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Honey I'm home

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Summary: A twist on Buffy and her immortal, also an explanation on why she sucks at staying dead

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: MethoshellbellsFR1586,84535828,5946 Nov 0922 Oct 11No

realisations and plans forming

Authors note My god its been a year since I updated this story. I can only apologise and say that writers block, graduation and starting teacher training sucked up all of my time.

Council House: London

Giles was so concerned about this new threat that he thought it best to phone his slayer. He relayed all the information that he had. He would never again be accused of hiding things from Buffy.

He listened astonished as Buffy informed him, “No it’s not the sign of anything. We already know we’ve made an Id and they will be dealt with.”

“Buffy they are human.” He couldn’t help the hint of a reprimand.

He couldn’t see his slayer but he could hear her practically bristle, “I don’t give a damn about petty morals. Simply remember Giles, they freed me from a Slayers restriction. Oh and here’s something to think about what happened when their stupidity exposes not only the immortals but also the entire supernatural.”

Giles had not thought about it from that point of a reason. He realised that he had stumbled onto something that he had no real authority on. Buffy continued, “Giles there are rules in place for a reason, Methos and I are likely the ones who can hunt them and not lose our heads. Ciao”

Giles stared at the phone unsure when the roles had reversed. It finally dawned on him that Buffy was so very old. She would of course have a different sought of wisdom, after all, he would expect nothing less from having lived hundreds of years.

He looked at Xander and Willow, “Buffy will deal with the matter.”

Xander looked angry, “So she is just going to execute them.”

Giles forgot just how young the pair was sometimes. “Xander these immortals have their own rules and codes and the couple have broken them. We would do nothing less for a human who broke our rules.”

Seeing the stubborn glint in his eye Giles realised that his little speech had fallen on deaf ears. He just hoped that the children didn’t do anything stupid.

He didn’t sound hopeful even in his own head.

Methos and Buffy’s Villa

Buffy slammed her cell down in frustration. She only remembered to pull her strength at the last second.
The idiots would never learn. It was sad really. Buffy had come to realise that the Scooby’s despite knowing what went bump in the night lived such sheltered lives. None of them, even Giles who had a checkered past truly understood that the world wasn’t black or white but rather different shades of grey.

One look at her husband and she knew he understood exactly what was wrong. He offered her a wry smile, “they are young.” It sounded trite even as he said it.

It was true, but Buffy knew that they would get themselves killed sooner rather than later if they did not wise up, “they are gonna get themselves killed.” Buffy summed it up bluntly. She may not particularly like the group at the moment but she didn’t want to see them dead. Mortals led such fleeting lives as it was.

Duncan understood the situation only in vague terms, “lass you can only lead a horse to the drink, you canna get them to drink it.”

Methos grinned at his old friend; he always knew exactly how to lighten the mood perfectly.

“Good god you’re a walking cliché.” Methos teased.

Dawn watched the banter, glad that her sister was calming down. “He is very charming which lets him get away with it.”
Methos narrowed his eyes at the highlander, “I’m aware of his charm when it comes to ladies.”

Duncan held his hands up in surrender, “I’ll be the perfect gentleman.”

Amanda smirked at the banter; it should be an interesting few months if Duncan really did fall for Buffy’s sister. She asked the question that needed to be asked, “So what are you going tod oa bout the crazy couple?”

Buffy and Methos shared a look, before Methos answered, “Take their heads. It needs to be done they are too dangerous to stay alive.”

Amanda shrugged, it was not like she just disagreed, and she merely wondered how they were going to do it. “I meant how will you find Jane and Edward de Montefort.”

Methos looked smug, “they favour Russia at the moment. They are part of the ‘New Russians’.”

Duncan groaned, he really hated Russia ever since he fought over their just before communism went big. Amanda looked excited; Methos had not doubt that when they left St Petersburg her suitcases would be a little heavier with jewels.

Duncan could see a plan was forming, “care to share with the class.” He asked not a not snarkily.

Buffy shrugged, “It’s simple we’re old with powerful quickening’s. They will be arrogant enough to issue a challenge.”

Duncan thought it quite an elegant plan. He would have felt sorry for the couple but they were murdering psychos so it kind of diminished his empathy.

Methos started making arrangements. He was glad that he kept an apartment on Nevski prospekt. Dawn looked a tad confused, “What’s going on?”

Buffy was the one to answer, “We have two rogue immortals that needed dealing with. You van come with us to St Petersburg or you can stay here and we will be back soon.”

Dawn shook her head, “No way. I’m coming with you.”

Buffy grinned, “I wouldn’t have it any other way Dawn.”

Dawn was coming to realise that this was a new start and a new family. She couldn’t wait to see how things come together. First of all, they had some annoying psychos to deal with.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Honey I'm home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Oct 11.

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