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Kind fates

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Summary: The clone of O'Neill has found purpose with a new war. Buffy Winchester has closed the hellmouth and has had enough. How many fireworks occur when she joins up for the hunt?

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Real Family
Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Mini-Jack
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Disclaimer: I own nothing. All characters belong to their respective owners. That means i don't own Supernatural, Buffy or Stargate SG1. They belong to Eric, Joss and who ever owns SG1

Posted a while ago on Hellmouth, being edited and posted here.

Premise : Challenge response on Twisting the Hellmouth

AU: The clone of J O Neill found a new life hunting. He was happy, after all, he found new friends. The brothers Winchester but then he meets their sisier Buffy Winchester - The Slayer. She had done her duty and stayed on the hellmouth with her Aunt Joyce. However, faced with betrayals and the hell mouth closing she wants to join up with her brothers. Just how much fan can a slayer and clone have while hunting?

A/N Playing with timelines coz I ain’t sure how they mesh. Set post s7 Buffy during s1 Supernatural actually Buffy meets up before Dead mans blood convenient? For the record I’ll set this 2009 and work from their try to establish the timeline being used. For the The clone of O’Neill and Buffy will be 22 in this story.

JJ* - Jack clone


Jan 2009

JJ watched as she walked down the aisle and he was breathless. His bride-to be looked simply stunning in her gown. JJ had only recently stopped cursing the fates for messing up his life; along with little grey aliens. He knew haw sappy it sounded but without stupid Loki he would never have met her.

Her father was walking her down the aisle and her dazzling smile was only for JJ. It was one of his favourite smiles, showing love and affection and just a hint of a promise. A promise that made him wish it was already evening.

The ceremony started, “Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join two souls in holy matrimony. To watch as Jonathon Daniel O’Neill and Elizabeth Anne Winchester …. ”

John Winchester watched as his baby girl finally get married. It was a dream come true for many involved. John wanted to see his little girl marry the right man and he couldn‘t argue with her choice. JJ never thought he would be able to find a woman who could not only handle the weird but be strong enough to accept it.

For Buffy though, this was everything she wanted, a chance to share her life with someone who accepted all of her but strong enough not to be a victim. The fact he was a clone of an old air-force general just made sense; she had always been attracted older men. When he told her about his life, rather than thinking him crazy or going into shock she had laughed and said it was nothing. In fact, when she had calmed down she said it was a perfect situation. She tended to preferred older men but with a coy smiled added she likes the stamina of younger men.

That was when he knew he was truly lost; there could be no one else for him. He knew how lucky was and couldn’t help but could help but think how this all began.
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