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Short and Sweet

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Summary: Size matters not.

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Chapter Nine

"With that call you got out, how soon will be getting reinforcements?" Dan yelled over to my wife as he reloaded.

"I'm not sure...Robby?"

I thought for a second, "Not until morning. Garth won't involve outsiders in a Valhalla without more information. He'll get Veil and maybe John from our friends...Lippett and his crew, and with Faith's name tagged onto it.....God only knows what they'll bring to the table," I gestured out into the darkness the red-eyed shapes had retreated for some reason, "I really don't think the Minnesota State Patrol has any experience dealing with something like those."

"And you and your friends do?"

Before answering, I stalled by leaning over to check the wound on Coyote's leg. It looked like it had stopped bleeding.

"I'm pretty sure we have more experience against things that are difficult to explain then your typical trooper."

"So what are they...?"


We moved out in a ragged line, Coyote in the lead. As we made our way through the trees and underbrush we started hearing the crying of a baby off to our left.

"Robby, what's going on?"

My masterful brain came up with the answer, 'A child crying?' and immediately rejected it, "Not a clue. Maybe a decoy or a signal?"

More sounds started popping up around us, a woman's screaming, an angry man's yell, more children crying. The sounds built until they formed an almost deafening crescendo then suddenly all was quiet. We had stopped moving. I was watching Coyote's ears as they swiveled trying to pick up any sound. His head lifted for a second, then he fell prone; his natural coloring masking his shape in the tree broken moonlight. Harper and I both recognized this pose, having had it used on us. He was readying to attack.

I turned off my flashlight and turned it to face the location the Lobox was pointing towards counting slowly to ten I raised my hand above my head and turned it back on.

Caught in the sudden glare was a vaguely man shaped creature covered with patchy gray-yellow fur. It was enormous standing well over 7' tall. Its face was filled with a strange circular shaped mouth much like a lamprey's surrounded by many rows of saw-like teeth, and it had two deeply set red eyes. It was obviously bipedal and its large muscular arms ended in massive hands tipped with 6" long claws.

"Jesus Christ!" I really wasn't sure whether the Sheriff was talking about the creature or Coyote's speed. Before we had even fully registered the thing's appearance, the Lobox had launched himself at its throat. Important science note: 250 pounds of prehistoric carnivore moving at over 20 miles per hour were enough to knock over even this massive creature and in fact, move it back about ten feet. Its flailing hands caught Coyote across the chest and leg, but his thick ruff blocked the majority of the blow. It didn't live long enough, seeing as it was missing its throat, to attack again.

At that point all hell broke loose. Deputy Cully had one drop on him from above and the damn thing tore him in half. Harper grabbed his pistol from the chunk that landed next to her and started shooting. The Sheriff was firing his shotgun and then we all started running.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking