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Whose Apocalypse trumps whose?

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Summary: Buffy hears about her Demons ex being loose and goes to deal. The main question is which apocalypse is worse? LA or Sunnydale. Surprises along the way!

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Action/Adventure > Cast: Just about EveryonehellbellsFR151115,0961249,78310 Nov 0922 Nov 09Yes

The players emerge

Whose apocalypse trumps whose?

A/N : Originally posted on Now being edited and posted here

In this verse Spike and Buffy never had a physical relationship. The relationship between Angel and Buffy isn’t as broken. Lastly Buffy has kept some big secrets from the scoobies. She had major reasons for having a hard time adjusting

Obvious disclaimer. The verse and characters do not belong to me all belong to Joss . If only Angel / Angelus did!

--------------------------------The players emerge----------------------------------

Cordelia was seething, she needed information about the beast and thought to play on both the hosts feelings and the vamps feelings. She offered up herself but this just amused the demon, he gave her an infuriating smirk

“No deal sweetie, you see there is only one girl for me.”

The masterCordy stormed upstairs allowing the rest of the gang to switch back on the monitors. Even locked in the cage, the group was scared of Angelus. Angelus had gone back to whistling a cheerful Irish little ditty from when he was human, whilst he paced his cell. Angelus knew it would be tormenting the green demon who read auras. Wesley himself was wishing for access to the watcher diaries. Whatever he wished, he would not inform the other watcher, especially with the damage that Angelus had inflicted upon his old friend the last time the demon was loose.

All of a sudden though, Angelus stopped pacing and looked up, he was clearly hearing something that the others not hear. A look of genuine joy crossed the vampire's face, which was enough to remind them why his sire gave him the name Angelus.

“She’s coming.”

The change in tune and aura truly shocked Lorne, he let the others know “Whoever this she is - Angelus is truly happy.”

This was creeping the group out in a major way, none liked the idea of a happy Angelus. Gunn asked the most obvious question “Should we thank this girl? Or be scared coz Angelus likes her.”

Angelus just looked up at the monitor to answer the question with his supernatural hearing. “Don’t worry your virtues are safe. Lovers more likely to want to harm me if I touch you.”

Wesley knew of only one person that Angelus was so obsessed with, who would be upset if he hurt innocents, “How would she know to come?”

Fred was now curious, “Who would know? Do you know this girl Wesley?”

Wesley never got to answer the question as he was beaten to it, when an angry woman demanded, “Where is he!”

All the group turned to the petite blonde who was radiating anger standing in the doorway. She was wearing a white Mac and sporting a wicked bruise to the side of her face. She dumped a black bag on the table that clanged suggesting that it was filled with weapons.

She spoke softly but Wes heard the cold fury, “You know the next time you yank his soul away warn me. Not the greatest way to start a fight against an uber vamp.”

Gunn curious by this new player, “Uber-Vamp?”


Wesley paled “You felt it? Good lord if we suspected that the connection was still so strong,”

This comment set off a startled laugh from the mysterious blonde, “None of you have ever understood the bond we share. We always feel each other Wesley all the time.”

The others were still confused, knowing they would be Buffy turned towards the group. Buffy decided to introduce herself, ”Forgive Wes, I’m Buffy. You must be Gunn and Fred.” Then she turned toward the teenager hand on hips, “you and me boy need to have a chat.”

The teenager didn’t know this woman but he suspected she was important, he could literally feel the power roll off her. What surprised him most though was his response, he became very defensive and actually pouted, “I haven’t done anything.”

To this she raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘really’. Instead of arguing the point, she just sighed wearily, “Where is Angelus?”

Connor was becoming frustrated and he really wanted to know, “Why do you people treat him as if they are separate people? Angel / Angelus it’s the same monster.”

All the AI gang just rolled there eyes, having heard this argument more than once. Buffy fixed the teenager with a piercing stare and spoke calmly, “Your wrong, Holtz was wrong and when your done clutching to your anger, I’ll tell you the differences between your father and the demon downstairs.”

The others hadn’t caught the statement, but Connor had, “How do you know about Holtz?”

The slayer fixed him with a sad stare, “honestly? I’ve dreamt about you since you were born Connor, and I had to watch in anger as Holtz poisoned you towards your father. I couldn’t reach you in your dimension god knows I tried.”

Connor was stunned that someone had cared that much to try and help him, even when they didn’t even know him, he wondered who she was to his father.

It stunned him in that moment, it was the first time he truly acknowledged that Angel was his father. Not really thinking about his actions, he offered to take the stranger down to the cage, “Angelus is in the cage downstairs. I can show you.”

The rest of the AI gang watched as the usually sullen and brooding teenager offered to help the young slayer. The group quickly moved towards the monitor eager to see the exchange between the pair. Buffy descended the stairs to hear the mocking tone of her demons ex.

“Hello lover.”
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