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Justice Becomes Thee

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Summary: Response to Past Becomes Present Challenge- Buffy had a brief romance with a Lieutenant years ago. Lives turn upside down when a powerful object arrives in Sunnydale, which causes Buffy to look up an old friend that has kept secrets.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Jack O'Neill
Highlander > Buffy-Centered
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Chapter One

None of the Characters are mine. They belong to Joss Whedon, and Robert Cooper and Brad Wright. I'm playing in their sandbox.

The first time they met was the day after he graduated from the Air Force Academy. They met in a bar a few miles away from base. She was dancing with a group of people and he was at the bar scanning the crowd for a potential partner.

She spotted him first and unwound herself from the two boys she was dancing with. She sauntered up to him and asked him to dance. He finished his drink in one swig and let her lead him to the dance floor.

They shared their first kiss that night, as he dropped her off at her apartment. Exchanging phone numbers, they said good night. He called her the next morning and asked to dinner. It was the beginning of a fantastic five year relationship, which ended when he was captured and presumed KIA in Iran. He still wore the first thing that she had ever given him: a necklace with stylized initials of the both of them: JFO and BAS.

When Daniel had asked about it, he side-stepped the question. He never found out what happened to his first love, and was heartbroken when he could never find her. Daniel had given him strange looks since he had seen the necklace, but after his first attempts had been met with hostility, he backed off.

He rubbed his face and sighed. He hadn’t seen her in twenty years. He had married a woman who could never compare, and had a child with her. Charlie had died and he and Sarah had divorced, and five years after, all he could think about was Buffy. Jack started up his truck and headed home.


Buffy, hundreds of miles away, was thinking of the past almost as much as Jack had been. She regretted not being there to hold Jack as he died overseas. She had waited for a year, finally accepting that he was never coming home.

She looked up Spike and quickly flew to Poland, where she spent three weeks crying into the shoulder of the man who called her sister. Dru had been lucid for most of Buffy’s visit, and did her best to comfort her. Spike took Buffy hunting a few days into her visit, which helped her handle her grief. She left after a month and headed for Los Angelus to meet up with her adopted daughter, Joyce.

She stayed with Joyce as she got married and had her first child. Kevin, unfortunately died from SIDS when he was three months old. Hank, Joyce’s husband blamed Buffy, who decided to leave for a while.
Buffy found Angel living on the streets, and bought them a small apartment within walking distance from Joyce’s. She dragged Angel inside and force-fed him until he was willing to feed himself.

It took him a little over a year, with constant bickering and hen-pecking from Buffy, to get comfortable with himself. In that year, Joyce had another child, a girl that she named after Buffy. Buffy agreed to be the godmother for her grandchild, and told Hank, who threw a fit about giving Buffy guardianship of his daughter, why Joyce made her decision. He felt better afterwards, and changed his mind.

He and Joyce divorced when Anne was fifteen and Buffy ended up taking in Anne for a few months. Buffy moved with Joyce and Anne to Sunnydale, where she watched her grandchild be Called as the Slayer, and fight creatures that no one should ever have to fight.

When Anne met Darla, Buffy joined in, causing her friend to halt her attack.

Buffy carelessly took the two children that Darla had taken from the nightclub and told Darla to find another place to hunt. When Darla explained about the Master, Buffy told her that if she decided to help, she was going to have to take her chances. Darla agreed and walked off in the opposite direction.

Anne confronted Buffy as soon as she got her alone. Buffy admitted to being the Original. She was the one who had been forced to be the Slayer. She had survived for three years before she had been taken as a host to a being that put any demon to shame in cruelty. Buffy explained how the being convinced her that it didn’t agree with the Others and wanted to teach her children that the Others were wrong.

Buffy told Anne about how she and two other people had organized a rebellion and drove the Cruel Ones off the planet and about the Stone Circle that they buried to prevent the Cruel Ones from coming back, and how she took the beings out of those that were being used as puppets, including her co-conspirators. She explained that she had her children believe that the Others had been abusing their powers. She taught her children that the Host was to be in charge at all times, and they should help in any way that they could.

