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Potter Twins 4 Goblet of Fire

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Potter Twins". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The fourth story in my Potter Twins series. The start of their fourth year and it won't be the quiet year Harry and Buffy had hoped for.

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Cedric DiggoryPlatoFR152457,34329121,3819 Nov 097 Jul 11Yes

The Letters

Here is the next chapter. Thank you to all of you who reviewed. Those reviews mean the world to me and really help me write.

The next day, Harry and Buffy were outside with Hedwig. Buffy was beginning to worry about Cinnamon. He had taken a letter to Dumbledore last night and had not returned.

“I’m sure he’s all right Buffy. Dumbledore probably kept him over. Cinnamon was probably tired after flying to Cedric’s and coming back and then flying to Hogwarts. I’m sure he’s on his way back.”

“You’re probably right, and he probably stopped to feed.” Buffy said as she lay with her back on the grass looking up at the blue sky.

Harry had lain back as well placing Hedwig on the ground beside him. Neither one of them spoke just enjoying the warm sun. A few minutes later Hedwig began to hoot before flapping her wings and taking flight. Harry and Buffy sat up and watched to see where Hedwig flew. Seconds later they caught sight of what had Hedwig so happy. Buffy and Harry watched as Hedwig flew towards them with Cinnamon. Both Harry and Buffy stood up and put their arms out for the owls to land on them. When Cinnamon landed on Buffy’s arm, she petted him and cooed over him.

“I was worried about you. Did you have any problems?”

Cinnamon shook his head no and held up his foot that still held the letter he clutched. Buffy took the letter from him and carefully opened it.

Miss Potter

Your timing is impeccable as I was just discussing having a ball with Professor McGonagall when your owl arrived. We are still deciding and students will know before school resumes. I hope you weren’t worried about your owl. Professor McGonagall and I were not at Hogwarts and I’m afraid he was quite tired by the time he found us that I thought he should stay and rest the night before travelling back. I hope you and your brother are enjoying your summer.

Headmaster Dumbledore

“What did he say?” Harry asked.

“He and Professor McGonagall were already discussing having a dance and they will let students know before the school year begins. He also said that he kept Cinnamon with him since he had to travel such a long way because he and McGonagall were not at Hogwarts.”

“See I told you not to worry.” Harry said smiling.

“You did. Come on let’s go back to the house. Lunch should just about be ready.”

“I hope so.”

Harry and Buffy walked back toward the house to see Sirius and Remus were standing just outside the front door.

“I see Cinnamon has returned. Did the Dumbledore approve the dance?” Remus asked.

“He wrote back saying that he and McGonagall had already been discussing the idea and would let the students know before school starts.”

Before anyone else could say anything several owls flew toward the group. Buffy recognized one owl as the one Willow had gotten for Christmas. That owl dropped a letter to Buffy. Another owl that Buffy didn’t know dropped a second letter to her. The last two owls dropped a letter to Harry and the day’s paper to Remus.

“Let’s get inside Joyce sent us out to get you for lunch.” Sirius told them.

Harry and both nodded and followed the two in to the house. As Buffy walked she began to open her second letter. She pulled the letter out and instantly recognized the writing as Oz’s handwriting. Buffy stopped where she was and began reading the letter.

Dear Buffy,

I hope that this letter finds you well. I’ve really missed talking and spending time with you and I still love you. I know that when I left I really hurt you and that is something I will have to live with for the rest of my life. I will be in London in two weeks and I hope that you will allow me to see you so that I can apologize in person. There is so much I want to say and I can’t express it all in this letter. You know that I have never been much of a talker but I really want to talk with you. Please write me back if nothing else than to tell me to bugger off.


“Buffy are you all right? What’s wrong?” Harry asked having realized his sister was no longer walking with them.

“This letter is from Oz. Here read it.” Buffy handed him the letter to let him read it. “I’m not hungry anymore. Tell them I’m going up to my room and think and I like to be left alone.”

Harry nodded and watched as Buffy dashed for the stairs taking them two by two to get to her room faster.

Harry walked into the dining area reading Buffy’s note. When he had finished he saw that everyone was looking at him.

“Harry, honey, where’s your sister?” Joyce asked.

“Buffy said she not hungry anymore and she needs to think in her room.”

“Why? What’s wrong? She was fine a minute a go.” Remus asked and Harry could tell he was very concerned about what was wrong with Buffy.

“One of the letters she got today was from Oz. She let me read it and it say that he still loves her, and that he wants to see her. Says he going to be in London in two weeks and he wants to talk to Buffy then, and tell how truly sorry he is for hurting her the way he did by breaking up with her and leaving. Here read it.” Harry said giving the note to Remus. Joyce and Sirius stood behind him reading over his shoulder.

“Harry, can you sense how she is feeling?” Remus asked.

