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Long way from home

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Summary: Xander makes a wish that get him a whole lot more than he bargained. These days Wish Demons are very creative in ensuring as much pain as possible.

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredxanderfanFR21617,49176217,96513 Nov 0920 Jul 11No

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Chapter One

Title: Long way from home
Fandom: BTVS/Anita Blake
Disclaimer: Nothing is mine, BTVS belongs to Josh Whedon, Anita Blake belongs to Laurel K. Hamilton
Pairing: most likely Jean-Claude/Richard/Xander

Chapter 1-5 have been slightly edited. Just some minor changes to make the story more fluid, well at least I hope. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Xander wasn't sure he wanted this. At least not like this. When he'd made the wish, he had been drunk out of his mind and still reeling from the aftermath of a terrible fight with his friends. They'd all said some hurtful things and Xander said some of his own and he was sure that they'd all regret it later. As always the making up portion will never sooth away the hurts creating more cracks in their friendship.

Angry, Xander had stormed out of the magic shop and headed straight for a bar. It had been daylight when he'd left the girls but even after darkness came and the night and all the demons that hid in its mist crept out, Xander was still drinking.

He had managed to somehow navigate to his apartment where he'd cursed the world and the people around him. After the anger faded the part of drinking that he always hated, the morose, depressing portion began. Xander contemplated his life and brooded. It was hopeless and echoing the girls' words, he was useless. That's the moment when he made the greatest mistake ever, he made a wish.

The sound of the word, 'granted' should have shocked him into sobriety but alas it didn't. That miracle merited a little push from the Wish Demon. She waved a hand and sobered him up, it was not a pleasant experience. With his mind clearer Xander tried to take the wish back but it wasn't happening, she was serious and didn't seem concerned with changing her mind but Xander wasn't going to give up.

The demon was still in her demonic face, the sight very unpleasant and she asked. "Do you have a preference of where you would like to be placed."

Xander sighed, "I don't want to be placed anywhere. I was drunk the wish shouldn't count, I didn't mean to do it."

She shook her head, "that may be but it doesn't make it any less valid. The fact that you weren't sober isn't a factor, you meant it or at least your subconscious did."

Xander begged, "Please, I don't even remember the wish."

She perked up, "Oh is that all? I remember it perfectly." She paused, a thoughtful look on her face, "you wished that you would find somewhere to belong and be happy, a place where you're needed and had a lot of people that counted on you for your strength. You also added that you didn't want to be invisible, you wanted to be important."

Xander considered the words. That sounds exactly like something that he'd say, arguing about it would be a lie. One that the demon would probably not appreciate.

He tried another tactic. "Why would you grant me a wish like that. It'd make me happy and you guys don't make people happy." He sighed, "You shouldn't even be answering my wishes there's no point to it. Doing something bad to me is not going to help you win whatever plan you guys at have in mind. I'm not important."

She cackled, "Oh the naivety. It's true that ultimately the wish has a happiness component but no one says that happiness has to be pleasant. I can make you suffer tremendously while directing you on its path."

Xander gulped in fright, "Why would you want to do anything like that to me, like I said I'm not important enough."

She grinned, "You are far more important than you think, taking you out earlier would have been a boon for our side, I'm to remedy the situation and remove you from the equation. Let's see how long this slayer will last with no one one around to do CPR, plan her battles. I give her a month."

Xander wide eyed, shook his head. "She'll survive. Buffy's strong. She's not like the others and she has Willow and Giles, she'll make it."

The demon smiled evilly, "That's nice that you hope so strongly but I doubt it. The watcher is useless in anything other than books and your little witch is traveling down a path that puts her in line for a position in our ranks." She shivered happily, "She is powerful and will be such a boost to our collective strength."

"There's no way Willow would join you. She said no before, she'll do it again."

"Ah, this time we have an offer that she won't be able to resist. Your friend is smitten with power and we will merely offer her more and she will say yes. It will be so easy."

