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Summary: [To Boldly Go challenge response] Dawn and one of the young slayers head to Cyprus-Rhodes University.

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Television > GreekAdrastaSangFR182328,8991319,86911 Nov 0928 Mar 10No

Kappa Party...

As always I own nothing, well I own lots of things but nothing to do with these universes...

Vicky swallowed the sticky liquor as it came down the ice slide, glad her slayer metabolism had so far kept her relatively upright and alert despite keeping up with their enthusiastic host. She looked around for Dawn as Cappie showed up with another set of beers, his precarious balance made her resist telling him about having just had a generous portion of spirits poured into her, unfortunately for Cappie, Beaver was not so tactful.

"Hey Cappie, this Vic Chick is drinking you under the table man, she's just done an ice slide!"

"Well then, as your host, I will just have to do one too." He slurred forgetting about the beers in his hands as he began to kneel in front of the large block of ice, Vicky just caught him in time to keep him from overbalancing and covering her in drinks.

"No, it's ok, I reckon we should head off anyway..." She finally located Dawn, who seemed to be about to climb onto one of the tables... "Dawnie needs her sleep, big day tomorrow narrowing down sororities and all that..." She ducked under a tray of jello shots and grabbed Dawn's shoulder.

"But I don't wanna go home Vics, I'm having fun, I wanna dance, you're just like Buffy, always stopping me from having fun."

"Now you know that's not fair, but there's fun you'll remember in the morning and go 'that wasn't so bad' and fun you'll be whining to me about all tomorrow asking why I let you do it."

Dawn struggled a bit more but finally sagged, giving in. "but I had a real fun time, so call me when you're gonna do it again k?" Dawn gripped Cappie's shoulder shaking him slightly as if that would help him remember the conversation post-hangover.

"Yeah definitely, both of you! Kappa Tau loves fit girls!" He giggled slightly for no apparent reason, making Vicky shake her head with a smile.

"Come on Dawnie, beddy-bye time, we'll see plenty more guys tomorrow, over half the campus is guys."

Vicky led Dawn off away from the party and to the dorm, physically carrying her after she refused to keep walking a third of the way there.
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