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Parents from a galaxy far, far away

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Summary: Xander is about to realize that his destiny is not on Earth.

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Star Wars > Xander-CenteredJacobPhoenixFR2123,5711234,38512 Nov 0912 Apr 10No

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or Star Wars or any of the other crossovers mentioned in this chapter.

AN: This was one of my first stories that I had in my computer, so if there are any grammar errors in this story please let me know.
AN2: This is an AU of the Buffyverse and the Stargateverse in which Star Wars does not exist.

Chapter 1

Revan and Bastilia were looking at their small son as he was being put into the sleeping tube for his long journey. Bastilia looked at her lover and she realized they were doing the right thing; if Revan’s vision came to be, the Jedi would be wiped out by one Sith lord almost four thousand years in the future and Revan didn’t want that to happen.

‘After all, ‘ Bastilia thought, ‘we had just saved the republic and the Jedi order only for Revan to have that damned vision.’

Revan looked at his son as the hibernation process began to take effect and realized that they wouldn’t see him again in their life times, they were sending him to a world Revan had found in another galaxy in his and the Exiles quest to fight the true Sith. This Earth would be a good place for their son to be raised.

Bastilia asked “We are doing right thing, right?”

Revan looked at his love and said “It’s the only way to try to prevent this dark time from happening. HK-47 and T3-M4 would make sure that when he was old enough, he would come back and aid if he could.”

The Ebon Hawk was being prepared for its long journey to Earth and they were loading it with everything they could, they loaded it with both Sith and Jedi Holocrons and other teaching devices so that he could learn to fight and, hopefully, learn to use the force like a pro. Bastilia and Revan also made special holocrons for him as well so that he would know who his parents were and why they did this. Hopefully he wouldn’t hate them for this thing they had to do, it was part of the living force’s plan as well, it would help the Jedi of the future in their battles with the Sith, he hoped.

HK-47 looked at the little baby sleeping in the tube and dearly wished that the little one would be just like his master. As the Ebon Hawk lifted up from Dantooine from the ruins of the Jedi academy T3-M4 prepared the hyperspace jump to get to Earth, it would take almost 4000 years but they would be asleep for most of it until they got to the system that Earth was.

HK-47 looked at his astromech companion “Statement: T3-M4 wake me if we need to kill something, other wise let me sleep.”

T3-M4 rolled around the Ebon Hawk and continued to maintain the ship as best as it could, it was as a lonely trip it wished it could wake up the other droid to talk to but was sure that HK would dismantle it for just wanting to talk, so it decided it would talk to the computer.

HK woke up at the required time and looked around, it was good to be up, it went to check on its charge and saw the little one still asleep safe and sound in its tube. He saw T3 wandering around the ship and wondered if it has gone crazy after almost 4 millennia of solitude but it was doing its job well, as he looked at the computer readouts of Earths culture according to the radio signals it was just entering what they called the second world war.

“Statement: How fun, maybe I could participate if we got there fast enough.”

He realized that the radio signals were old and when they got closer he realized that this war happened almost 40 years ago.

HK muttered “Statement: Well, there goes some possibility of fun for myself.”

As they got closer he noted several continents, one frozen, as HK studied the different regions he picked a costal region for the little one to be raised in a small settlement called Sunnydale, seemed like a nice place.

HK moved his tiny charge to the orphanage so he could be adopted by, hopefully, a nice family, but irregardless he would be back for his master when he got to be 16 years old, but until then his young master would be safe here

HK thought, ‘After all, what kind of bad things could happen in this small town?”

Over the years HK would check up on his master, or as his parents called him Xander, the parents did not treat their son as good as HK would have wanted or that Revan would want. HK pondered how he could make the parents a little less vile acting towards Xander, maybe some subtle threats on their lives would work. He found threats made good would quiet their aggressive attitudes and well if he did it quietly enough, no need to get the local authorities involved.

Tony Harris had just gotten home from the bar and he was kinda drunk, he wanted to see if his wife was in the mood when he heard the phone ring.

As he picked it up he heard a cold mechanical voice say, “Statement: Tony Harris it has come to my attention that you are currently physically abusing your adopted son Xander. I am calling to tell you that if you raise one more hand against the child you won’t live to regret it.”

Tony screamed into the phone “Are you threatening me?”