“Yes, she’s not even trying to keep what she’s feeling hidden. She’s angry, sad, and confused over everything that happened with Oz. She has a few unresolved issues that she needs to work out.”

“Maybe I should go up and talk to her.” Remus said.

“Let me. I think Buffy will find it easier to talk about to another woman.” Joyce said and Remus and the others agreed.

Joyce grabbed a plate and put some of the sandwiches and chips on it, and she grabbed a saucer and teacup and poured some tea in it. She took out her wand, waved it, and soon a try appeared for her to carry the food up.

Buffy was lying on her back on her bed looking up at the ceiling. Oz’s note had brought up some feelings that she thought she had dealt with already, but obviously she hadn’t. She was mad at Oz for leaving her like he did yet she understood why he felt the need to leave. It was the same reason Remus wasn’t returning as a teacher. Even wizards get spooked over things that are different. A knock on her door brought Buffy out of her brooding thoughts. By the sound of the knock Buffy knew that it was Joyce on the other side of the door.

“Come in.”

“I brought you up some lunch. I know you told Harry you weren’t hungry but you should eat.”

“I guess.” Buffy said sitting up.

Joyce came from where she was standing in the doorway, and sat beside her. Buffy took the tray from her looking over what was on it. She picked up the sandwich but just couldn’t bring herself to eat.

“I’m just not hungry. Maybe I’ll feel like eating little later.”

“Do you want to talk about?” Joyce asked taking the tray and setting it on the desk.

“No…yes…I don’t know. I thought I had worked through all of this, but I have all these different feeling running through me. I’m mad at him for breaking up with me and leaving while I was still in a hospital bed. Yet I’m not upset over why he left. I wish he would have stayed but I understand why he didn’t.”

“Harry let us read the letter. How do you feel about Oz saying he loves you? If he came back to Hogwarts would you break up with Cedric to be Oz’s girlfriend again?”

“No, Oz is a part of the past and I wouldn’t give up Cedric for anything. When I was with Oz It was nice but it didn’t feel like it does with Cedric. Cedric and I talk, or he’ll do something for me just because he felt like. Oz was quiet and listens. Oz had nice eyes but Cedric has eyes that I find myself getting lost in. No Oz is just going to have to get over what he feels. I’m Cedric’s girl, and Cedric is my guy.”

“So what are you going to about the rest of this letter? Are you going to let him come and talk to you or are you going to tell him to bugger off?” Joyce asked with a laugh.

“I’ll write him and tell him about Cedric and I being together so that he’ll know that he can’t be in my life that. I’ll tell him that we can still be friends and write to each other, and let him know that I’m not ready to see him that soon but I will let him know when I am.”

“Sounds like you’ve got it all settled. Think you could eat your lunch now?”

“I think I could. Talking about it really helped. I feel better now.”

“That’s good. Do you want eat up here or come downstairs?”

“Can I eat up here? I want to get started on the letter to Oz and then I want to write one to Cedric.”

“Sure, just don’t spend all day up here.”

“I won’t. Joyce…thank you for coming up here and talking to me.”

Several hours later, Buffy came down stairs after finishing her letters. She followed the sound of laughter to find that everyone was outside. She stood at the door and just watched as Sirius was trying to teach Harry some kind of magical trick and they were using Remus as the target. Harry must have sensed her because he looked and waved her out.

“Did you finish writing your letters?” Joyce asked her.

“I even got to read Willow’s. She wanted to know if would be all right if brought Faith when she comes to visit.”

“I think that would be nice. I’m sure Faith could do with a bit of a rest. When you write Willow have her ask Mr. Wyndam-Pryce if he would like to come along.” Remus told her.

“I will. What is everyone doing out here?”

“We didn’t want to disturb you so we thought it would be better if we came outside since it such a lovely day.” Rupert said from where he sat.

“That was really nice. Thank you. Harry would it be all right if I borrowed Hedwig to send the letter to Oz? I want to give Cinnamon a day to rest before I send her to deliver this letter to Oz and then the one I’m going to write to Willow.”

“Sure. I’ll go get her.”

“Thanks.” Buffy said as Harry passed by. “Rupert, can I ask you something?”

“Sure Buffy, what did you want to ask me?”

“Do you know how to dance?”

“I’ve been known to cut a few rugs in my time.” Buffy looked as if to say what cutting a rug had to do with dancing. “That means yes. Why?”

“The Headmaster is considering having a dance and I don’t know how to dancing and I was hoping you could teach me.”

“I would be honored. Do you want to start now or wait until after dinner?”

“After dinner would be fine.”

Rupert nodded just as Harry came back with Hedwig. Buffy took the envelope addressed to Oz and gave it Hedwig.

“Take this to Oz for me.”

Hedwig nodded and clutched the letter with her talons. Harry lifted his arm and Hedwig took off. Everyone watched until they could no longer see her.

Another chapter done. Next chapter will bring the visit of Willow and Faith.

Please review.

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