The next Slayer had been called when Buffy had asked for a volunteer to act as Host to one of her children. A dark skinned girl volunteered and when she didn’t act violent or at all like the False Gods, more pledged themselves to her cause. They called themselves the Tok’ra, and their numbers began to swell.
They built space ships and began to colonize the stars, until there were only a handful that remained. Buffy told Anne how they all eventually died, leaving her unprotected when Ra sent an assassin to kill her. He killed her using a variation of the Ribbon Device and a staff weapon.

She was surprised when she woke up, and more surprised when she realized that the being in her body hadn’t awoken, but that her body still functioned as if she did. Buffy told Anne about how the Dark Skinned woman now had the power of both a Slayer and a being. After the dark skinned woman died from a broken neck, another Slayer had been Called, one without one of her children in her. Buffy finished her tale with a brief telling of the last twenty years, and promised to help Anne with her job.


When Spike came the year after Anne had killed the Master, Buffy was both happy and angry. Her brother was back, but her sister was sicker than normal, and the only one with the power to help wanted to do so by killing Dru.

Buffy finally convinced Angel to help with some very inventive threats, that she didn’t end up carrying out. Anne wasn’t to happy about the threats, but didn’t interfere too much. Spike sought out Anne for a mock fight that he didn’t tell anyone about, causing Buffy to try to step in. She stopped when she realized that they were having fun, and between the two of them, Anne’s technique got better.

When Buffy understood that Anne and Angel were an item, she tried to tell Anne about Angel’s curse, but Anne didn’t believe her. She found out, to her cost, that Buffy was right the night after she lost her virginity to him.

Anne was too emotionally wrecked to do anything about Angelus, so Buffy talked Spike into helping her. Together they defeated Angelus three days after he was released. Dru was so upset about Angelus’s death that she threw herself into the next sunrise. Spike didn’t follow his Sire’s lead as much as he would’ve wanted to, Buffy wouldn’t let him.

She nursed him through his heartache, and he and Anne helped each other through their pain. Buffy was surprised when she walked into Joyce’s house to find the two of them cuddled together on the couch, fast asleep.

Three years later, Buffy felt it when the air changed. Dawn was a being that shouldn’t be here, but was. She was a powerful tool, created by Ra when he attempted to access other dimensions. She was one of Ra’s most powerful children, and would bring his attention back to Terra. She needed to contact the others, and her star bound children, for help.


Methos wasn’t expecting the letter he got that morning. It had only four sentences on it, but they were enough to bring back terrible memories.


Ra’s Key has arrived to the Slayer as her sister. Another, a true God, is trying to use her. I need help. And access to the Chappa’ai.



In Colorado, Daniel Jackson received the same letter, but his reason for his fright was different. He was among three who led a rebellion to force the Goa'uld to leave Earth, and they had agreed to keep the Chappa’ai hidden for all time, unless there was a drastic need. The Key was drastic enough, but how would Justice react when neither Gate was where it should be?


Buffy sighed in frustration. She knew that the human race was a very curious one, but she never thought that they would try to make it work. Methos had responded to her letter, saying that he was on his way, which was a great thing.

Anne was being rung ragged. Spike was trying to help, which caused him to be at the forefront of his girlfriend’s storm of a temper more often than not. Joyce was getting sicker by the day, and Dawn didn’t understand what was going on. Riley Finn, a member of the Army who had been stationed at an NID facility under the college, wouldn’t stop bothering Anne. Buffy threatened him at least once a week to leave Anne alone, but no matter how many threats Buffy carried out, he still didn’t leave Anne lone.

Buffy took a deep breath and got up to answer the knock on her door. Methos was like an older brother to her, and he quickly got Buffy’s story out of her. He suggested taking Dawn with them when they went to Colorado to see Daniel. Buffy liked the idea, and mentioned that it would mean that Dawn was protected, gave Anne a break from taking care of her. Anne would get some time to herself, as Joyce was going to be in the hospital for the next three days.