He heard the voice say “Eager Threat: Mr Harris I don’t make threats, I make promises and I always keep my promises. Isn’t that refreshing in this day and age? Mr. Harris I haven’t heard a reply from you, so I will assume that you have agreed to my proposal, but I will mention this: If you keep this behaviour up, well, this town has a lot of unexplained deaths, it would be a shame if you or your wife ended up as one of those deaths.”

Tony whispered “Who fuck are you?”

HK said “Statement: Well you can call me Hadrian and that’s all you need to know.”

The next few years were uneventful in Xander’s life. HK noticed he was forming friendships with some of the local population, two in particular seem to be his good friends: another young man and a young woman. But Xander’s life would be turned around soon by the arrival of another young woman, HK noticed that the weeks after her arrival Xander seemed sadder than he did when his parents were abusing him; he noticed that the young man that was Xander’s friend was no longer there.

He decided to find out more about this new woman, he quickly found out where the girl lived. He watched her for three weeks before, as he got her schedule down and waited until she and her mother were out of town. HK quickly picked the locks to her house and after a scan and he went to Buffy’s room, he took every thing in with his sensors and he looked at her diary, scanning the pages he found out she was what was called a slayer: the chosen one, one girl to fight vampires and the demons and other creatures. Apparently Xander’s friend, Jesse, was infected with one these parasite demons and Xander had to kill him.

‘So that explains the sadness,’ he thought, ‘why didn’t this Willow seem so despondent over her friend’s death?’

As he kept reading the book he saw that she was in love with one of the parasite creatures that he had observed over the years, well that was recipe for trouble in his books, if it was him he would have killed this Angel immediately it was the logical thing to do, but he noticed humans often followed their hearts rather than cold logic, which might explain some of Revan’s decisions. As he left, he heard the door opening; he had left just as Buffy came home.
One year later HK’s observations of this “Scooby gang” were starting to disturb him, Xander was starting to slowly be pushed out of the group and HK was noticing it this had a very negative effect on his self esteem. Well that Halloween HK became aware of a plan by this local force sensitive called Ethan Rayne to cause Chaos to turn people into the costumes they wore.

That gave HK a idea, he decided to meddle in Xander and his friends costume choice: for Willow he picked a costume that would turn her into one of Xander’s favourite characters called Terra, as for Buffy he found clothes that would turn into a person from a legend called Sleeping Beauty, that oughta learn her a lesson in humility. But to make sure she remained humble he insured, through threats and bribes, that a local nerd named Jonathan would be her Prince Charming and as for his master, he decided that Xander would benefit from becoming a young man called Zell from Final Fantasy 8.

‘That would work for my master,’ he thought.

That night he watched as the chaos insured, he saw Buffy fall down in a dreamless sleep and as her vampire lover tried to shake her out of it, Prince Charming came along and beat him six inches from Tuesday, which amused him to no great extant, but enough of this dangerous game he had to end these games. He got Xander’s revenge, even if Xander didn’t know HK was doing for him.

Ethan sat in his store laughing as he saw all the chaos that came from his spell when he heard a chilling monotone voice, “Statement: I am so glad your enjoying yourself, I believe if you die happy then you get to go to your particular paradise dimension, but you will find out for me won’t you?”

Ethan stared at the machine and smirked “I don’t remember selling a cheesy robot costume.”

HK replied, “Mocking reply: Oh little force sensitive, I am not one your cheap costumes. I am a fully functional droid and now I would like to introduce you to my disruptor rifle which would be this thing that I am firing at you now.”

Ethan saw the green flash of energy and he was dusted, HK looked at the statue and smashed it into dust. He looked out and saw the spells effect end.

‘It was a good way to spend an evening,’ he thought to himself.

The next day as Xander woke up and left for school.

HK messaged to T3, “Statement: It is time for our master to come home,”

He listened to T3 beep its response.

As HK prepared to go to Xander’s home to pick up everything of worth from the domicile he prepared Xander’s room on the Ebon Hawk for the long trip home, though it would not be as long their trip to this galaxy, it would take exactly one year to get home, thanks to a ‘generous’ donation from a place called Star Gate Command. Then HK would have to collect food and other things for the young master.

‘I wonder how many of these ‘Twinkies’ should I get for the trip?’ HK thought.


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