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Carry on My Wayward Son

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Tales from Atlantis". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Ronon snoops and finally puts part of his past to rest.

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Stargate > General > General: AtlantisJadedFR1312,3561179,3275 Nov 095 Nov 09Yes
Author: Jaded
Story: Carry on My Wayward Son
Disclaimer: I own the idea only. Joss owns Buffy, SyFy owns Stargate. No suing please!
Story Summary: Ronon snoops and finally puts part of his past to rest.
A/N 1: Title comes from Kansas.
A/N 2: And yet another back-story for the Tales from Atlantis series. This time, it’s the back-story of Ronon’s snooping. :D

Carry on My Wayward Son

Subject: (no subject)

It just occurred to me that I don’t know how you began your original correspondence with the Scoobies. Being head of the council, I feel this is an error I must correct. Seeing as how Buffy and the rest are being suspiciously mum about it, I have decided to go straight to the source.

Care to fill me in?

Rupert Giles

Subject: Giles

Giles is being paranoid because someone mentioned Moloch and that story came out and…yeah. Even though he’s met you he still has questions. And since I honestly don’t remember how it started, I have a feeling he’s gonna email either you or Dawn. Just thought I’d warn you.



When Ronon entered the labs, he hadn’t known what to expect. Sure, they were all experimenting and doing other semi-dangerous work but Ronon never knew if something was going to go off while he was there or not.

So he usually avoided the place if he could help it.

This time, however, he’d agreed to give one of the scientists information on the level of technology of Sateda. They were trying to decide if going back to scavenge would be worth it. Ronon wasn’t particularly happy with this idea but the soldier in him understood it. When all else fails, use what you have at your disposal. And Sateda had been wiped out because they became too big of a threat, technology wise. He could see the allure that had for the Lanteans.

And he knew there had been work going on in the science sector of the capital city that had to do with wraith weapons. As a lowly military man, he didn’t know the specifics but he had really good hearing. Whispers about an Anti-Wraith weapon or shield or something had been abundant in the military sector. That kind of technology would be worth a return trip to his birth home and all the memories it would inspire.

Finding McKay was easy—he was yelling at the top of his lungs at one of the scientists, calling the man every name he knew and some Ronon still didn’t understand the meaning of. The scientist he was supposed to be meeting with wasn’t around so Ronon just plopped down in McKay’s seat, figuring he was too pissed to notice or care.

Already bored, Ronon decided this was the perfect time to snoop. McKay had done it a few times, mostly when he wanted to make sure Ronon wasn’t actually hurting the scientists being forced to train with him. He’d snooped in Ronon’s quarters once, though, so Ronon figured he had every right to do the same to McKay’s space.

It was surprisingly neat, all things considered. A cup of coffee sat on the counter, half drained. Three laptops were on the table, each facing the chair for easier access to its contents. Ronon had slowly been learning the Earth language thanks to Teyla, who’d learned it from Dr. Weir. The work on two of the laptops he dismissed with a glance as they were quite obviously scientific in nature and therefore, just a bit over Ronon’s head. The third, however…

It was the correspondence program that tech guy, Chet, or Chuck or whatever, had shown him once. Email, he thought it was called. Ronon was just about to let it go when one o fthe lines caught his eye.

And it’s not like I expect him to wave a damn flag and state his intentions but, damnit, Rodney, I’m a young, intelligent, attractive woman! I want to date! And yes, I realize you don’t want to hear this being my cousin and all but can’t a girl get a little obvious flirting now and then?!

Lips twitching and more curious than he’d like to admit, he settled down and tentatively used the mouse to move the screen up. He’d never really used the damn machines but he’d been given a crash course once by that small scientist that liked to curse at McKay in his native language. Once certain he had the entire email, Ronon started reading.


Guess who? Yup, you’re favorite bestest cousin again (and don’t bother telling me Buffy’s your favorite, we both know the bottle blonde routine bugs you).

To get the obvious things out of the way, yes my studies are going good, no, you cannot entice me to the sciences, ick, and no, I am not dating anyone you have to threaten to disembowel. Buffy is dating an idiot I don’t like but my opinion about the moron doesn’t seem to matter right now, since my own love-life isn’t going very well.

There is a guy who I think might be interested. He’s cute, and sweet, and smart and has the cutest accent (not to mention a really nice ass). But he’s a Watcher and, as you so happily like to point out every chance you get, no sane man in the Council is gonna go after Buffy’s little sister.

The guy has given some hints about it though, little things and everything, but nothing that I could firmly classify in the “flirt” category. We’ve talked for hours about everything that comes to mind, he shares a lot of my same opinions on art (Jackson Pollack was insane), music (pop is good for giving adults nightmares), and literature (we’ve come to the conclusion that Poe was at least part demon).

But that’s it. Sometimes I think he’s just interested in the safe option of friendship. But then he goes and says or does something that turns me around 180 in the opposite opinion, that he would like to try dating. And it’s not like I expect him to wave a damn flag and state his intentions but, damnit, Rodney, I’m a young, intelligent, attractive woman! I want to date! And yes, I realize you don’t want to hear this being my cousin and all but can’t a girl get a little obvious flirting now and then?!

The email continued with news of the family outings, how “patrols” had been going, and a rant about Buffy needing to get over her attraction to dark, old, and brooding as all it did was get her hurt. There was also an interesting note about a woman, Willow, who was starting to think she was a danger magnet to anyone who loved her. According to Dawn, as that was who the email was signed by, Willow was convinced she going to grow up into a cat lady, whatever that meant.