The demon grinned, "Now let's get on to cheerier news. What should I do with you?"

The gleam in her eyes frightened Xander and he couldn't think of anything to get out of this situation. He thought about trying to get her amulet but he was afraid that she would retaliate and do something worse to him. He would just have to lay low and survive, he was sure that the gang would find him and get him back home.

"I know what you're thinking," she laughed. "I will make sure you cannot leave even if your little friends did manage to retrieve you."

She pursed her lips and flicked her hand. A hole came to be and within, pictures were moving like a film, too fast for him to see, but she was paying close attention to it while muttering under her breath.

Xander looked around and his eyes fell on his axe. He tiptoed towards it and reached for it but froze at a cleared throat behind him.

"I didn't forget you were there you know." She glared. "I picked you a fairly decent world not even the big bad hell dimension that I was told. I was ordered to be as mean as possible with you but your wish kind of constrain my parameters."

Xander cleared his throat nervously, "So what are you going to do to me?"

Her eyes focused back on him and she smirked, "I was just going to just send you there and make you find some dangerous person to date and hopefully have them kill you. I was thinking Narcissus but now I have a much meaner idea. You, my boy are going to make history in that world. Let's see how you like being part of a triumvirate, with some boost of powers they'll definitely need you."

Xander moved away from her only stopping when his back hit the wall. She grinned, more of a grimace really and assured him. "You might have an adjustment period since you're replacing their current person but she's not fitting anyway, so you can just take her place, they might like you better anyway."

She looked him over and waved a hand. "I'm giving you some of her gifts that should make things interesting, maybe incite some jealousy."

She looked him over once more and squinted. "They're all gorgeous men, I'm sure you'll love being the filling to their tasty sandwich."

Xander begged, eyes tearing as the reality of the situation began taking hold. "Please don't do this to me."

"Too late." She snapped her fingers and he felt a tugging in his stomach. The pressure increased until he screamed.

She quirked a lip. "Oops, forgot to warn you, it's going to be painful. Not just the transformation but everything if I have my way."

Xander was enveloped with a swirl of light and his apartment disappeared. He was standing in a bright light and wherever the light shone, burn. Since it was currently encompassing his whole body, everything hurt.

The room cleared a bit and a woman appeared. She was short and lithe with dark hair and penetrating eyes. Those orbs appeared panicked and angry. She opened her mouth to speak but no sound came out. Xander tried himself but suffered from the same setback.

Their eyes clashed and the light burned bright and they both screamed, soundlessly. Tears of pain fell from their eyes. There was no reprieve only continuous torturing pain. Xander felt as if his head was being cracked open as memories flitted over his eyes, too quick to remember but he managed to catch some images. He knew that they were flashes of her life.

Her name was Anita and she lived in a dimension where there where vampires, who were more civilized maybe but displayed their cutthroat nature only in the shadows. Her life was interesting but painful, full of hardship and he felt sympathy for her tribulations and for contributing to more. Xander felt anchors slam into him like hooks sinking into his psyche, embedding deep within him. He now held them. He was now bound to a vampire and a werewolf. He would have to adjust to her life, live in a world where he knew no one and take her place, literally ripping it from her.

Xander looked in Anita's eyes and saw her understanding. Somehow she knew. Both where aware of the others memories, their thoughts. It was disconcerting but in this moment where pain and fear was all they knew, they took comfort in that connection.

Abruptly it was over. The light show ended and with that the pain. They floated down from the ceiling and for the first time Xander saw that he was not home anymore. The room was draped with tons of curtains in what he'd always considered 'vampire theme'. There was silk, leather couches, everything that catered to comfort and sin.

When they reached the floor. The people that were standing around watching, rushed towards them. Grabbing Anita and they surrounded her, hiding her from Xander. There was something highly disconcerting about the whole thing. All eyes fixed on him, most menacingly and others with hunger and curiosity. He could feel the otherness that surrounded each member. They were vampires, and wolves. Not the ones that he was familiar with but still supernatural, he could feel the taint of other beast but he couldn't describe them.

