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There's More Than One Everything

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Summary: Peter Bishop is not really who he thinks he is and Xander Harris, certainly isn't who he thinks he is. Their lives and experiences have defined them but how much of their past contributed to the people they are today. Only the father Walter Bishop knows.

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Title: There's More Than One Everything (working title)

Fandom: BTVS/Fringe

Pairings: None so far, but be warned may be slash

Disclaimer: None of these lovelies belong to me, sure wish they did. Fringe belongs to J. J. Abrams, Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci etc... and BTVS belongs to Josh Whedon.

Summary: Peter Bishop is not really who he thinks he is and Xander Harris, certainly isn't who he thinks he is. Their lives and experiences have defined them but how much of their past contributed to the people they are today. Only the father Walter Bishop knows.

Word count: approx. 1999 words

A/N: So, I've been trying Nano (not a lot of luck so far). The story that I wanted to write is dying, if not dead. I was trying to focus into maybe cobbling an outline or even come up with a definite plot when this bunny cropped up.
No Beta, so watch out for those errors, I've been lazy and tired, mostly tired.

Chapter 1

Xander had vague memories of this man. Bald head, in fact completely hairless face, no eyebrows and an absolutely expressionless face. He always thought it was a dream, a childhood fantasy and with those vague memories came the feeling of not belonging. It was always a niggling twinge in his mind since childhood.

Now seeing this man, this fictional person at this time in his life, was doing all kinds of crazy things to his mind. The man was smiling, albeit a bit sad, and the expression so foreign mimicked a grimace. He just stared. No words, nothing but that weird and severely intense look on his face.

Xander couldn't take it anymore. He rolled his eyes, "Can I help you?"

"Yes," the man said evenly, "you most certainly can."

Xander waited but no more information was forthcoming. "What is it you want?"

The man shook his head wryly. "Ah, how uncanny the similarities but still the differences remain sharp. You are almost like night and day but in the twilight your personalities meet to form a splendid sight."

Xander, confused, tilted his head questioningly. "Huh?"

"Alexander, I'm afraid you must return. The situation is too dire for you to remain here any longer."

Despite not knowing what the man was talking about, Xander's instincts flared and wisely he listened taking a step back. Familiar with the many tricks that the demons played, Xander cursed under his breath for even humoring the person in front of him, especially without knowing who it was. As soon as he'd seen the man motion him across the street, he should have ignored him and walked on. But the familiarity was so sharp that Xander hadn't been able to resist coming closer, now it seemed he would pay for it.

"Do not be alarmed, I will do you no harm. Your father needs help and you will aid him in the dawning war. There will be many tribulations awaiting him and I fear the differences between his sons are weighing on him."

Xander frowned. "You do know that I have no idea what you're talking about right?"

The man nodded, "Yes, It is a quite complex story but I will attempt to explain."

Xander waited and sighed when the man didn't add anything else. "What's the story?"

"Ah, your father is a quite brilliant man, with abilities and intellect that were simply astronomical for his time period. Therefore he was carefully observed and monitored. I was and still am assigned to his case and I've become quite attached to the singular man. You must be very proud to have such a man as a father."

Xander pursed his lips, slightly bemused. "I think you have the wrong person."

The man shook his head, "No, no, I am quite sure. You are Walter Bishop's young boy, how he adored you, Peter."

"I'm definitely sure you have the wrong person. My name is Xander, Alexander Harris and my dad is no genius. He's the town drunk and quite proud of the title too."

The man smiled, "Ah but you weren't always Alexander. You were once Peter, Peter Bishop, son of Walter Bishop, renowned scientist and William Bell's brilliant research partner, both well known in their field."

Xander rolled his eyes inwardly. The names didn't sound familiar at all. He may not be up to date on 'who's who' in the scientific community but Willow was. And she shared, a lot, without prompting. And Xander was always forced to listen. Xander could regurgitate any if not all information on the many leaders of research right now and maybe for the past years but he never recalled of a William Bell or Walter Bishop.

"Those names mean nothing to me, and like I said you have the wrong person." Xander shrugged the two heavy bags over his shoulder and started to turn away, "I hope you find the person you're looking for."

"Now, I haven't finished my tale and I am most certain of who you are. I was the one that held your dying body in my arms and led you away from your father."

Xander froze. "What?"

"At a very young age you died and your father was desperate but worse broken. His mind almost shattered. I was unwilling to see such a man of his intellect fall apart due to this tragedy so I offered him a choice. As you had died in this world, I would procure him another child, one from another world, and he agreed. He received his young Peter, who was none the wiser and you, I took away."

Xander still didn't believe it but the story fascinated him and something about it held a kernel of truth that resonated through his being.

"You said I died, then how could I be here?"

The man's face lit up and Xander blinked. "You were dead," he explained voice excited, "biologically dead for many hours but nonetheless your body couldn't remain in that world, two cannot exist for long and though you were dead, the anomaly could have gotten back to my superiors. I had to resolve it."

The man straightened his black coat, "Your body had to be disposed in another universe and without thought I chose this one. We arrived in Sunnydale and as soon as we graced the radiated earth, I felt the Hellmouth call out for you. It was too late to remove you. It ensnared your dead body and breathed life into you. The center of convergence called out to you as if you were its young and I decided to leave you here. Your memory was affected, death or the trauma of dying rendering you amnesic and a nice orphanage gave you shelter."

