gave her such openings, "Well I attempted to find the DVD, I wasn't too impressed with the book." She looked innocent, "Is there a spark note version?

Adria hissed, "Slayer!"

Buffy grinned as the SG soldiers within the square unrobed showing their weapons.

Buffy shrugged, "We heard you were bringing a guest to the party and figured you wouldn't mind some gatecrashers."

Adria sneered, "We have the power of the Ori at our hands. You are puny humans."

The villagers were scarpering, which was perfect as it meant they couldn't be used as hostages. Buffy stepped forward, all slayer, definitely all predator, not a hint of submissive villager in her body. She kept the spear strapped to her body. She had something better in mind to start this party.

She enlarged the Troll hammer she liberated from the magic box. Adria tried to use fire, Buffy grinned, the scythe's magic and the spear collected from Atlantis meant it scattered harmlessly.

She quirked an eyebrow, Buffy showed how distinctly unimpressed she was with the trick. There was of course an added advantage to this method, each act of defiance caused the Villagers to question the Ori’s omnipotence, which would cause a drop in the power they could collect.

In any other situation, Buffy would have rolled her eyes but she had one clear objective - get Daniel.

She gave off an air of cool indifference, "that was good but this is better."

Buffy put her full strength into the swing of the hammer. She watched in satisfaction as Adria went flying. It seemed to be the signal for all the soldiers to engage but Buffy kept her eye especially on Daniel. Cam and Vala were on rescue the Doc detail, whilst she provided the distraction.

Adria stood up dusting herself off showing her indignation, "I'll end you!" She hissed.

Buffy snickered, "Dem's fighting words."

She channelled all the pain and helplessness that her sister slayer must have felt and unleashed the hammer. Adria cannoned into the wall behind her and the wall cracked leaving an Adria shaped indentation. Adria was looking distinctly the worse for the wear. Adria's loyalist soldiers had managed to fight close to their mistress' side. Buffy was distracted for a few seconds in dispatching them but she soon returned her focus to her main enemy.

Adria had used the time to break free but given her uneasy gait, it was clear that she was suffering. Buffy figured now was the time to try out her new spear.

Adria seemed to know what the spear meant given her horror struck expression. Buffy had a bright expression, "Do you like my new weapon? It's just so shiny."

The soldiers could in that moment appreciate just how suited Buffy and the General were for each other. The spear crackled, no positively vibrated with energy. Well Buffy had always been a fan of not keeping things hidden.

She allowed the torrent of lightning to be unleashed. She smiled it had a hell of a kickback so she figured it would cause Adria pain. Sure enough Adria landed back against the wall. She sensed that she was losing badly and it could mean her life if she was not careful.

The Oricae started to fight with a recklessness born of having nothing to lose. It made her an easy opponent but dangerous, as she could pull a kamikaze manoeuvre. Her soldiers were pulling similar stunts and for the first time in a long while, they were fightable. There were still injuries being occurred by the SGC side but the casualty figures were lower than they had been in months.

The Oricae could fight with a sword but her training had forgotten how to fight with a sword against a spear. Buffy made a mental note to thank Giles for her superior training.

There was one lesson that she had learnt. Never leave an enemy behind that can come back and kill you. Buffy landed a solid roundhouse kick and she used the spear to wedge Adria to the wall.

Whilst she never let her eyes leave her quarry, she managed to talk when Cam spoke, "Buffy we got our last sheep do your thang so we can move out."

Buffy smiled and gave a mock salute, "yes sir!"

Buffy couldn't explain what the spear did. It didn't just stop the person but it would break the link between the ascended Ori and their vessel on this plane.
If successful it could turn the tide of the war.

Buffy waited until the Spear had finished its job. Adria may yet live but she could no longer help siphon power for the Ori. Buffy wondered exactly how long she would hold her forces without any extraordinary powers.

In truth, she did not care. All she knew was that she could bring Danny home to see the birth of his first kid.

The soldiers were forming up and all wanted to say things like, 'it's great to have you back'. However, Vala showed great insight, "Give him some room he has to get back because Faith will kill you if he misses this."


Daniel was sore and bruised and in dire need of getting home to see his friends and especially his wife.

Cam looked sheepish; he had forgotten that Daniel had been captured before Faith had told him about the pregnancy. He looked to his fiancée for guidance but she just helpfully shrugged her shoulders

Why is it that he could fly Jets? Take on the Ori; other enemies of the SGC but he couldn’t find the words to tell a friend that he was about to be a Dad.

----------------------End of Chapter-------------------------

Next up: Well Faith is about to give Birth and can the men handle a Slayer giving birth.

Hope you liked the chapter – As always I love to hear your thoughts!

The End?

You have reached the end of "Vegas Baby" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 4 Jul 12.

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