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Kind fates

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Summary: The clone of O'Neill has found purpose with a new war. Buffy Winchester has closed the hellmouth and has had enough. How many fireworks occur when she joins up for the hunt?

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Mini-Jack
hellbellsFR151110,68602418,70713 Nov 091 Jul 10No

The Usual Suspects pt2


Buffy went to the least intimidating she could play, “Come on. I’ll buy you a coffee; you can catch me up on the case.”

Usual Suspects pt 2

Buffy allowed the detective to relax a little and drink her coffee before she asked the question softly, “When did you see her?”

The detective looked up sharply but Buffy gave her a wry smile, “I’m not just a pretty face. Your pale, uneasy and have ligature marks around your wrists.”

The detective was uneasy and definitely doubting her sanity but felt, that she needed to tell someone. Taking a deep breath, she finally told her story, “I was in the washroom when she appeared to me. She was pale and had red eyes. There was a message on the mirror DANA SHULPS that appeared on the mirror.”

Buffy knew in her gut that this was more than a simple haunting or vengeful spirit, “Okay come back to our room and let's see if we can't ID this girl.”

The detective was surprised, “You think this girl is real?”

Buffy just showed her the way back to their motel room. As they approached, she called out to JJ, “JJ we have company.” It would give him time to hide the supernatural aspects in the room. He looked up from his papers as she let her self into their room.

He greeted the detective, “Hello again Detective.”

Buffy gave him a grim smile, “We have someone who can ID our victim.”

The detective sat on the bed unconsciously she rubbed her wrists as she focussed on one of the pictures that lay scattered on the bed. Holding up the photo she gave it to them, “This is her.”

JJ gently took the photo off her, “Claire Becker 28. She was busted for Heroin, but how does she link with our lawyer?”

Buffy took a look at the rap sheet, “Well she was last seen entering 2411 Ashland Street.”

The female detective was gathering her wits, “What I want to know is how you got a hold of these booking photos?”

JJ gave her a charming smile, “Well we do have authorisation to enter all databases.”
He caught Buffy’s amused smile. The only authorisation was Sam showing his little sister how to hack.

Buffy refocused her attention, “Do you have any link? Work narcotics?”
She shook her head, “No Pete did. What now?”

JJ grabbed his jacket, “Well Gunn is arriving soon and you promised to meet him. Therefore I suggest we go to 2411 Ashland Street.”

A knock on the door broke Buffy’s reverie, she moved so she could open the door, “Hey Gunn.”

“Hey baby girl. Want to let me know what happened to make you and the dark one split from the group.”

JJ tugged her hand, “We’ll let you know what we find out.”

The smile that was on the fair slayer’s face told Gunn everything; He’d seen Buffy and Angel together once and thought the emotion that was surrounding them could power LA. The problem was the emotion that surrounded them was no longer healthy. It was very clear that whatever Buffy was doing now, it was making her a happy slayer.

She waited until he sat on the bed before she asked him, “What have you heard about the Winchester’s?”

Gunn knew the lore around them, “Evil killed the wife biggest mistake Evil ever made.”

That summation made Buffy laugh, “Best description about my family, nicest that I’ve heard.”

Gunn sucked in a breath, “You mean to say your Johnny Winchester’s little girl.”

Buffy nodded, “Yep and damned proud. I’ll give a cliff note version of my life.”

Gunn sat with rapt attention as she finished explaining “ . . . I sat on a bed listening to them plan my life and flipped. Dad the day before had text me saying he had a bead on the demon. I decided to go back to the family and continue hunting.”

Gunn relaxed, he figured it was something along those lines. A small smirk formed on his lips, “So out the goodness of your heart you let me know about Willow.”

She wasn’t able to pull off the innocent expression, “Yeah well Willow would try to cover this but if Giles gets a bill from you guys…” Her voice trailed off but he got the idea.

While he was still a little unbalanced she dropped another bomb, “Oh and General Roberts made us all legit so when we get to the station we shouldn’t be too friendly.”

“Got ya.”

Police station

Buffy had replaced her jacket and was back to being the consummate professional. She went over to the desk officer flashing her badge, “I’m Special Agent Winchester. I need to talk to the Detective in charge of the Giles’ murders.”

The officer was confused, “I’m sorry Ma’am but he is transferring one of the suspects to County.”