All in all, the email made Ronon’s heart ache. The letter could have been from Ronon’s own sister, moaning about her own prospects while Ronon was training to be a soldier. Ronon had gotten quite a few of those from Riana over the course of his training. He’d made it perfectly clear before he’d left home that if anyone hurt or despoiled his baby sister, he’d return and show them just what the military had taught him. He didn’t think Ria had ever discovered his threat to the local boys but she’d definitely felt the effects. And unknowingly or not, she had let him know the threat had held true up until the attack on Sateda.

Oddly enough, during his time running, he’d thought about that a few times and had felt guilty. He hadn’t known the wraith would come, that she’d never get the chance to feel the love Ronon himself had felt for Melena. If he had, he wouldn’t have been so quick to cut off any way for her to explore, to court or be courted. He’d been so focused on protecting his little sister that he’d never noticed that she was growing up. She’d had her own plans, would have been going to the education sector only a few months after the attack, learning music. She’d been an adult and he hadn’t seen it, had in fact, done his best to keep her a child in his eyes. And she’d paid for his overprotective nature in the end.

Rumbling slightly at the thought, he pulled the laptop closer so he could properly see the keyboard. He might not be able to give Riana the advice he should have, but he could for McKay’s cousin. Typing the email was very, very slow going as Ronon hadn’t done a whole lot of it, but he was bound and determined to get through. He absently noted that McKay had been called out of the labs for something and that, being close to lunch-time, wasn’t likely to return for at least an hour, if not more. The only interruption to his typing came in the form of a silently panicking scientist, the one who cursed in a different language.

“I do not think Rodney is going to be pleased to find you typing on his laptop,” the man said, sounding hesitant but determined to find out what Ronon was doing.

“His cousin needs relationship advice,” Ronon rumbled, looking at him. “You really think McKay should be the one giving it?”

The be speckled man blinked a moment and then frantically shook his head. “No, no, I agree, Rodney and relationship advice are not mixable,” he agreed. “Just…be careful Rodney does not catch you, yes? One headache today is enough.”

Ronon grunted and went back to the email.


This guy is an idiot. If he does not have the courage to face up to his feelings he is not worth your time. And be careful about his opinions. Men in all galaxies have just one thing in mind at your age and it is not learning. Make it clear that you expect him to shape up and show interest if he is or settle into friendship without flirting.

And he will treat you right. You deserve nothing less. If he does not, I will find a way to deal with him myself.



After writing the email, Ronon let it fade from his mind. He had other things to focus on, like the new shipment of marines that were too cocky for their own good. But the day the dateburst came in, Ronon found himself remembering the two emails quite vivdly as McKay came storming into the gym, printed pages in hand.

“What were you thinking, you, you, caveman!”

Ronon continued blocking the marine’s punches, even as he frowned at McKay’s flailing. “What’d I do?”

“You emailed Dawn!”


“So?! So! You do not email Dawn and, and, no, you just don’t!”

“Were you gonna give her the advice?”

That stopped McKay cold for a moment. But only a moment. “That doesn’t matter!” he yelled as Ronon calmly twisted the marine around and sent him wheeling into the group of watching and waiting soldiers. “My baby cousin does not need advice from Conan the Barbarian!”

“The guy was an idiot,” Ronon remarked as the marine came back at him. Much like him.

“Yes, well, that doesn’t matter!” McKay yelled and then stopped again. “Wait a minute, what exactly did you tell her?”

“That she deserved better than some idiot who didn’t have the courage to state his intentions clearly.”

“That’s it?” McKay asked, frowning. Ronon shrugged.

“Something about if the guy shaped up but hurt her, you’d find someway to make him pay.”

McKay stared at him a moment. “Have you been watching movies or something with Sheppard lately? Cause that was kinda earthy for you.”

“I had a little sister once, McKay,” Ronon rumbled, irritated, as he gave the marine a black eye and sent him to sit down. The next marine entered the ring, nervous but trying desperately not to show it. “Scaring away courting guys is universal.”


“Did you need anything else or are you finished yelling at me?” Ronon asked sarcastically.

“Dawn knows it wasn’t me,” McKay finally said, handing one of the papers to Ronon. Ronon was impressed when he instinctively crouched, sending the marine he’d just thrown over him and onto his back. “Email her back, she’ll be waiting.”

“Don’t got an email.”

“Made you one,” McKay grunted, getting to his feet. “Conan.”

Ronon watched him stalk out of the room before turning to the piece of paper in his hand. Shrugging, he stuck it in his pants pocket and grinned at the next marine.

The man whimpered.


Two weeks and a couple emails to Dawn later, McKay gave Ronon his own laptop, stating that even Teyla has one so why shouldn’t he. His crash course in the machine took a good three hours longer than the cursing scientist’s had and made a lot less sense but Ronon knew enough about McKay to know it meant something that the physicist was taking time to do it.

Sitting down to respond to Dawn’s latest email, he spared a thought for Sateda and his family. Maybe he could go to his family home to find the portraits and pictures. It was far enough away it could have been spared the fires. He knew it was time to go back, if only because he had to put his dead to rest, once and for all. Somehow, he had a feeling McKay’s family would understand that sentiment perfectly.

Smiling slight, he opened up the email program and began typing.


Subject: Re: Re: Giles

So that’s what happened with the idiot watcher and Dawnie! They had this big blow up that resulted in Dawnie declaring all men as evil and no one could ever find out what prompted it.

I don’t suppose you and Rodney had anything to do with Richard’s (idiot watcher) sudden desire to move far, far away? Where there was no internet and therefore no way for “those devils” to find him?


The End

You have reached the end of "Carry on My Wayward Son". This story is complete.

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