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Uncovering the Underworld

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Summary: Xander feels something different growing within him and desperately needs to find out what it is, but there's always a hitch in the plan. Warning: may have slashy undertones but no slash pairings.

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Movies > UnderworldxanderfanFR1312,9181112,57612 Nov 0912 Nov 09No
Title: Uncovering the Underworld

Pairing: None so far

Fandom: BTVS, Underworld (movie)

Disclaimer: I dreamt I owned them but woke up to reality and she's mean. BTVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Underworld belongs to whoever made underworld the movie, not me.

Warnings: No Beta so there's errors

Summary: Xander feels something different growing within him and desperately needs to find out what it is, but there's always a hitch in the plan.

A/N: So again, my mind is rebelling against doing NaNo. Every time I try to focus and write something, a bunny comes along and bugs me until I give in and write it. Here's another one that won the fight.


It was normal for Xander to feel odd but lately things have increased to almost unbelievable proportions. There were changes occurring in him that were very peculiar. Impossible to interpret but he was keeping them hidden. There was always something different about him, he'd felt that abnormality for as long as he could remember and his parents reminded him of it everyday of his life. It all changed when he was twelve, he never knew what happened, but he'd felt the change.

They always watched him and in their eyes he saw a combination of fear and disgust that was almost frightening in its intensity. So he'd made his best to stay out of their way and they took great care to stay out of his.

From that age he was independent, self sufficient, able to take care of his needs and aware that there was something peculiar about him.

Through the years, he'd suppressed that feeling, pushed down that slight abnormal personality but since meeting Buffy, things were being called up. Behavior that he'd laid to rest years ago began manifesting. The whole thing reached a crescendo that day at the zoo. Since then Xander couldn't ignore it anymore.

They hyena had taken over, infiltrated his being. He'd become aggressive, behaving over the top, nevertheless he was alpha. While the others were being led by their instincts unable to act or function without leadership. Xander had automatically taken control of the pack.

While their hunger was uncontrollable vicious and undirected. Xander's, still no less vicious, had focus, he thought and planned. His first step of attack was to go after Buffy, automatically labeling her the higher threat to his pack. He'd failed but something had been sparked.

Xander looked in the mirror and watched his body, turned to the side paying close attention to his muscle, the definition of his chest. Those weren't like that before.

He should know. As a geek, he'd prayed for that kind of body but now all of a sudden he'd blink and something else would show up something different. The day before his eyes had gotten darker, it was not susceptible to the untrained eye but Xander had known. His body was changing at an alarming rate. He'd taken care of the bruises that adorned it daily to notice the differences.

Xander considered it being a demon affecting him but dismissed the idea. He hasn't been in contact with anything different. It was the normal vampires and the odd demon and Buffy always took care of that. Xander wanted to go ask Giles for advice but something held him back, a fear. It felt irrational. Giles would never hurt him, his mind knew that, his heart knew that but his body didn't.

He'd freeze at the thought of divulging whatever it was to Giles. There were more things that were suspect. His reactions around Buffy. She would set his senses afire. His fight or flight instinct went on overdrive near her and sometimes he would have to physically restrain himself from hurting her.

Oz was another matter that confused him and warned him that he really shouldn't divulge this with the gang. They'd freak.

Around Oz, his body lit on fire. He wanted to own him. His eyes trailed the young werewolf religiously and later, when he was alone, thoughts would rise up in Xander's mind. Things that made him blush and shiver alternatively. He felt hot attraction, he wanted to dominate him and every time Oz touched Willow he'd forcibly swallow his growl.

The problem wasn't his control. Xander feared that he would snap and do something regrettable but it hasn't happened yet and it's been months proving that he could control himself somewhat or better yet he could learn.

The problem was that Buffy was getting suspicious and Oz knew.

Xander had heard Buffy mutter under her breath, face scrunched up confusedly that he was setting off her slayer senses and Oz's noses flared every time Xander was close.

The werewolf could smell his desire and better yet his rage every time Willow came close. Oz had gotten more and more worried and would be intent on protecting his girlfriend. Xander knew he would tell the others eventually. Hence, another layer to the sticky situation.

He had to leave. He wanted to stay but he couldn't chance it. There were to many ways that things could go wrong, the group could attack not give him time to explain. What worried Xander the most was that he could hurt them. There was no way he was going to chance it, the thought that he'd hurt Willow haunted him and he made his decision he was going to leave and find out what was wrong with him. He would fix it then return and everything would be back to normal again.

Chapter 1

His search for answers took him far and now he was in New York, far from his little town in California. Two weeks in town and he'd adjusted quickly, gotten a job and began the routine.

