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A Fantastic Family

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Summary: Thanks to Kang the Conqueror, the Richards lost their daughter. Two years later, she returns.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourRubyPaladinFR1559,75258117,27112 Nov 0919 Sep 10No


DISCLAIMER: I still do not own anything involved with this story. Joss Whedon still owns BtVS and Marvel Comics is still owned by Disney.

Author’s Notes: If you are looking for continuity with events in Marvel Comics, I’d suggest looking for the Lost City of Atlantis. You’ll find it first.

Chapter Five


“No, I’m not.” Angel told the costumed man.

The man scratched his head. “Are you sure? I was in this other universe once and saw you on this show called “Bones” and the credits said that was your name.” The man replied.

“Leave me alone.” Angel growled at him.

The man shrugged. “But you were on the show.” He said.

Meanwhile on a SHIELD Helicarrier, a technician spotted the man talking to Deadpool thanks to discreetly placed surveillance equipment and immediately alerted his commander. Fury recognized the man from sketches done by one of his agents based on Elizabeth Richards’ description. He had her run through her known associates and already had a hit coming from the Xavier Institute.

“I want him brought in now.” Fury exclaimed.

“Alerting appropriate authorities now.” The technician said.

“For the last time, my name isn’t David Boreanaz!” Angel exclaimed and his mood made him shift into his game face. “Why are you even harassing me?”

“Personally, I blame DireSquirrel for putting me in the author’s head but...” Deadpool said as he realized who he was talking too. “You’re that pedophile vampire, aren’t you?”

Angel, with a confused look on his face, asked. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“She was only seventeen years old! Boy, when Doctor Richards gets a hold of you...” Deadpool said shuddering at the thought. “You must be a moron to piss off one of the smartest men on the planet. I’ll leave you to the Avengers.”

The costumed man teleported away and Angel thought his night couldn’t get any weirder. He would have slapped himself for tempting Murphy but a red and blue clad man in some kind of spider costume hit him square in the chest with a swinging kick sending the master vampire into the side of a car. Angel looked at his attacker and quickly realized he wasn’t alone. Several other costumed people were coming nearer to him. A man clad in red and yellow armor flew in alongside a very large muscular man with long blonde hair with a massive hammer in his hand. Another man clad in a costume that looked like someone had ran away with a patriotic theme who was armed with a similar colored shield. However it was the man clad in blue and yellow who had sharp looking claws emerge from his knuckles that made Angel raise his hands surrendering to them.

To say Reed was surprised to see Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man on the roof of the Baxter Building would be an error in judgement after the first few times it occurred. However, the webbed body on the ground was intriguing.

“Hiya Reed.” Spider-Man said. “We were wondering to get the guy who has everything so...” The red and blue clad hero bent down and tore away the webbing around the body’s head to reveal a man who Reed only recognized thanks to sketches made from his daughter’s description. Peter knew he shouldn’t have been surprised when the first thing the famed scientist did was deliver a hard stretch punch into the vampire’s chin.

“What did I do?” Angel asked wondering why everyone in this reality hated him.

“My daughter fell in love with you.” Reed said. “Then, you turned her life into a living hell. Pardon me for being enraged.”

“I don’t even know your daughter!” Angel yelled.

Reed turned when he heard a glass shatter on the floor to see Elizabeth shocked to see what she was seeing. He didn’t know exactly what to say but he said it anyway.

“Honey, this isn’t what it looks.” He said.

“Then, why is Angel even doing in this universe Dad?” She asked walking over towards Angel who began to squirm for some reason. “I bet this is your fault. You must have analyzed me while I was asleep looking for some dimensional frequency so that you could go there and grab him. Why does he look like he’s too close to a cross?”

Not getting an answer, she reached over to rip some of the webbing away from the vampire only for him to scream in pain which caused her to back up a bit. Elizabeth looked at her hands before the solution dawned on her.

“The Asgardian upgrade thing is doing it.” She said. “I’m like a gigantic cross. Sorry.”

Elizabeth backed up and Angel began to feel better. He looked at her trying to find something familiar about her. It was only when he saw someone he recognized that his puzzlement lessened.

“Elizabeth, are you coming back for the checker game?” Oz asked walking onto the roof. “Hey, Angel.”

“Oz, what’s are you doing here?” Angel asked.

Oz shrugged. “Playing checkers with Elizabeth.” He replied.

“Who is she?” Angel asked the werewolf glad to see at least one familiar face.

“Buffy.” Oz replied.

Angel stared back at the nine-year old girl as he began to recognize facial features. He just couldn’t believe it though.

“But how?” He asked the girl.

“This is my home reality. A descendant of my family from the fortieth century threw me into a portal that sent me the reality where I grew up as Buffy Summers.” Elizabeth said.

Angel shook his head. “But you died?” He asked.

“I’ve been working on a theory. I think the original portal might have left a residual imprint of your original body.” Reed said explaining his theory more to his daughter’s benefit than the vampire’s own. “When you jumped through Glory’s portal, you left behind your body there and gained the imprinted body thanks to the magic of the Sanctum Sanctorum. While magic isn’t my specialty, I believe it adjusted your age to where you should have been had you never went away.”

