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Short and Sweet

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Summary: Size matters not.

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Chapter Eleven

While we poor chickens were a roosting at what, I hoped, would not become our very own personal Alamo, on the east coast reinforcements were gathering.

Amsterdam, Veil and Garth were standing in a corner of the training room being grilled by a bottle blonde not much taller than Harper.

"So the sitch is that your little bro tends to get himself messed up with all sorts of the evil and the bad?"

"Pretty much Ms. Summers."

"Call me Buffy please."

"But the code word he used this time...?"

"Actually it was his wife that called. She used a word that I guess is equivalent to one of your apocalypses...apocalypsi?"

"Yeah this is a job that can demand plurals of words that should never need plurals. And she added Faith's name to it as in a possessive?"

"Yes, she said a Faith's Valhalla..."

"Hey Faithy, when was the last time you were in Minnesota?"

The brunette rolled her eyes, "Never. Closest I've been was Chicago with that hell-bee swarm two years ago. Why?"

"Well this has your name on it, so I was wondering..."

"Whatever it is, it's not m'fault!"

"Just kidding! This does sound bad enough for the Chosen Two though."

"Oh yeah, we'll be bringing us, six more Slayers, two spell casters, and these two fine gentlemen. John, you can mind the store?"

"Sure thing, I'll keep the city covered."

"Uh Buffy, a friend of ours will be joining us in Minnesota. He's an expert in truly unconventional warfare."

"Okay. So everybody ready to mount up?"

She was greeted by a chorus of 'Yes' and 'Sure'.

"Let's go then! First group on the pentacle. Garth you and Veil go with them."

The two men were shuffled with Faith, three teenage girls and a 20 year old man to a silver star set into the floor.

"I'm Jackson," the man introduced himself, "What airport and ramp?"

"Newark. General Aviation B," Garth, surprised, responded almost automatically.

"Got it and we're.....There!"

A strong wind had blown up and surrounded them and as the last vestiges faded away the group found themselves standing on the tarmac next to a hanger.

"Too bad we couldn't use that to get to Minnesota."

"It would take too much energy and not a lot of Magus could do it without dying. Willow could of course, but she's in a class by herself."

"Ya can say that again Jack. Red can get pretty scary."

"Red?" Veil sounded curious.

"Willow the Red Witch. Second most dangerous human on th'planet."

"Who's the first?"

"Either me or Buffy. We can never agree fer some reason," the other three girls seemed to be nodding in agreement with Faith at that statement.

"Okay...Let's get on the plane," the other group had just arrived in a swirling wind and looked ready for battle. Garth gestured towards the Gulfstream.

"Let's go!"
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