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On My Shoulder

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Summary: God is not in Heaven, so he must be in another dimension. Castiel goes on a hunt for the one thing that can break the barriers between worlds but what happens when he finds her? CastielDawn

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: OtherMarmeeNoirFR7512,8453238,3518 Nov 0911 Nov 10No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

The High Priestess

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Supernatural. Supernatural belongs to Erik Kripke and Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon. I'm not making a single cent off of this.

A/N: Okay, I am so sorry for the long hiatus but things have been very difficult as of late. Hopefully I can get out a chapter a week now that my writer's block has died… I'm not making any guarantees but I will try.

The High Priestess- Card number two of the Major Arcana. Deals with intuition and secrets that are yet to be revealed.

Dean and Sam both grunted in sheer frustration as the tried to pry themselves from the wall but to no avail. The ghost had them pinned them good. Dean glanced from the corner of his eye at Missouri. The psychic was pinned to a wall adjacent from them, trying with all of her might to pull herself from the spirit's grasp with no luck.

Groaning, Dean managed to turn his gaze to the window. "CAS! DO SOMETHING! TORCH THESE BASTARDS!"

Outside Castiel scoured the outside of the monastery, searching for any way inside of the building and he came up with nothing. It was almost insulting. He was an angel and the thing that had his charge was just a lowly ghost. He could easily overcome the spirit even without the powers of heaven but not while barred.

He stopped and sighed. His chest constricted in that same way it did before, when he had killed two of his brothers. His charges… his friends were going to die because he had brought them here. He had lost his family… now he was going to lose his friends.

No. He was not going to lose his friends to a pathetic ghost.

Stopping, he concentrated. He could feel the power of the ghost that held them as well as the others, like frosty mountain air wrapped around nails. Their source of power was not emitting from inside the building but from the cemetery a few yards away. He quickly teleported to the graveyard feeling its power come from the grave to his right.

He placed his hand on the ground of the grave and shut his eyes and spoke in perfect Czech. "Listen to me, little ghost. You will let them all go. Now."


Dean's throat felt as if it were in a vice grip and he started to blackout. Suddenly the grip lessened and his vision returned. He could even move again. Lifting his head, he could see Sam and Missouri were in a similar state. His attention turned back to the spirit who had a horrified look on his face. He began to babble something in his native language frantically. Another ghost, younger appeared beside his master and looked curiously between his teacher and the three humans.

"What's going on?" Missouri asked the younger one.

"You know him?" Dean asked as the ghost grip loosened and he slid to the ground.

"He's the one I was talking with earlier," the psychic confirmed. She turned back to the dead young man. "What's going on?"

The boy glanced at her but kept his attention on his master. "Someone has him tethered…"

Dean and Sam exchanged shocked looks. "Cas."

The elder monk turned angry and for a moment and then his look turned to defiance as he continued to talk to the angel. He began to yell wildly and the younger monk's eyes widened. Dean and Sam exchanged confused glances and the turned to Missouri.

"What's going on? Can you hear what Cas is saying?"

The woman nodded, "Yeah, I can hear them. But a lot of good it'll do because I haven't the slightest idea what either of them is saying." She turned to the boy she had been speaking with before. "What're they talking about?"

"The angel… he wants to know where the Key is. And… my master refuses to tell where it is."

"Why?" Dean demanded, getting to his feet.

"He thinks we work for the… Abomination or whatever. That Glorificous bitch," Missouri clarified before turning to the monk. "We don't work for her," she pulled herself to her feet. "She's dead."

Elation lit the boy's face. "She is?"

"QUIET!" The elder monk snapped at his disciple. He then screamed and gripped his head, ranting furiously in his native language.

"Man, what's Cas doing to him?" Dean muttered to Sam. They had never seen anything like this happen to a spirit before.

Sam gave a small shrug as he watched the spectacle. "Must be an angel thing… They are a little higher on the scale than a ghost."

"Now what's he saying?" Missouri asked the boy but he seemed not to hear her. He started talking to his master in tone that suggested he was trying to get the elder spirit to think otherwise about telling Castiel anything but the elder snapped at him again and though they couldn't understand the words that were being said they could all understand the implications.

Maybe you should tell him.


The elder fell silent for a moment, his eyes widened and then a smirk tilted his mouth before he spoke in a calm and sure tone. His subordinate widened his eyes and started to speak but the elder silenced him with a calming and before his expression turned steely and he spoke in perfect English.

"Go on, Celestial. Do what you will. I will tell you nothing." He shut his eyes and bowed his head.

There was a strange calm and then a burning light flared up in his chest, his limbs caught on fire. His fleshed flamed away, then his skeleton all in one quick flash of embers. The elder monk's underlings all watched in horrified fascination as he flamingly burst into oblivion.

After a small silence, Dean cleared his throat. "Well… I'm guessing Cas just torched the guy's corpse."

"The angel killed him…" the boy muttered in disbelief, turning accusatory eyes on the group.