Ashland Street

Jack was staring at the brick wall, “God I wish Buffy was here. She‘d make this wall disappear.”
He found a crowbar and attacked the wall at the weakest point he made a big enough hole to drag the body out that all but confirmed their suspicions. Gently he placed the body on the floor, JJ could see clearly that the detective was rattled, “What is it? You recognise something?”

She looked stricken as she delicately fingered the necklace, “This necklace is rare, custom made. I have one just like it,” then her voice went cold, “Pete gave it to me.”

JJ had his cell in his hand, “Buffy it’s the male detective.” The flurry of curses that came from his girlfriend’s mouth would have made a sailor blush. JJ didn’t close the phone off before he explained, “Your friend has done a runner with Kennedy. Are your trucks fitted with lojacks?”

JJ waited until she gave him a nod for confirmation, “Yes Buffy. Meet you there.”

Kennedy was annoyed she had the strength to break the link but he’d employed manacles, which she couldn’t break. He was standing with a gun pointed on her and while she was good, she couldn’t outrun a gun.

“Drop it.”

Her head turned to see the male agent from earlier and the female detective.

“Why did you do it Pete?” The detective couldn’t quite keep the sense of betrayal out of her voice.

Pete was smirking at her. “You really are going to shoot me? I know I am faster.”

JJ rarely dealt with human scum anymore, he knew he was a damn good shot. Still in these situations, he couldn’t guarantee a positive outcome. The odds were stacking in their favour when he caught a blonde blur. He kept the guys attention on him, “You know a gun is a good way to keep safe except for one time.”

The sneer grew, “Oh yeah How’s that?”

JJ’s smirk grew, “It pisses my girl off.”

Buffy had silently crept upon his position and the knife was against his throat. She hissed in his ear, “I don’t like them ever since one killed me.”

Kennedy dearly wished she could bitch at being rescued by her old nemesis but she had enough sense to keep quiet. JJ saw the spirit flicker into existence, “Hey I think Claire would like a word.”

It was natural justice in a way; the ghost got the final say. Diana shook her head, “What am I going to do?”

Buffy shrugged, “Well these two should be released. I called a lawyer to help. As for your report I would go with you got a tip-off about Claire. You confronted him and faced with the alternatives he turned the gun on himself.”

Kennedy found her voice, “What about the ghost?”

Buffy flipping her hair back smiled, “Claire is now at peace. She tried to warn her victims and now she has her revenge. Detective if it is all the same to you we wanna jet.”

The pair stumbled back to their room on a high. The solving of the case, the demise of the bad guy who was unusually a human. On top of that, Buffy had faced her past and survived; this all translated into an electric mood.

Buffy’s lips hovered over his, “I did promise you a celebration.”

“So you did and I wanna collect.” With everything said JJ walked them back towards the bed. They enjoyed an all night celebration.

In the morning a knock disturbed their slumber, JJ grumbled, “Can I shoot them?”

Buffy who wasn’t that alert, “Got my vote.” She sighed as she rolled out of bed and snatched up his shirt.

He took a thin sheet to wrap around himself and peered through the door. He rolled his eyes, “Glenda and the bitch are at the door. Shall I let them in?”

Buffy pouted, “Its for the best; they’ll only hang around otherwise.”

He could see the restless expression on her face, which meant she'd had a slayer dream.

JJ opened the door stepping inside and grabbing his clothes as well as the gun.

Kennedy and Willow looked around the room, taking in the scene. The one rumpled bed, the guns on the sideboard and the two grab bags. Buffy was truly amused, “What can I do for you guys?”

Willow was trying, “Buffy we were your friends.”
“Friends? No, you were people who wanted me to be the hero and never have a life. UNLESS it was approved by you, Xander or Giles.” In truth Buffy did not even giver them her full attention as she packed.

Willow was sad, “What about your duty?”

Buffy was glad they were ready to roll and grabbed her weapon before she answered. She turned back to them with a cool glare, “I know duty and I still fight. Word of advice stay out of our business least you draw a shit storm down on you.”

Willow watched as they strolled out of the room hand-in-hand. Kennedy watched in amazement, Buffy was laughing at something JJ had said, something she had never seen once in Sunnydale. Kennedy realised what the changes were in the Queen Slayer, she was happy, content and boy did it show. Kennedy could not help but envy her.

JJ merely asked, “Where to ?”

Buffy had used her phone to search some information. “Rivergrove, Oregan. If my Dream is any indication we’ll be meeting up others.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Kind fates" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Jul 10.

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