Xander's body had tensed as he heard the story but he didn't let his emotions filter through. No need to lash out at the person that could travel through dimensions with a thought, despite the fact that any of this information could have proven invaluable earlier. When he didn't know about demons, when he'd been living with drunken parents or when he first started school and had to hide that he was smarter than the other kids even Willow at that age.

Xander's believed that his thoughts where hidden but the man before him read them as if they were inked clearly on a page.

"There were mistakes, I must admit. But it is too late and they are permanent, we must move on to the matter at hand. With your abilities on the Hellmouth, you would prove invaluable in the upcoming war, therefore I have decided to collect you and deliver you to your father and brother. Let us go."

Xander gaped. "I can't just go. I'm needed here."

"You are more needed there." Xander shook his head vehemently and the man asked. "Would you allow a whole world collapse, millions in possible deaths, and what would be epic destruction if you could help maybe prevent it?"

At those words Xander slumped. "Can I say goodbye to my friends."

The man shook his head, "there is no time."

A swirl of light formed behind him and it was as if a rip formed into the world and Xander watched amazed as another world opened before him. The man waved him forward and Xander swallowed nervously. He looked around the town that's been his home for all his life, or what he remembered of it. The Scoobies, being a Slayerette had given him purpose and leaving would be disastrous no matter how the girls tried to make him believe that he was useless.

The initiative mess had just been completed; in fact he had just been canvassing the area and confiscating the more interesting things. The group had suffered a serious fracture during that mess and they'd been trying to fix it, attempting to become closer once more. Xander could just imagine how much damage his disappearance would cause.

He turned to the albino man and asked desperately. "Can't I just say goodbye?"

The man shook his head, "There is no time."

Xander nodded and walked towards the portal with the strange man.

They came out on the other side in front of what looked like a college. Much more upscale than what Xander was used too. The man instructed him inside, giving him directions to a lab where he would find his so-called father and his team.

Xander shifted nervously, the backpacks becoming a bit heavy. "So, I just walk in there. Will he even know who I am?"

The man smiled. "Let him know that a good friend has returned you where you belong and that you were sent to assist them. He will understand."

Xander was not convinced but held his tongue. As he climbed the stairs he paused and asked, "Who are you anyway?"

The man smiled, "They call me 'The Observer' I've grown quite fond of the name. Oh wait." He searched through his coat and pulled out a silver coin tossing it to Xander. "You should give him this, and tell him, there's more than one everything and you are an anomaly that's been allowed. He will understand and will welcome you."

Xander nodded and 'The Observer' watched him walk away. "Good luck, Xander." He whispered under his breath.


Xander entered the room and swallowed nervously as every eye turned to him. He cleared his throat and asked, "So, is there a Walter Bishop here?"

An older man smiled at him, "That would be me. Are you delivering donuts, I absolutely adore the ones with the jelly inside. Though, I don't recall ordering anything."

A young man around Xander's age, if not slightly older rolled his eyes. "Yes, he's Walter. Who are you?"

Xander shifted nervously. "My name is Xander; I need to speak to him privately."

The young man shook his head, eyes narrowing suspiciously. "No way."

Walter patted his shoulder, "Now, now Peter, there's no need to be rude. I'm sure Xander means us no harm." He turned to Xander and smiled kindly, "what may I help you with? No need to be embarrassed, I've received a lot of interesting requests in my days."

Leaning in with a conspiratorial grin, he whispered in a voice audible to all. "I once had a young man that desperately wanted a penis enlargement, very peculiar. Unfortunately, he balked at the surgery. If I recall clearly, he emptied his bladder right as I was preparing the equipment, fled before my eyes without so much a goodbye. I was right down disappointed but a penis enlargement is such a mundane surgery, not challenging at all."

"Are you in need of an improved girth?" he asked Xander in a serious voice.

Xander's face was beet red and the others were snickering. Peter looked amused but the suspicious look was still pointed at Xander, who decided to just be blunt and save himself from more drama.

He took out the coin and tossed it on the table. The small silver antique twirled in a circle for a moment then fell flat on the dissecting table.

Xander added, "'The Observer' told me to tell you that 'There is more than one everything'. He sent me to help."

There was silence then many voice rose at once. Peter's voice rang in curiously, "Where did you get that coin?"

Olivia's echoed, "You've talked to 'The Observer'."

Xander ignored their questions and focused on the baffled look on Walter's face. The man grabbed the coin with shaking hands and looked up with a watery smile and asked, "Is this true?"

Xander shrugged, "I don't know but I know the coin looks familiar, I have a collection at home but it always felt incomplete."

Walter nodded and whispered. "You used to love old coins. And Cinnamon's."

Peter was frowning and Olivia looked completely lost. Walter approached Xander and pulled him into a tight hug.

He whispered brokenly, "Peter my boy, how I’ve missed you?"

Peter Bishop, the one who knew he had rightful claim to the name, growled out. "What the hell is going on here?"

Walter was hugging Xander, patting his back and muttering brokenly. Xander looked over the man's shoulder and watched Peter's quickly reddening face and the two women's confused expressions and sighed inwardly. This was going to be very complicated.

The end (for now?)

The End

You have reached the end of "There's More Than One Everything". This story is complete.

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