In a couple of days, he would scour the underground for information while doing his best to stay away from fights, avoiding humans and demons alike.

He'd stop patrolling 10 city ago. The vampire that had tried him had been torn into small pieces before Xander regained control.

There had been no purpose to the way he fought, he'd torn into the vampire, tearing him apart. The vampire had still been alive, begging Xander to finish him up. Xander had searched frantically for his stake, found it and held on to the content of his stomach while digging around the lacerated torso and striking him in the heart. After vomiting his guts in the alley, he'd dusted himself off and promised himself right then and there that he wouldn't risk it. Not until he found out what was wrong with him.

Xander was lonely, and depressed. He'd always wanted powers but not like this. Not when he got so lost in his mind during a fight and tore into flesh so hungrily. He feared that he wouldn't be able to differentiate. That he would attack the demons and move on to the humans.

Xander looked at his watch and sighed. It was time to leave, his shift was thankfully over and looking over he saw the next shift's bartender walking over. He thanked the gods for small mercies. That guy was usually late and Xander was grateful for the reprieve this night. He left the bar not bothering with banter with the bouncers, or the other workers. He claimed a headache and made way for home.

Tonight was a a new moon and they always affected him. Making his skin tight and painful. At first he'd suspected being a werewolf but after the first night of the new moon, the effects disappeared.

Xander hurried to his apartment, ready to go and get familiar with a bottle of Jack Daniels and hope to drink away the pain. He was two blocks away from his motel when it happened. The body barreled into him and pushed him against the wall. The attack surprised him and he didn't react in time to avoid the blow that was aimed at his head.

The hit stunted him for a minute and he felt hands feel for his wallet. He staggered up and effortless pushed the man away from him. Xander shook the fog that had settled over him away and groaned at the sight in front of him. He didn't have one attacker but three and they were all too young to be out at this time of night.

The one that he'd pushed away bounced up and flicked open a blade and Xander sighed. He didn't want to hurt the kids but really a knife, all of that for his wallet. If they'd ask him for the money he might have given it to them to avoid this whole debacle.

They swarmed him and Xander defended himself. It was easy. Compared to the nightly assaults by vampires, these kids were nothing. Most of his effort went towards not hurting them than rather than defending himself. They got a lucky shot and the knife slid across Xander's skin.

His nose flared at the metallic scent. It was like a shift and the tightness of his skin felt worse than ever. He couldn't control the growl that burst out and he felt their uneasiness whatever beast he possessed crowing inside. Xander felt his mind slip and fought, refusing to allow it.

He didn't want to wake up and find these kids dead, mutilated with their blood on his hand. He forced his body to relax and stopped defending himself. The kids had gotten a bit creeped out at the animalistic growl but when Xander seemed to have given up they'd relaxed a bit.

They kicked him a bit more for defending himself. The one with the knife leaned close and patted him for more valuables. Though Xander had a tight leash on his actions, he couldn't help the automatic growl and the way his eyes lit in an eerie grin. The sight freaked the boy who reacted and stabbed him.

Xander gasped at the pain and while everything in him wanted to rip those boys apart, he restrained it. He would rather die than live with that on his conscience.

The boys looked scared at the sight of him bleeding. One pulled out his cellphone and called 911 while the others freaked out. At the sound of sirens they scrambled out the alley, crying out useless apologies, leaving Xander to bleed on the concrete floor.

Chapter 2

Xander woke up in the ambulance. The men seemed frantic trying to control his bleeding. He frowned. He doesn't feel that bad. His b0body felt great in fact. There must not have been a lot of damage.

He tried to get up but the men pushed him down. Arriving at the hospital was a blur of activities, he heard the frantic talking. The doctor came in and ordered an IV line and Xander felt the absent sting of the needle. The doctor warned the nurse that he could go into shock and Xander wanted to snort.

Rolling his eyes, he made a stronger effort to stand up, there was no way he would take up their time while they could be out there taking care of someone that actually needed it. There was nothing wrong with him.

As soon as he sat up on the bed, he felt dizzy and then everything got blurry. His eyes felt heavy and his skin tingled and felt cold. He passed out to the sounds of shouting and alarms.

The next time he woke up, Xander felt good. This time he was wise enough to press his call bell to get a nurse and find out what the heck was going on with him. He didn't want to pass out again, so he decided to forgo moving for now.

The young woman entered the room smiling. "Hello, my name is Lenore, how do you feel?"

Xander nodded, "I feel fine, what's wrong with me?"

Lenore approached the bed and read the name tag on his hand, "Mr. Harris."

"Xander," he corrected.

