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Summary: [To Boldly Go challenge response] Dawn and one of the young slayers head to Cyprus-Rhodes University.

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Television > GreekAdrastaSangFR182328,8991319,86911 Nov 0928 Mar 10No

Wait... he's going too?

....nope... still no Spike served to me tied up and drizzled with chocolate sauce on a silver platter, or Cappie inviting me to a kick ass party... so I'm gonna assume I still don't own Greek or Buffy....

The bus may have been re-painted a rich shade of maroon and the engine given a complete overhaul, and the seats re-upholstered, but deep down it was the same bus that they had saved, and had saved them from Sunnydale... mutual saveage as Buffy put it. "Sunnydale Memorial School" scrolled in silver edged black letters along the side, and Andrew waved cheerfully from the drivers seat as Vicky grinned back.

"Hey sweetie, you all packed?" He asked as he jumped out to give her a hug and almost tripped over, if Vicky hadn't caught him in time.

"Yep." Vicky and Dawn both nodded. "Just need to pick up a few friends on the way..."

The bus drew a bit of attention as it rolled onto Greek Row, pulling up outside the Omega Chi house, where Evan was talking to a few of the brothers on the lawn with his backpack next to him. Dawn bounced out and over to him.

"You're in a school bus?"

"My sister helps run a school for girls, look do you want to come or not, you were the one who said you wanted to get off campus for a day or two, besides that school bus saved just over a dozen lives, including my sister's." She left off the bit where it included her as well, he already knew she'd been saved from attackers in the middle of the night, he didn't need to know that it was a common enough thing.

"Ok... see you later guys."

"Wait did you say an all girls school?" One of the pledges cut in. "What aged girls?"

"Youngest is eight, oldest is twenty, not that it matters because you're not invited." They were planning to bring quite a few people but Dawn didn't like the attitude he had. "So where's Calvin?" She had suggested Evan bring someone he knew for company.

"You're taking the gay guy to an all girls school?" Dawn was starting to get irritated by the line of questioning, fortunately Calvin came out the front door in time to hear the last comment.

"Well maybe you'd be invited too if you could stay up late braiding hair and eating ice cream. Get a grip pledge, this isn't a porno movie." They climbed onto the bus as the guys filtered back into the house, next stop Kappa Tau... Vicky and Dawn felt a little guilty they weren't bringing anyone from their own house, but the girls probably wouldn't like it much anyway.

Vicky hopped out the bus to go round up the KT's.

"Wait, you didn't say Kappa Taus were coming?" Evan asked.

"It's Vicky's birthday and Cappie and her made up the other day, kinda obvious."

Vicky herded four Kappa Taus out the door, Beaver, Rusty, Heath and of course Cappie. Wade glared at them through the window as Beaver rubbed his ass, Vicky had laid a pretty hefty kick on him to wake him up.

"Wait... he's going too?" Cappie asked as he got on the bus and saw Evan.

"Dawn invited him, now man up and play nice or there'll be a dozen young women kicking the crap out of you for it, and I don't mean in a kinky way."

"Fine." Cappie grumbled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Zeta-Slayer-Zeta" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Mar 10.

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