Buffy took her proposal to Anne, who was grateful. Her grandmother had helped as much as she could, but Anne was slowly falling apart. Anne agreed and let Buffy tell Dawn to get ready. The three of them were headed to Colorado within the hour.


Daniel was working on a translation that he thought mentioned the Key, when he was called to the Conference Room. He ran into Jack on his way.

“Any idea why we’re being called to the Conference Room?” Daniel asked, eyes glancing to the necklace that Jack wore, once again. It was glowing a bright red, and Jack appeared not to notice.

“Something about Top Level visitors. I really didn’t catch it all,” Jack muttered. He had been in the middle of procrastinating the writing of his report from the mission to Abydos two weeks earlier.

“Nice to see you here, Jack, Daniel. Our guests will be here in a few minutes. The President says that the older woman has helped put down a Rouge NID operation and has Top Secret Clearance, and those with her do, by extension. Please treat them with respect,” General Hammond said, as the door to the room opened. Three people walked in, and two of them were recognized by the two members of SG-1 in the room.

“Buffy,” Jack whispered. Buffy’s head whipped up, her face frozen in shock.

“You’re dead,” Buffy muttered. Methos, put her hand in his, squeezing it gently. Buffy flashed Methos a smile, then ran to give Jack a bone crunching hug. “I waited. I waited for a year, and you never came home!”

“I was a POW for 18 months. By the time I got back to the States and was free to move around, you were no longer around. I didn’t know where to look,” Jack started to explain. He needed her to know that she was one of the most important things in the world to him.

Buffy stopped him with a steamy kiss then let go of him. She rounded on Daniel like an angry snake. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

“Excuse me?” Daniel asked.

“You let them open it, without telling anyone! That was part of the agreement, Shaman!” Buffy hissed.
“How did you know about the Stargate?” Jack asked, confused at why his one time girlfriend was angry at Daniel.

“It was agreed, we three agreed not to open it, unless the circumstances were dire, and there was no choice,” Methos explained. “Justice has always been a strict follower of rules. It’s her grandchildren you have to watch out for.”

Buffy looked back at Methos and Dawn when he mentioned her grandchildren. “They’re Joyce’s, Jack,” Buffy answered, seeing Jack’s accusing glare.

Daniel begun to try to make himself small, but Buffy returned her attention to him with alarming speed. “Don’t even think about it,” Buffy hissed. “You knew that we would come eventually, and find that you had lied to the rest of us. Today is that day. You’re lucky that I need to use it, because this way you get to keep your limbs, Shaman.”

“You mentioned that you have to use the gate. Why do you have to use it?” General Hammond asked.

“I have to contact my children, the Tok’ra. They will be able to tell me the status of the System Lords and if I can expect Ra to come and visit, or one of the others,” Buffy answered.

“So the Tok’ra are real?” Jack asked.

“Yes, and I gave birth to them all, shortly after the Others were thrown off this world and those remaining were extracted,” Buffy answered.

“Ya know, all this is interesting and everything, to those that haven’t heard this once, but for those who have, it’s boring. Where can I find something to eat?” Dawn demanded.

Methos sighed. She had done nothing but complain since they had entered Colorado. They hadn’t told her why that brought her with them, any more than they had told Anne why they wanted her to. They had planned on it after finding out what they could from the Tok’ra and Daniel.

“Come on, Bit, let’s see what they have,” Methos acquiesced. General Hammond had two airmen guide them and turned back to find Buffy and Daniel shouting at each other.

Since Daniel was the linguist and he was part of the fight, he couldn’t translate the jumble of languages that they hurled at each other, without taking a breath.

Jack, remembering what happened to people who startled her, grabbed her shoulder and turned her to face him. “Can you get back to yelling at him after we talk for a little bit?” he asked, breaking the argument.

Buffy nodded, but turned to glare at Daniel, “You better have information for me tomorrow, Shaman,” she hissed, eyes briefly flashing gold.

Daniel stuttered an affirmative response and fled the room, leaving Buffy and Jack to face each other, the general having left after Methos and Dawn.

“What now?” Buffy asked.
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