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Short and Sweet

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Summary: Size matters not.

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Chapter One


I own none of the good parts of this i.e. The Characters and Setting of BtVS and the crossover characters. Those would be property of Mssrs. Whedon and Chesbro. No profit or infringement is intended.

The predator was actually the prey.

Faith Lehane stalked the group of leeches on the upper west side of Manhattan. There were six of them and one of her, so she was willing to set up an optimum killing ground, instead simply of charging in and laying waste. She grinned as she thought about her 'restraint'. When she started, she would have thought nothing of heading in blindly, but now...

The pack stopped in an alleyway entrance. Masked by the shadows, they had obviously heard the dinner bell and were preparing to strike. Two stories above them, perched precariously on the hand rail of a fire escape, Faith slowly drew two stakes and readied herself to drop in.

Voices carried up to the waiting slayer. "Harper my dear, you need to learn to appreciate the subtleties of a fine Seagal or Lundgren film." It was a man's voice sounding amused and exasperated at the same time.

"But they seem so tame. When is Peter going to do the movie of your life? That would be exciting and interesting." This came from a woman with a clear contralto voice. Faith saw the vamps prepping to spring and stepped out into space. As she plummeted towards the pavement she saw a short woman and a child stepping into view at the alley entrance. The child was turning to face the alley and gaped as he saw her drop into his eye line. Two of the waiting vamps saw his stare and followed it up to the descending slayer. At that point all hell broke loose.

Rolling to her feet after her impact Faith flung a stake into the heart of the nearest vamp that had noticed her while two of the other vamps charged the woman and the boy. The boy had recovered quickly and had slipped off his jacket in one smooth motion and was using it as a combination whip and shield. The woman had disappeared from view and Faith hoped that she got clear.

The other vamp that had noticed the slayer dropping in and one of his buddies, tried to double team her. Faith solved part of that problem by kicking the lead bloodsucker in the side of the head, sending him careening into a stack of trash cans.

"Miss, " came a surprisingly deep voice from the child, "How the hell do you stop these things?" The boy didn't sound particularly scared, more so surprised as he was flipping, dodging, and weaving away from two game faced terrors of the night. Faith stared amazed at the boy's speed and agility, as he evaded the more and more frenetic and brutal attacks from his opponents.

"Uh Miss, I asked you a question!"

"Oh? Oh, right, decapitation, stake through th'heart. Holy water'll sting 'em good an'they hate crosses!"

"You're kidding, these are vampires?"

"Well yeah. Whad'ya think they were?"

"With my life...could've been almost anything, " with that the boy did a standing front flip over the head of the first vamp, wrapping his jacket around its neck as he passed overhead. When he landed, his momentum, transferred through the cloth, brought the vamp sailing overhead and landing on its face, stunned. The boy rolled to one side, and, pulling a compact revolver from an ankle holster, shot it three times in the back of the head.

Faith saw that the pulverized skull and brain did cause the familiar change from flesh to dust, "Guess that works too!" she spun and staked her third. The other two vamps choosing self preservation over all else turned and fled.

"So Miss...?"

"Faith, just Faith, " she walked over to the boy and realized that he was actually a man, only three feet or so tall, "Holy're a..."

"Little person yes, but I actually do prefer the non-PC term dwarf. Robert Fredrickson at your service...Shit! Harper! Where are you?"

"Over here Robby, I'm okay, " the woman slipped out from beneath the car she had hidden under, "The cavalry's on its way. I hit the panic button." Faith saw that she was shorter than Buffy, with black hair and violet eyes.

"Great, " the dwarf sighed, "Well I guess we sit and wait until Garth arrives, reads us the riot act, growls and roars, threatens somebody, then goes home so Mary can calm him down." He shook his head wearily as he reloaded his pistol.

Harper looked over to the mildly confused slayer and offered her hand to shake, "Hi I'm Mongo's wife, Harper. Who are you and what were those things?"

"Faith, and believe it or not, those were vampires."

"Of course, what else could they have been? Say where did you get those pants? I've been looking for that grade of leather here in the city and haven't been able to find it."

"London, and...Mongo?"

Harper hooked a thumb over at her husband, "He was billed as Mongo the Magnificent when he was with the circus. Look, we have people coming, and seeing as Robby used his cannon, police will probably be showing up soon. If you don't want to be caught up in useless questions you should probably take off."

Faith nodded and began to trot off then stopped, "Harper, were you in th'circus too?"

The short woman nodded.

"What did you do?"

"Snake handler. Stop by the office, Frederickson and Frederickson."

"I think I will, and Harper."


"Keep Mongo outta trouble."

Harper smiled, "That is my full time job."

With that the slayer ran off into the night.

"So, real vampires. Garth is going to be so pissed he missed this."

"Don't worry, when Faith comes by the office you can probably persuade her to help you find some for him."


Mongo, his brother Garth, Harper Rhys-Whitney...these folks sprung from the mind of George Chesbro, a sadly underrated author of the macabre. I love his stuff and here's Mongo's Wikipedia page.

I have no idea if I'm going to go forward with this, but Mongo + Slayers has got to be done by someone.
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