"He put him at rest," Sam insisted, trying to calm the ghost down. It was about forty to three and he was pretty certain Castiel couldn't torch all of their corpses at once. "Don't you think he deserves a little rest after the whole thing with the bitch god?"

"He killed him!" the boy insisted, now sounding thoroughly pissed off and advancing towards them.

"Ah crap…" Dean muttered and quickly fired a round from his salt gun.

The spirit disappeared but it seemed pretty pointless since two more dead monks appeared, each as pissed off as the former.

"Double crap…"

Dean muttered and aimed again. He was just about to squeeze off a couple of rounds when the two spirits quickly flamed out. Apparently Castiel was keeping himself busy outside. However, even with such an advantage, they needed to come to some sort of understanding with the ghosts if they were to have any hope of getting this Key thing.

"Hey! Listen up, you robed dicks! Dean snapped, his anger finally hitting critical mass. "Nobody's killing you because you're already dead! Incase you've forgotten a hell bitch already killed you!"

Sam spared his brother a disbelieving glance and fought the urge to shake his head. Dean's idea was a good one but his method was probably not the best one. Turning back to the spirits, he froze momentarily when three more had appeared. Well… shit…

"Look," Sam began, "What happened to you all was terrible. But the angel out there didn't kill your leader, he put him to rest."

"And we don't work for that Glorificous girl or whatever her name is," Missouri put in. "She's long dead. And think about it. Why would an angel work with a pagan god in the first place?"

"Yeah, if you know squat about angels then you know how self-righteous they are," Dean griped.

Outside in the cemetery, Castiel threw the monastery an annoyed glare before turning back to his work.

Inside, it seemed some of the younger monks were considering the humans' words while the elders refused to be swayed.

"The Beast is dead?" One of the younger one's asked, his face hopeful.

Seeing they were finally getting somewhere with the younger lot, Sam craned his neck to one of the windows, "Hey Cas! Hold off for a minute!"

Outside, Castiel paused in his torching of the corpses, hoping that they were finally getting somewhere with the spirits.

In the building, Sam took a cautious step forward and nodded, "Yes, she's dead. I don't know how she died but you don't have to worry about her anymore,"

The younger one approached one of his elders and began to speak in his native tongue. The two got into a heated argument and though neither of the three could understand a word that was being said, they managed to catch repeated words such as "Klíč" and "Ústí zatracení". Finally the elder turned to them all while the boy looked put out.

"You could be lying. We cannot risk it."

All three heaved a disappointed sigh, only to tense once the elder's face hardened. Sam whipped his head toward the window. "CAS! NOW!"

Their feet al flew from under them a collective scream rose into the air as they spirit slid them up the wall. Luckily for them, Castiel was fast and the spirit flamed out before it could do any real damage. They dropped to the ground and looked up just in time to see the others advance on them only to flame out of existence as well.

Sighing in relief, Sam slowly got to his feet. Dean followed suit, bending down to help up Missouri. Sam lifted his gun and spared the psychic a glance, "Are they all dead?"

Concentrating, Missouri gave an affirming nod. "They're gone." She then sighed. "And we still have no clue where this Key thing is…"

"Maybe they left some kind of written record?" Dean suggested.

"If they were careful enough to cloak their work from the angels and demons, you think they'd leave papers for human followers to find?" Sam replied and Dean let out a disappointed sigh and turned to the exit.

"Cas is not going to be happy…"


"Hey, Dawnie."

Dawn looked up from her homework to smile at Tara as she entered the Magic Box, backpack in tow. "Hi, Tara." She noticed that the blond's girlfriend wasn't with her. "Willow's still in study group or something?"

Tara paled slightly and exchanged a look with Anya before addressing the girl. "Uh, yeah... there's a big... test coming up."

Dawn arched her brows in mild surprise. "Didn't you guys just start the semester? Wow, your teachers are rough."

Tara just gave a small shrug. "How was school?"

"Eh, the usual..." She went back to her work for a moment and the looked up. "Oh, Lisa got a new deck of tarot cards."

Tara's brows rose up as she sat down at the table and pulled out her own study materials. "Didn't her parents burn the last one?"

The teenager nodded. "Yep. She's hiding this one. Her aunt knows about them but she's an atheist so she doesn't care."


"She gave me a reading."

Tara looked up from the books. "Really? Do you think she's any good? Maybe she didn't get the right deck for her or-"

"No... she's good... until she starts getting all girly." Dawn rolled her eyes. "She said I'm going to have an affair with two college guys."

The witch's brows rose again, this time with slight amusement. "And why did she think that?"

Dawn shrugged. "I don't know... Something about the kings of whatever and how the represent older guys and they were near the Devil and that meant hot sex."

A look of alarm flashed over Tara's face that had Dawn scrunching her brows in worry. "Tara, what's wrong?"

Tara schooled her features into a less panicked expression before addressing Dawn. "Well, it's just that... I'm not much of a tarot reader but the Devil card can't be good news."

Dawn turned back to her books. "It might just mean a demon. And we're in Sunnydale. So, it's kind of a given."

"She has a point." Anya said from behind the register.

Tara lowered her eyes back to her books, trying to concentrate but failing. She looked back up at Dawn who had gone back to her homework. "Do you remember the other cards that were in the reading?"

Dawn looked up and thought for a moment. She did a fifteen card thing. Five for the past, present and future. The past was..." She stopped, remembering the card combination that spelled out her origins and her sister's demise so clearly.

The Tower... as in jumping off of one.

"Dawn?" Tara asked gently, snapping her back to reality.

Shaking her head, Dawn turned back to Tara and sighed. "It was... the cards were something about a Pope guy, a Magician, a card about an emotional girl, a tower and something about an empress... And-"

"Hey guys!"

Both girls looked up to see Willow coming inside with her bags. The redhead sat her backpack at the table with the pair and sat down. "What's with al the serious-y faces?"

"Dawn was telling us about a tarot reading she got from a girl at her school," Tara explained.

"Tara's wigging out because of the Devil card but forgets that we're in Sunnydale," Anya said dismissively as she stocked the shelves.

Tara looked put out but Willow just gave her lover a gentle smile, "Are you sure you're not just worrying, sweetie?"

The blonde witch sighed, "From what I know of tarot the Devil card means something bad…"

"But the bad you're thinking of is usually something like the Tower, or ten of Swords… the Devil usually means an inner demon like an addiction. Or it can mean, as Dawn said earlier, hot sex," Anya explained.

Tara seemed thoughtful after the ex-demon's explanation while Willow looked surprised that Anya knew that much about tarot and Dawn just flushed at the notion of her having hot sex.

"So, if anything…Dawn's going to get all hot and bothered over two hot seniors in her school and screw up on a test. And at the worse, a random demon will attack in which case the Buffybot and Spike will kill it,"

That explanation seemed to pacify Tara for the moment while Dawn was just glad to get off of the subject of her having sex. Yes, she thought about it, being a teenage girl but she didn't want it coming up around Willow and Tara who seemed to love to censor things from her.

Going back to her homework, she trudged through the ninth circle of hell which consisted of tortures such as geometry and algebra when her mind flashed to the Temperance card again. Its meaning was pretty mundane so why did she keep flashing to that angelic card?


"We were unsuccessful,"

Bobby took one look at the haggard trio and their despondent celestial companion and sighed. "I kinda figured," waving a hand, he gestured for the four to come into the kitchen.

A few moments later found the Winchesters and Missouri all seated in Bobby's kitchen a bottle of beer in front of each of them. Castiel leaned against the wall, extremely disappointed but he managed to hide it well but Sam and Dean had been around the angel long enough to tell he wasn't feeling as stoic as he looked.

"Well, there was one thing…" Sam began and Bobby turned to him. "There was a point when they started arguing and they kept saying… 'Klíč' and 'Ústí zatracení'' whatever that means…"

At those words, Castiel's eyes widened. "Key and Hellmouth,"

All of the human males looked at the angel in confusion while Missouri looked horrified. "Oh, shit. Really?"

"Hellmouth?" Dean asked intelligently. "What's that?"

"Is that like a Devil's Gate?" Sam asked Missouri, getting out his laptop.

Not entirely," Castiel answered from his position against the wall and the three humans all turned to him. "A Hellmouth is a place where the barriers between worlds are the thinnest. And not just the barrier between the living and the dead, but the wake and the dreaming, all other worlds in general. The place is always in a constant state of chaos. Creatures from other realms roam these lands daily. However, the energies of the place alter the perception of the humans that inhabit it, except for a few."

There was a silence as the three hunters all took that in. Places where every awful thing they've ever hunted all gathered in one place?

"Wait…" Sam held up a hand, "if that's true, then how come we've never heard of them?"

"There are only a few. Most of them are in other continents. Also, they vary in degrees of power."

"Wait, you said most of them were in other continents…" Bobby noted, "but not all. You're saying some of those damn things are here in America?"

Castiel nodded. "Yes. Two of them."

"Where?" Dean asked.

"One is in Cleveland, Ohio. That one is fairly weak. The only thing one has to worry about there is the usual ghosts and an unusually high concentration of demons… Though now that Lucifer has risen that is now a problem everywhere."

"And the other one?" Sam asked.

"The other one is in Northern California in a town called Sunnydale," Missouri spoke up finally and Castiel nodded.

"And that one is by far the most powerful."

At that, Sam sighed and leaned back in his chair, "And with our luck that's probably where the Key is, isn't it?"

"It would appear so," the angel agreed.

"Just great," Sam muttered and began doing research on Sunnydale, California.

Okay, just so people know, I got the Czech words from a translator. I do not know the language and if its messed up, then feel free to let me know and I'll correct any mistakes.

The End?

You have reached the end of "On My Shoulder" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Nov 10.

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