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Summary: [To Boldly Go challenge response] Dawn and one of the young slayers head to Cyprus-Rhodes University.

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Television > GreekAdrastaSangFR182328,8991319,86911 Nov 0928 Mar 10No

The morning after....

I do not own Buffy or Greek, all those who thought I did should drop by the doctors office at their soonest convenience and ask for a psychiatric assessment, go ahead, don't be shy.

Dawn groaned as the tinkling of the curtain rings stabbed through her brain with the peculiar agony only 5 cups of beer, 10 jello shots, 4 shots of tequila (once she was already tipsy enough to swallow the foul stuff) and 3 mysterious cocktails can cause. Due to some relatively unpleasant past experiences it only ranked a 6 on her pain meter but that was more than bad enough, somewhere between being bitten by a vampire that had gotten lucky and breaking her wrist...

"Come on, it's nearly noon, and you know we HAVE to do a morning jog everyday, no matter what, if you don't get up now it won't be morning anymore."

"I hate sodding jogs, just leave me alone."

"If you can't jog with a hangover how would you handle running away with a concussion? You know the rules, the only excuse is broken bones."

"I feel like I've got a broken head." Dawn crawled out of her duvet cautiously, wincing as the sunlight caused the stabbing pain to erupt into fresh pangs of agony.

"Then you shouldn't have kept drinking, I told you to stop but you wouldn't listen."

"You didn't stop."

"Slayer metabolism, I didn't need to. Now get your ass dressed before I make you do the jog in your pajamas... and you know I could... I carried you home last night, put you to bed and did a patrol of the campus before I got to sleep, and I've been up two hours already, I'm surprised I didn't wake you before now."

"Just because you've never had a hangover doesn't mean you can't have a bit more sympathy." Dawn grumbled.

"I'm plenty sympathetic, that's why I got you this." Vicky waved a coffee and a large breakfast sandwich under Dawn's nose, pulling them away as she went to grab them. "After you get dressed."


Evan was on the phone to Frannie, standing by the front door of the frat house, when he saw the two girls go jogging past, the slimmer one stumbled on a crack in the pavement and skinned her hands on the road.

"Sorry Frannie, I'll ring you back in a sec." He put the phone down hurrying over. "Hey are you ok?"

"Yeah, it's just a graze, it'll help distract from the throbbing pain in my head." Dawn grimaced as Vicky helped her up. "I told you jogging with a hangover was a bad idea."

"Wow, you must either really like the pain or... I mean you look great so you can't be doing it to lose weight... I should just let you carry on..."

"Ah foot in mouth syndrome, I know it well, Dawnie gets it all the time." Vicky joked covering as Evan blushed.

"Yeah, well I don't think I'm the only one Vicky... I'm Dawn, Dawn Summers, and you are?"

"Evan Chambers, uh... I'm the president of Omega Chi Delta, just over there."

"President huh? Impressive... I'll... erm... let you get back to presidenting, I'm just going to walk back to the Dorm, I think that's enough jogging for one day..."

"Oh, well I'll walk with you if your friend, Vicky wasn't it? If your friend wants to carry on?"

"Great, you ok with that?" Dawn asked, her eyes saying a lot more than her tone... like 'go away this guy's fit'...

"Sure no probs, I'll just head to the end of Greek row, up past the sports fields and then back to the dorm that way, should take me half an hour tops if I don't stop to pick up snacks on the way back... Just one small question for Evan first... There doesn't happen to be a snake god in your basement you sacrifice young women to does there?"

"What? No, we don't even have a basement..."

"Good, see you later Dawn." Vicky set off at a decent pace as the other two looked at each other awkwardly.

"Strange girl..."

"It's just a story my older sister told us both before we came, bit of an in-joke type thing..."
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