"Xander," she began once more. "Your were recently stabbed, are you having difficulties remembering what happened?"

Xander frowned and shook his head, "no, no I remember. What I meant is what happened earlier. I was feeling fine and I sat up and then passed out."

The nurse nodded, taking a quick look at his chart. "Yes, of course, that was yesterday. After such a trauma your body was in shock."

"But I felt fine."

The nurse smiled. "Our bodies are like that. When you were bleeding, your body did the expedient thing and shunted the blood towards the vital organs and we'd started an IV line to give you blood but it must have been too late and your heart started shutting down."

Xander shook his head, "It was just a little stab wound."

"Unfortunately, it wasn't. No major organs were permanently damaged but the knife knocked a kidney and you were bleeding severely internally. We had to do surgery to take care of the damage. We've contacted your next of kin and they have informed us that they will be in town in two days."

"Shit, you called my parents." Xander cursed then paused. "Wait they said they're coming."

Lenore pursed her lips and checked her chart. "We have a Miss. Rosenburg listed as your emergency contact. She informed us that she was your sister and has power of attorney. Is any of this information incorrect?"

Xander gaped but shook his head absently. "No, that's true. She said she's coming?"

The nurse nodded. "Yes she said within one or two days."

Xander nodded and drifted off as the nurse began examining him, checking his pulse and the like.

Willow must have hacked his info and made herself his emergency contact because she had never been on there before. He'd always allowed his parents to be the ones the hospitals called because he knew that they'd never bother to come and Willow always fussed terribly anytime he was hurt.

Xander sighed. His time in NY would have to be cut short. No matter how hurt he was. He wasn't going to stay around and let the girls swarm him and convince him to go back to Sunnydale. There were still many things going on with him that he needed to uncover and right now he was seriously suspecting that he was a shifter because his reactions were a classic imitations of Oz's during the full moon.

The only problem is that he didn't change. These past months he'd spent uncomfortable days during the full moon but he still spent them as a human. There was something going and he intended on finding out what it was before he lost himself any further.

There was something under his skin, something powerful, something that was blood thirsty. He was afraid that if he lost control he would lose himself in it and wreck havoc wherever he was.

The nurse finished her check, asked him if he was okay and at his nod, left. Xander thought some more and his increasingly morose mood was interrupted when the door opened.

This person was wearing a lab coat but didn't seem like a doctor. There was something slimy, something disturbing about him. The man advance the bed and watched him. Xander's nose flare at the scent and swallowed a growl at the distinct animal smell.

"Ah," the man said. "You are quite the find." He took a deep breath and moaned. "Alexander Harris, having you will triple my research. Where have you been hiding?"

Xander frowned and sat up on the bed, ready to defend him. "Who are you?"

"It is none of your concern."

The man turned towards the door and clicked his tongue. At the sound two big burly man walked in and whatever they were made Xander's skin stand up. There was something animalistic to them, the way they walked was awkward as if they weren't use to this form. Xander shifted and hissed in pain. There was no way he'd be able to defend himself now.

The man smiled, "Don't worry about them. They won't hurt you."

He pulled out a big needed and moved closer to Xander who shifted away. "You are much too valuable to hurt, we'll take great care of you. You are just precious."

The approaching needle made Xander tense and he opened his mouth to scream but the man grabbed his hand and squeezed.

"I wouldn't recommend that," he hissed quietly. "Those two haven't been feeding their usual share due to the short supplies but they have orders to bring you with us. We're not to hurt you but that protection doesn't extend to whoever would come should you scream."

Xander nodded and watched as the needle filled with an ominous looking green fluid pierced his skin. Within minutes he felt drowsy. His body floating in a haze. They didn't wait for him to pass out. As soon as his muscle relaxed the two men approached the bed and gently lifted him off.

He was cradled in the bigger one's arms and they walked towards the window. He wanted to twist and fight but it was hopeless. His muscles weren't listening and they remained relaxed and useless.

The man held him tighter not constricting or hurting but more secure. Then jumped out of the window. The shock of it startled Xander and his eyes were wide as he watched the windows pass rapidly as they fell. The man landed on the floor with a heavy thud and Xander watched amazed as the other's joined him.

The doctor came close and shifted his body, berating the man that he was going to break open the sutures.

"Ah still awake I see." The man grinned. "Very, very strong. To try to fight it." He pulled out another syringe. "I gave you the human dose but it seems you may be able to endure the ones for the lycans."

He injected the fluid into Xander watching as he drifted off. "Lucian will adore this find, you are indeed precious young Alexander, the things we can do with you."

It was the last thing Xander heard before darkness enveloped him.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Uncovering the Underworld" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 12 Nov 09.

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