Unable to cope with the silence, he spoke. "Umm, hello."

Everyone looked at him blankly then they shifted as two men walked out of the crowd, parting the way for them. Those men felt familiar. It was an elusive knowledge that he didn't delve any deeper to find out who they were exactly. They would either introduce themselves or attack. Xander couldn't bring himself to care either way. There was an utter permanence about this situation that absolutely depressed him. He really hoped Willow would be able to find him.

Up close the men looked ethereal and deadly. They projected power and confidence. The vampire, if the fangs were anything to go by, looked agitated. There was even a slight wind blowing his hair like his power couldn't stay caged within him and was seeping out of him.

"How can this be? Who are you and how have you taken my marks?" the vampire demanded. "Answer me or I will tear the information from your mind."

The group gasped and Xander guessed that the news regarding the marks surprised them more than the threat.

Xander sighed, "Look I didn't do anything. This is a bad situation for everyone and I didn't exactly volunteer to be here, so let's just relax and introduce ourselves and try to make nice for now."

The other man asked, "Who are you and what did you do to Anita?"

Xander shook his head vehemently and replied. "I didn't do anything. Believe me, the last thing I want is to be here."

The man's nostrils flared and he nodded. "He's not lying."

The vampire glared, "Then how could this have come to be. You feel as if you're my Human Servant, you now occupy the space that Anita did. You've arrived unannounced and surrounded by light hanging mid-air. The light extended from your flesh and wrapped around Anita where we watched her writhe and trash in pain. If you are not responsible you will tell me who is."

Xander's eyes darted around the room and saw no one that would shield him from the vampires anger. Xander took a step back when the vampire advanced threateningly and Xander sighed realizing that his foray into this new world would be extremely short, since it seemed he was going to be ripped apart.

The crowd parted once more and Anita burst through, yelling. "Jean-Claude stop, he didn't do anything."

He turned towards her snarling, "Do not interfere."

Anita was taken aback at the tone, and turned to the other man. "Richard, what's going on with him. I can't feel anything from him."

Richard shrugged, frozen in spot at his master's bidding and using every last inch of his control to shift Jean-Claude's bombarding emotions away and try to concentrate on his own.

Anita turned towards a blonde in the crowd. "Asher do you have any idea what's going on?"

The vampire shook his head and did not approach. "I have never seen something of this sort. He is acting as if he sorely needs to reinforce his bonds. We usually get primal when contact with our human servant has been denied."

Anita looked at a growling Jean-Claude and turned to Asher. "He doesn't look particularly friendly and if this boy is his human servant now, Jean-Claude is not acting as if he wants to bond at all."

Asher shrugged, "He is resisting. His instincts tell him one thing and his mind is saying another, they are in conflict but his instinct will win and when he becomes primal he may kill the boy in his haste."

Xander gulped. He didn't like the sound of that. In fact he really hated that and decided to let them know.

His personality shifted into snarky, which recently had become his default setting. "I don't like the part where I die. Can you just make him bond and get him calmed down so that I can figure out how to get out of this mess?"

Anita glared at the tone. "I know that this isn't your fault because I felt and heard your mind rallying against it but this is not the time for sarcasm. If you must know, any bonding will be done by you, I'm not his human servant anymore, you are. When he looks around he sees his marks on you not me, so if you want him to calm down, you do it."

Xander took a breath and glared back, "How?"

A leathered body shifted from the crowd and moved closer. "The way that Jean-Claude bonds is sexual, that's his nature."

Anita hissed, "That's not true Jason."

Xander frowned, "Uh?"

Jason continued ignoring Anita heated glare said bluntly. "If you want to get him fixed quickly, you got to let him fuck you."

The words were like a sudden scratch on a record. Xander blinked in surprise and whispered, "That's, that's great."

His eyes rolled up in the back of his head and he knew no more.

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