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The Wedding

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Summary: Light fluff concerning Supernatural/BtVS/Angel characters. Dawn/Sam, Fred/Wesley, Cordelia/Gunn, Buffy/Angel, Faith/Wood

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchesterShulikFR1317700283012 Nov 0912 Nov 09Yes
Disclaimer: Whedon owns the Buffyverse
Kripke owns the Winchesters

Buffy wiped the stray tear sliding down her face.
The smell of orchids and roses permeated the church, candle light flickered on the guests’ faces. The heavy brocade curtains embroidered with silver Sanskrit and Sumerian protection runes blocked out the sunlight for Angel and Spike but also served as focal points for several layers of heavy duty wards on the church.

Security teams made up of slayers and hunters guarded all the entrances. Witches were keeping safety spells on a constant high, and seers worked with telepaths to prevent an attack on the large gathering of the supernatural community.

She could see many neutral demons interspersed within the guest pews, they laughed along with the humans and even though the hunters looked twitchy at their demonic looks- the atmosphere was still filled with warm anticipation and a love for the two people they came here to celebrate.

The music started and everybody stood, Buffy smiled and took Angel’s arm as they began the harmonic walk down the aisle. The bridesmaids were beautiful, resplendent in a pale green, flowers tucked into their hair. The men all wore black tuxes complete with green handkerchiefs tucked into the breast pocket. She took her place at the front, near the priest and Angel stood opposite of her. Cordelia and Gunn were next, Queen C’s famous thousand watt smile lighting up with happiness and a pregnancy glow. Gunn looked every inch the proud expectant father, eyes following his mate he stood next to his vampire boss. Wesley and Fred came, beaming at each other and grinning like two kindergarteners at the guests. Fred’s hair was lightly curled, her eyes shone with emotion and Buffy’s more vain side was glad that she had made sure that each bridesmaid was wearing waterproof mascara. Wesley kissed his wife’s knuckles before he escorted her to stand beside Cordelia and took his own place next to Charles. Faith’s infamous smirk was firmly in place as she strolled down the aisle, her arm tucked firmly into Robin’s elbow. For once she had skipped on the heavy eyeliner, choosing instead to do her makeup in soft neutrals- she looked soft and young as her boyfriend pecked her cheek before standing last in line.

Finally the music swelled, Mendelson’s Wedding March signaled the event Buffy had planned for the last year. It had taken numerous apocalypses, some real close misses and a brother currently sitting in a wheelchair- but the wedding had come together beautifully. Dean was grinning in the front, having taken a couple of exams online he was now an officially registered minister, able to marry couples in the state of New York. Willow had done some hacking when they first met the Winchesters and now both men had clean records, the irony of Dean Winchester becoming a minister as his first legal act was not lost on anybody.

Spike was grinning like a loon as he escorted the bride, sharply dressed in a black suit with a black shirt- his blonde hair stood in stark contrast to his attire. Dawn was gorgeous, the cut of the lace dress complimented her slender shoulders, her chestnut hair was curled in loose waves a’la Veronica Lake and they had foregone the traditional wedding veil in favour of a creamy lace flowing behind her. Her blue eyes sparkled with joy and the look on her face as she first met Sam’s eyes was pure love. Their locked gaze made sure that everyone knew how in love they were, emotions flittering on both their faces- marking them as each other’s soulmates.

Spike finally came up to Sam, he kissed Dawn on her forehead and whispered “I love you niblet, no matter what and for all time.”

As he handed her hand to Sam a hint of William the Bloody came back, his snarled warning of “Hurt her, and I’ll make you wish that we had never rescued you and your brother from that wendigo”, well the Spike-worthy threat brought tears to both Dawn and Buffy’s faces.

“I won’t man, I promise. I know she’s like a daughter to you,” Sam smiled gently as he gazed upon his future wife.

Dawn hugged Spike fiercely as she let go of him and joined Sam as they stood in front of a grinning Dean.

Another stray tear slid down Buffy’s face, she finally let go of her little sister and watched the young woman she was insanely proud of get married to the man of her dreams.

A/N- On a more personal note, a big congratulations to Jensen Ackles on his engagement.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Wedding". This story is complete.

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