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Honey I'm home

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Summary: A twist on Buffy and her immortal, also an explanation on why she sucks at staying dead

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: MethoshellbellsFR1586,84535828,5846 Nov 0922 Oct 11No

She's Who?

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Story : Honey I’m home !

Chapter: She is who?

The immortal patrons of the bar paid attention to the strange trio who walked though the door. The first person was a tiny blonde but she somehow demanded your attention. She also caused the immortals to shiver in something akin to fear. The second was a tall dark haired man wearing a leather eye patch and his companion a red haired shy woman.

Amanda was curious it wasn’t like her friend not to chase a beautiful skirt, “Are you ill Mac?”
He shook his head and swallowed his beer, “I know when I am out of my league. Besides my instincts tell me to stay the hell away.”

All looked at the blonde who was laughing at something one of her friends said, she turned her head to Duncan and gave him a saucy wink.

Nick was freaked, “No way she heard us.”
Amanda was a little more amused and she had over a 1000 years plus experience on most of them, “I think we have just met the living embodiment of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Mac was curious, “Think she is one of us?”
The watcher perked up at this question, Amanda shrugged, “Who knows? I can’t sense her then again none of us sensed Adam.”

Joe ordered his waiter to give the trio around of drinks. The blonde smirked writing something on a napkin,

If you wanted us to meet your friend
All you had to was ask. Thanks for the drinks
Love wolf

The immortals were all a little weirded now, Mac chuckled, “I never thought I would meet someone who scared me more than Methos.”

The bar was closing as Methos approached and only the immortals and the trio remained. Buffy’s head whipped around at the same time as the others sensed his quickening. The feeling reminded her of her bond to Angel but this was a thousand times stronger.

She saw Methos and she couldn’t help herself she moved forward as if a puppet on a string. Until she was in front of him she whispered in a language not heard in several millenia, “Not possible.”

The usually quiet and reserved ancient immortal had tears in his eyes, “Sun.”

The memories came in cascade she couldn’t help herself, she was overwhelmed and collapsed. Methos acting on instinct caught her and cradled her in his arms, if he had his way it would be a long while before he’d let go.

The immortal contingent and Buffy’s friends were stunned until Mac hesitantly asked, “ Adam who is she?”
None had ever seen the immortal so happy, “She was everything. It was them taking her that created death.”

The immortals were reeling they had never asked what it was that set him on the road. They knew he had endured beyond what was possible before snapping but they never asked the final catalyst. What truly made them reel was the two companions who shared a look at hearing two tidbits’ of info. The man put them together started to truly laugh, Willow tried to chastise him, “Xan I don’t think this is the time.”

Methos was looking a little pissed but focused his attention on the return of his wife, “Come on the powers have fucked up big. They took away the wife of the man they called Death. Plus if there is one thing Buffy hates is people messing with her man,”. Turning to the friends, “I’d ask his age but as I’m guessing Buffy is a bit older than she seems we’ll get to that. Is he a world class brooder."

Mac winced thinking about the guilt the man carried with him, “Well he has a fair bit of guilt from his death days.”

Xander wasn’t phased, “Please even without her memories she dated the scourge I doubt she’ll care.”

Buffy had stirred in Methos arms and heard the little bit and her heart broke, she could see the guilt in his eyes, “I forgive you.” still in their native tongue. For two reasons one it was just comfortable and it suited the very private conversation.
His eyes were full of guilt, “Your too good for me my love.”
She shook still not willing to yet break out of the refuge of his arms just yet, “Nope I love you. I can see the guilt you are a good man.”

He helped her to her feet and she gave him a light kiss on the lips smiling softly she took his hand. Then she spoke and her voice was ice-cold, “Now I want some answers.”

Turning her head up to the sky, “Whistler! I want answers if you don’t come down here. I will find away up their and we will find out just how much damage me and Methos together can do.”

Xander casually took a swig of is beer, “Sit back folks and enjoy the show this is going to be a doozy.”

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