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A Fantastic Family

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Summary: Thanks to Kang the Conqueror, the Richards lost their daughter. Two years later, she returns.

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Marvel Universe > Fantastic FourRubyPaladinFR1559,75258117,25512 Nov 0919 Sep 10No

The Return

Challenge Issuer "/Author-17334/cloudleonsgurl.htm" Challenge Name DC or Marvel/Who's Buffy's Family Challenge? Challenge Type Personal Challenge Category "/challenges.php?category=10" Description I really am desperate for a good Buffy/Marvel or DC cross. So I'm going to make another challenge and hope it inspires someone out there.

It can be set in the Buffyverse, but if it is I think Buffy must be underage so she will have to be sent where ever her real father is or family, if she was adopted or kidnapped as a child. How she finds this out is entirely up to you, is there a custody fight with Giles or her mom? Entirely up to you.

I'm just sprouting ideas, and you take them and make them you're own.

However, if it's set after she jumps, make Buffy young again (funny interaction with family), and no it doesn't have to be ten year old young, just as long as its eighteen or under. The same if its set after the seventh season.

If she makes her own hero persona, it's up to you.
Pairings, not neccisarily needed, but if you want have at it. Challenge Date 16 Oct 09 Last Updated 16 Oct 09

I don’t own anything within this body of fan fiction. Joss Whedon owns BtVS and Marvel Comics is owned by Disney now.

Author’s Note: Since my computer went Kaput, I had to get this one which is older than my previous computer. I’m writing this story to see if I can upload on the site with this computer because I’ve found I can’t do much with it. Unfortunately, my previous computer had incomplete chapters of Enter the Magician and Xander Unleashed so I’m trying to rewrite them right now but I’m not having much luck.

A Fantastic Family


Ruby Paladin

Chapter 1

The Return

Tragedy was never something that Doctor Reed Richards which was a well known fact to most of the superhero and super-villain communities. Whenever a tragedy may befall him, the superhero community would try to help him through it because they knew that if he didn’t work through it then it would end up biting them in the ass in case the world had a crisis because he would be focused on his own problems.

The tragedy that befallen his family concerned one of his children; his youngest daughter to be more precise. Her name was Elizabeth Anne Richards, age 7. Kang the Conqueror had traveled back in time and in the ensuing battle that usually accompanied his trips, he had hurled the girl through a tear in the multi-verse. It had been devastating for him and his wife.

It had taken him over two years of research and several people had even came in to help. When he realized he might need mystical help, he obtained the help of Doctor Strange. Tony Stark helped with acquiring the right equipment. Reluctantly and even strangely, Doom had even offered his help and Reed had accepted it in the hopes of rescuing his daughter. He knew that Doom would gloat about Reed needing his help but he didn’t care. Even Hank Pym and Bruce Banner were able to help him out with this project. But it was finally time for culmination of the project.

They set up in the Sanctum Sanctorum. Everyone in the superhero community had shown up although more than a few were glaring at Doom. Reed looked over at Doctor Strange who seemed to be concentrating on something.

“Stephen, is there something wrong?” Reed asked him.

“Yes, but I think it can be worked to our advantage. The Eye of Agamotto has detected the energy of the Key in use. Doorways to multiple dimensions are being opened but fortunately, we do not have to worry about Dormarmu escaping.” Stephen said.

“Doom believes we should start this now, Reed.” Doom said walking over to them. “Doom would like to see young Elizabeth again.”

Without a word, they began their preparations. Machines powered up and spells began to be cast. A portal began to form thanks to the combination of magic and science. Captain America, otherwise known as Steve Rodgers, looked over at Tony who had donned his Iron Man armor.

“Aren’t you being a bit paranoid?” Steve asked. “It’s just a little girl.”

“Steve, we’re attempting to tear a portal through the multi-verse in the hopes to rescue a girl who was thrown into another universe by Kang the Conqueror. No one knows what could possibly come through this portal. Better safe than sorry.” Tony said.

Spiderman was hanging upside down listening on this conversation shaking his head.

“He just had to taunt Murphy, didn’t he?” He said to himself.

Suddenly, the portal flashed with green energy momentarily blinding them and they noticed the portal closed but not without leaving something behind. She was blonde and looked as though she was in her early twenties. Stephen knelt down next to her taking note of the odd hammer she seemed to be holding. Concern filled his face as he began CPR. After a few tense moments, she gasped for breath.

“You’re okay now.” Doctor Strange said.

Clearly, the young woman had a funny way of showing gratitude which was evident because of the swift uppercut she managed to deliver to the Sorcerer Supreme knocking him out. She leapt to her feet with the odd hammer in hand. Everyone could tell that she was already wounded and while most didn’t want to hurt her, Doom stepped forward to stop her. She let out a yell as if sensing the danger from Doom and hit the dictator square in the chest with the hammer. Doom was hurled through a few of the walls before coming to a stop.

“That hurt Doom.” Doom said to himself as he got up.

She began to run down a hall and the Thing looked over at her.

“Hey, we’re not the bad guys here.” Ben Grimm exclaimed. “Okay, Victor is a bad guy but the rest of us aren’t.”

She paused in the hallway at the sound of The Thing’s voice and Ben Grimm walked over to the entrance to the hallway she was in. Her body seemed to be shaking a bit and he thought he heard her crying. He had heard crying like that before. It was the kind of cry when loved ones were reunited after a very long time. She turned around and he could clearly see her tear-streaked face. The hammer thumped on the floor as it fell from her grasp.

“Uncle Ben?” She asked as if she wasn’t sure of herself.

Ben bent down to one knee as he realized who this young woman was and it pained him inside as he wondered what kind of horrors she must have experienced without her parents to protect her from. It pained him to know that he wasn’t able to be there for her either.

“It’s me.” He replied extending his arms outward for a hug.

“UNCLE BEN!” She yelled running towards him.

No one watching could explain what happened but it looked like the years seemed to melt away from her. Whether it was the innate magic in the air or an inner wish, no one could know but the young woman that had came out of the portal slowly disappeared as a crying little girl tried to wrap her arms around Ben. Ben wrapped his arms around the little girl as she sobbed.

“I was so scared, Uncle Ben. They told me I was imagining my family.” She said as she cried into his stony chest. “They kept telling me and telling me and I began to forget. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, Lizzie.” Ben said as he tried to soothe her. “I’m here.”

Slowly, the girl began to cry less and less until Ben looked over at Reed and Susan. They noticed the tears coming from his eyes.

“She’s asleep.” Ben said as he slowly picked her up bridal style. “Reed, what could have possibly happened to her?”

“I don’t know, Ben, and I don’t think we’ll find out until later.” Reed said as he wiped tears from his eyes.

“At least she recognized you at least, guess she couldn’t forget your stony face.” Johnny said joking with Ben even though he was happy that she was back.

“Lizzie always felt safe with me.” Ben said. “Whenever she had a bad dream, she’d come and find me. She use to say that she didn’t go to Mommy and Daddy to scare away the monsters because I was bigger and tougher than any monsters could ever be.”

Thor picked up the hammer that Elizabeth had brought with her. A smile crossed his face which caught Tony’s eye.

“Something up, Thor?” Tony asked.

“Tis be a hammer of a Troll God.” Thor answered showing Tony the hammer.

“Okay, so is that a good thing?” Tony asked.

“Tis tells me thine daughter of Reed and Susan tis a powerful warrior.” Thor said as he explained the hammer to Tony. “A Troll God dost not give up its hammer to no one.”

“What kind of a world did she live on?” Tony asked.


So what does everyone think? Does this fit within the confines of the challenge? Please review.
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