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Summary: [To Boldly Go challenge response] Dawn and one of the young slayers head to Cyprus-Rhodes University.

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Television > GreekAdrastaSangFR182328,8991319,86911 Nov 0928 Mar 10No

Chapter One

General Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy (duh) or Greek, everything still belongs to the same people it did before I wrote this.

The to boldly go challenge asks us all (as fanfic writers) to try and write a previously un-written crossover, as there's only one story in the Greek section (when I checked it anyway) and that's a non-crossover I assume this counts.

This is set after series 7 of Buffy, and during series 2 of Greek (rush of Rusty's junior year). Oh and apologies for this chapter being short, just throwing my tidbit in before someone else does, I hope to add more soon!

"Remember, you need to check in once a day everyday, and twice on Tuesdays, never turn your phone off, no drinking, no sex."

"Yes Buffy. Now will you please leave so that Vicky and I can unpack and ogle frat-boys!" Dawn started pushing Buffy out the door.

"Hey Dawn I can't wait to check out the sororities, I'm thinking Tri-Pi is sounding good."

"Sororities? Oh no, Dawnie you're not joining a sorority."

"Faith, please give me a hand here, Vicky?" Vicky pushed as Faith pulled and between them they shifted the blonde slayer out of the room.

Closing the door they sat on their respective beds with a big sigh and grinned.


"Hey there girls, you're looking good." Cappie slung his arms round the shoulders of two young rushees as they walked down Greek row.

"Thank you. And that's ten bucks Dawn."

"Yeah yeah."

"So what was the bet, that some dashingly handsome young man would be showing you around the university by the end of the night?"

"No, that the scruffy guy on the lawn, that would be you, was totally checking Dawnie, that would be her, out as we walked past."

"Oh well in that case, you might have to give her her money back, it wasn't her I had my eyes on. So how would you lovely ladies like to come to the hottest party on the campus?"

"Sounds like fun, I should warn you though she can drink you under the table." Dawn shrugged off Cappie's arm and slipped her hand into Vicky's as they followed him back to the Kappa Tau house.
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