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An Unusual Affair

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Summary: After Sweet came to town, he told someone about the impromptu little musical he helped create. Someone who is strongly interested in acquirng Buffy's talents.

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Cartoons > Surprise CrossoverSithicusFR71979071,3225 Nov 095 Nov 09Yes
Author's Notes: A sudden and strange idea that struck me unexpected like, so here it is being shared with the world. And boy are you in for a treat.

Disclaimer: All things Buffy belong to Joss and ME Productions, the surprise crossover elements belong to their respective owner/owners. And will be properly disclaimered if necessary at the bottom of this story.

Takes place during the early half of Season Six, before all the unpleasentness.

Buffy rolled her shoulder, and sighed in satisfaction when it popped, that last fight really did a number on her. As she entered through the rear door to her house, she wondered how she was going to get the stain out of her top this time, it was getting to be a real chore without Willow around.
Suddenly she sensed an intruder in her home, whirling she found a tall man dressed in a business suit and holding a briefcase in one hand. He eyed her blade with some shock, but he offered a tiny smile.

“If this is a bad time.”

“Who are you? And how did you get in here? It’s two AM,” she remarked an edge in her tone.

“Forgive me, Miss Summers, my name is James Thornton, and I represent someone who is interested in your talents,” the man explained. “Your sister let me in, told me I should wait.”

Buffy blinked, she was going to have to lecture Dawn again, apparently. “What talents?” she questioned.

“Oh, forgive me, not your status as the Slayer,” Thornton quickly corrected, “you see we’re more interested in your singing talents.”

Buffy eyed the man in some confusion, the only time she’d ever ‘sung’ was when Sweet came to town. “You have my attention, for now, so start talking.”

Thornton grinned as he was let loose from her grip, at least she hadn’t asked him how he knew she was the Slayer. Explaining that to her would have caused, complications, and the boss had been adamant that they get this deal finalized. “Thank you, Miss Summers. If you’ll allow me?” At Buffy’s nod he opened his briefcase and removed a thick document. “Mister Sweet came to us recently, he is under contract to us already, we have exclusive rights to all songs his. Ahem, victims, create on the off chance we are interested in using them. Our late employer, Mister, oh forgive me I’m getting ahead of myself. Anyway, we outsource Mister Sweet, several of our top highest singers and vocalists once had the misfortune of meeting Mister Sweet.”

Buffy stopped him right there. “Listen, Jimmy, I can guess where this is going, but I don’t have time to deal with this. I’ve already got a job, and I don’t need any other complications.”

Smiling slightly, James shook his head. “You don’t understand, this wouldn’t require you to even leave the Hellmouth, Miss Summers. A recording studio has already been signed on for this project, your friends, Mister Harris and Miss Jenkins have also already agreed and signed their contracts. After speaking with you we only have Miss Rosenberg and her young love interest to persuade.”

“Wait, what about Giles?” Buffy demanded. “And don’t tell me Spike agreed to this, whatever it is?”

“Being undead, Spike is already under contract with us,” Thornton explained. “As for Mister Giles, we have a sound-a-like lined up for him.”

“I don’t get it, who would hire that demon creep for song writing?”

Thornton grinned slightly. “He had a feeling you’d require some persuasion, if you’ll follow me,” he requested.

Buffy warily allowed herself to be led into her living room, removing an odd looking television remote from his right hand side pocket, Thornton pressed a large green switch in the center and the t-v turned on. Except it wasn’t receiving a signal from any station Buffy recognized. “What’s this, teleconference?” she wondered in jest.

“You might say that,” Thornton replied with a smile.

The large chair on the screen behind the desk swung around, revealing the last person Buffy expected to see, he smiled a hint of exhaustion in his eyes. “I’m sorry, Miss Summers, to have to contact you in this way. But Sweet felt that we could use your number in our production, and I happen to agree with him, so if you could just sign the contract we’ll get on to recording your part.”

Buffy couldn’t believe who was talking to her. “My part in what, your pal here didn’t exactly explain that.”

“Oh gosh, I guess that would be important, we’d like to record your voice in our latest feature, we’re calling it The Vampire Slayer, The Musical, names of course will be changed to hide the identity of yourself and your friends.”

“Are you a demon?” Buffy demanded.

“Of course not, I’m a mascot, unfortunately we’re ten times worse than a demon. And a little on the overworked side of things, now that our creator has been dead for some time.” The person showed a great deal of weariness in his expression and offered a tiny smile. “Your friend Mister Harris jumped at this opportunity, we’re prepared to pay you quite well for the use of your likeness. And I guarantee, no one will ever suspect or know who you are, we understand the benefits of secrecy.”

“I’m not going to be one of your Princesses, am I?” Buffy demanded.

“This isn’t that type of movie,” he assured.

Buffy really shouldn’t, but she could use some financial help, and this entire situation was bizarre enough to be just a regular page in her life’s book. “Ok, but how are you going to make a story out of one event in my life without going into further detail?” she wondered, reaching for the pen in the process Mister Thornton was holding out for her.

Mickey Mouse chuckled and ruffled a few papers on his desk in toon town. “Just leave that to us, Buffy, and welcome to the Disney family of characters,” he said with a broad grin.

The End

Disclaimer for Suprise Crossover: The character of you know who does not belong to me, naturally he belongs to the Walt Disney Corporation. The author makes no claims otherwise. That is all.

The End

You have reached the end of "An Unusual Affair". This story is complete.

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