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Knocking on Heaven's Door

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Summary: The Powers That Be control the Slayer. That's the way it's always been – until now. Especially if the angels have anything to say about it.

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered(Past Donor)akatFR1535,9717518,72713 Nov 0921 May 10No

Goodbye Blue Sky

Summary: The Powers That Be control the Slayer. That's the way it's always been – until now... especially if the angels have anything to say about it.
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and ME. Supernatural is Eric Kripke’s. Chapter title is from Pink Floyd.
Spoilers: Buffy through Season 3 (for now) and Supernatural through Season 5.



Los Angeles, 1989

Eight-year-old Buffy Summers sat crying in a chair outside of her cousin Celia’s room in the hospital.

Auntie Carol had picked her up right after school to visit Celia while her own mom was still at work. Her aunt had wanted to talk to the doctors first, so Buffy went into the room by herself - only to find Celia screaming, screaming, screaming, until she just… stopped.

Then everyone rushed into the room, and it was confusing and frightening. Buffy clung to Auntie Carol at first, but her aunt collapsed to the floor when she heard the doctor say that Celia was dead.

When that happened, a nurse immediately took Buffy out of the room and sat her in this chair. Then the nurse left to get her a drink of water and call her mom, but she hadn’t come back yet.

Feeling all alone, Buffy curled into a ball as huge sobs wracked her tiny frame.

“There, there, little one. She is with God now.”

Buffy jerked her head up to see where that gentle voice came from. She saw a man standing in front of her, someone she didn’t know. He was old, like Grandpa, and he was looking down at her with a kind smile. It wasn't as nice as Grandpa’s, but Buffy didn't care; he was the only one trying to make her feel better.

“But- but I want her here,” Buffy cried as big, fat tears rolled down her face.

The man wiped the tears away and patted her on the shoulder. “There is a time for everything. You will understand this later.”

“Hey,” someone with a funny accent said. “Get away from her.”

Through her tears, Buffy saw another stranger walking toward them. He was short, and he had a weird-looking hat on his head. And he did not look happy.

The first man straightened up and smiled. “Whistler,” he calmly greeted.

‘Whistler’ scowled. “She’s not one of yours, Zachariah. Stay away from her.”

“You have jurisdiction over her… for now,” Zachariah replied. “But she won’t be yours forever.”

“Like hell she won’t,” Whistler shot back. Then he smirked. “Or should I say, like heaven?”

Zachariah raised an eyebrow. “How very droll,” he said. “But this one here has a far greater destiny than you have set out for her.”

Whistler gave a snort of derision. “Like what? Solving your family problems? Yeah, that’s so much better.”

“Of course it is. And we will prevail. You, after all, only care about ‘balance’,” Zachariah mocked. “But us… well, we like to win.”

Zachariah turned back to Buffy, whose eyes had gotten bigger and bigger throughout their conversation, tears momentarily forgotten. She knew that something important was happening, but she had no idea what that was.

“When the time is right, little one, I will see you again,” he promised.

Then he turned on his heel and walked away. Whistler scowled at the retreating figure. Buffy could’ve sworn she heard him mutter under his breath something like, Angels. Self-important bastards. Then he turned to look at her, too.

“Sorry, kid,” he said gruffly.

He really did sound sorry, too. But why? Because he used a bad word? Or because he and the other man argued? Before Buffy could ask, however, he touched her forehead and her vision went completely white.

Buffy closed her eyes tightly, desperately trying to make it stop. When she finally opened them again, she could see, but she forgot where she was.


She turned to see her mom running down the hall toward her. Then it all came rushing back to her; Celia’s screaming, the confusion, Auntie Carol…


Buffy dissolved into fresh tears as her mom embraced her. As she cried, however, strange words echoed in her head.

When the time is right, little one, I will see you again.

She shut them out as she clung to her mom. She was safe. That’s all she needed to know.

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