Elizabeth turned her attention to Angel. “How are you here though?” She asked.

“These weird robots attacked me and my group in LA.” Angel said. “I’m still trying to figure out how they flew.”

“Why would Victor attack you guys?” Elizabeth asked. “I mean, sure he’s a power mad dictator and a bit spiteful and...”

Elizabeth’s eyes widened and she ran back into the Baxter Building. She ran past her older siblings, Franklin and Valeria, who seemed a bit stunned by her near collision with them. They followed to her room to see her grab the troll hammer off the wall.

“Lizzie, what are you doing?” Franklin asked.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” She asked in return. “Doom has them. I have to rescue them.”

“Beth...” Valeria said. “Get real. You’re nine years old.”

“I turned twenty in the other dimension.” Elizabeth replied.

“Besides, it’s not like you can teleport there.” Franklin said noticing a smile cross her face.

“I might not be able to but you forget my fourth birthday.” She said before putting a pair of fingers to her lips and letting out a sharp whistle. “LOCKJAW!”

Franklin and Valeria had forgotten their sister’s fourth birthday.


Unlike her brother and sister, Elizabeth didn’t have any friends her own age. Her family had tried to make her birthdays enjoyable but not many people wanted their children to associate with such an infamous family. Danger was always a factor with the Richards family and wasn’t something anyone wanted their children around. The only children she even knew were a few years older than her and they were quite mean as well. It didn’t help that these children were dragged here by their parents who were associates of her father.

Her ‘birthday party’ had just ended with the ‘guests’ having just left and she was in her secret spot of the Baxter Building where she came to cry when she felt like it. She didn’t want to cry in front of her family.


Her current bout of crying was interrupted by the loud bark. She turned to see a rather strange dog looking back at her. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t seen dogs before but this one was quite large and had some kind of antennae on his head.

“Hello, I’m Elizabeth.” She said extending a hand. She knew that some dogs were taught to shake. This one did know how to shake and it made her happy to do it. “What’s your name?”

The dog merely cocked his head to the side and let out a small whine. Elizabeth let out a small laugh as she realized that she wasn’t going to get an answer that way. A small green frog which Elizabeth noted was dressed rather oddly like Thor appeared and landed on the dog’s head.

“There are thou.” The frog said which the dog whined in response making the frog look at Elizabeth. “Hello there, fair maiden. I am Throg and this is my friend and ally, Lockjaw.”

“I remember him now.” Elizabeth said. “Uncle Johnny said you chewed up his favorite jacket the last time he was on the Moon.”


“Lockjaw was the first friend I ever made and he always came when I called for him.” Elizabeth explained. “I even remember Mom and Dad making a joke wondering if Lockjaw was my dog or Black Bolt and Medusa’s.”

Ignoring her brother and sister, Elizabeth turned to the Inhumans’ pet dog. “Lockjaw, I need you to take me to Castle Doom.” She said patting the dog on the head before scratching behind his right ear. “Can you do that for me, boy?”

Before either of her siblings could protest, Lockjaw teleported himself and Elizabeth away leaving the two staring into the empty space their youngest sister had occupied. The two elder Richards children looked at each other with fear in their eyes.

“Mom’s gonna kill us!” They shouted in unison.


Elizabeth and Lockjaw appeared in the middle of a field with Castle Doom off in the distance. She looked first at Lockjaw and then at herself and sighed.

“Great, we’re not exactly the Avengers.” She said. “I’m nine and you’re a dog who can teleport. How am I suppose to rescue my friends?”

Lockjaw barked and looked at her hammer. She shrugged her shoulders and let the hammer slam to the ground. The hammer crackled with electrical energy which surrounded her and she fell to the ground in shock. Her transformation was finished and she was rather surprised. She looked as she did before jumping through the portal that had returned her to her real home but she was clad in Asgardian armor that looked like something Thor might have worn if he was a cross dresser.

“Great, I look like Thor’s little sister.” Elizabeth said as she got up rather shakily. “Stupid balance.”

Riley broke the jaw of the guard as he noticed Graham put three rounds into the chest of the other guard at the door. Instincts had taken over them as their training had made them seek out the best opportunity to escape. The opportunity came when the Doombots that had been guarding their room disappeared and were replaced with regular human guards. Riley and Graham sought out the next guarded room to find Fred leading a couple of Doombots out of the room with a grin across her face. The two soldiers raised their weapons defensively which caused the Texan to laugh.

“Don’t worry about Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum here.” She said revealing some type of electronic device. “I used this flat-screen computer tablet that was in my room to subvert their programming. They’re as loyal as a puppy.”

“Can you do that to any more of these bots?” Riley asked.

“I’m working on a virus right now to upload into their wireless net but I wouldn’t push my luck here.” She said a bit hesitant. “I’m working with tech that is like light years ahead of what I’m use to but I can make do.”

Riley and Graham allowed Dee and Dum to take point.

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Fantastic Family" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Sep 10.

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