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Purified By Innocence

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Summary: Medieval AU. Knights like Dean must be paired with an innocent who can neutralize the dark taint that builds up inside them due to their close contact with evil. Sam and Dean are not brothers. Slash, incest.

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Chapter 8

A week had passed since the trip out to the possessed girl in the woods and Sam's riding lessons had started soon after. He was doing quite well and progressing faster than anyone had thought. Of course, every word of praise that fell from Dean's lips had Sam beaming, his dimples showing and eyes twinkling.

When Dean wasn't busy with taking care of running the castle or training, they would spend time together, laughing and talking. Sam got to build his stable for the elephant... and the dogs, and chickens, and pigs, and ducks, and geese, and sheep, goats and the lone cat who bounded after him every where he went, so it really didn't stay in the stable much. Eventually, Sam found a name for his beloved cat one day after talking to Peter. He'd found out that Dean's middle name was Jonathan and well, the very next day, 'Sir John the cat' was introduced at the breakfast table as he drank his goat milk because Sam was adamant that Sir John needed to break his fast, with everyone else.

Sam managed to get Dean to go out with him to visit his mini- zoo and pet the animals who all but attacked Sam with kisses, pouncing on him as soon as they walked through the open doorway. Bridgette, Sam's female hound dog was due to have her pups any day now, and looked as though she were ready to pop any second she was so big. Dean managed to look interested, but that was because he was mostly focused on his innocent and not the array of four legged creatures he kept.

It was night and they were just walking into the castle from one of their long walks within the castle's outer walls, since Sam insisted a night time stroll was a good thing. Of course, living at a monastery half full of girls from whom he'd learned many notions, the truth was that Sam thought a night time stroll was romantic, but he refused to speak the words even though he had a feeling that maybe, just maybe, Dean knew.

Before they entered, Dean pushed Sam up against the solid rock wall and kissed him until they were both out of breath. "Didn't want to waste the moonlight." Smirking, he pulled his bemused innocent inside with him. "What would you like do now? Listen to music, ask for stories, or play charades? Or..." he trailed his finger down Sam's throat, "is there anything else you want to do."

Sam's shock was quickly replaced with pleasure as Dean pressed him against the rock wall and kissed him. Breaths coming faster, harder, Sam gazed at Dean as he drew back, smiling shyly at his words and trying not to chuckle. Sam drew in a shaky breath, a shiver running through his body, the simple touch to his neck sending gooseflesh throughout his entire body and blood surging to his cock. He cleared his throat and smiled, hanging his head for a moment as he mustered up the courage to be flirtatious. Looking up, Sam bit his lip for a moment. "We could," he licked his lips, "play our own game of charades, up," his gaze darted to the stairs and back to Dean's face, "up in your, - our, room," he cleared his throat again nervously, "my lord."

"Naked charades. Done." Smirking, Dean kissed Sam one more time, then tugged him inside, ignoring Charles' calls to come join the others.

Sam dipped his head down, hiding his blush as they passed by the other knights on their way to the stairs and up to their room. Naked charades... Well, he hadn't exactly thought naked, but yeah it would have led to that... Sam snickered softly as he shook his head about how freely his knight spoke of such things, as if it were proper to do so. "You know," Sam mused aloud as he looked over at Dean, eyes dancing, "it's a good thing that things worked out the way they did and it were not me who was the knight coming to get you from the monastery. You would have given all of those poor old men heart attacks, I assure you." Sam nodded, grinning. "And here they thought that the four of us were bad!"

"Maybe," he grinned. "I do like hearing about your bad streak, you hide it well." It was the truth, behind that innocent face lay trouble, and Dean had to keep a close watch or he might be wheedled into promising away everything he had. They reached the narrow stair case and started walking up. "What if you were the knight, and I was the innocent. Tell me how it would go. Tell me how you'd go about deflowering me," he added more specifically, searching Sam's face for that hint of pink in his cheeks he loved to be the cause of.

Sam smiled and ducked his head, heat staining his cheeks, "No, you do not wish to hear that from me," he glanced up, "trust me, my lord. I grew up in a place with mostly girls and fanciful dreams," he shook his head, "No. Ask me something else. Anything else and I will tell you that. Not this."

"What I want most is to hear the answer to my question, would you deny me this small favor?" More than one of them could wheedle. "I'll start it for you. Dean was three years old when his parents threw him out of the window. You see, he was a nuisance in every way, even at that age. Naturally, he refused to be disposed of that easily, and landed on a turnip cart that was headed to the monastery. So he was accidentally left there, and not knowing what to do with him... with me, the monks kept him. Your turn."

Sam blinked at Dean, pressing his lips together so hard the tender flesh was turning white before he finally couldn't take it anymore and burst out laughing, his head tilted back. He laughed until tears were streaming from his eyes and he was holding his side. "Oh goodness, my lord," he shook his head, "a turnip cart?" he snickered a few more times before managing to quiet his laughter, though he still shook his head then nodded toward their bedroom door. "If you must hear, then inside, where no one else can hear my shameful girly dreams," he snickered again, shaking his head as he muttered, "turnip cart" under his breath.

Walking into the bedroom, Sam walked over to the bed and sat down on it's edge, looking up at Dean. He licked his lips, frowning thoughtfully. "Well, I would be a mighty and brave knight, so I would need an innocent to help me with the horrible darkness that plagues me," he nodded as he stared straight ahead at a point on the wall as if seeing what he was imagining as he spoke. "I would search far and wide for the right one, and well, I'd finally come to this monastery and see this youth with the greenest eyes that I just sort of got pulled into and I would know..." he smiled slightly, blushing as he glanced up at Dean, then quickly looked away, down at the bedding, picking at a thread. "Are you really sure you wish to hear this, my lord?"

"I don't ask for things I don't want," he answered. Walking across the room, he poured two goblets of wine, though he still watered down Samuel's like he would for a child. "I think this will be a fascinating story. And when we get to the deflowering part, we may need to be in bed. Naked." He gave Sam a lust-filled look, drawing a chair close to the bed, setting Sam's drink down next to the bed, then sitting so he could watch his innocent. "Greenest eyes..." he nodded, "and what if he didn't want to be an innocent. I have a feeling he'd be... rebellious."

Sam shrugged a shoulder shyly, "Well, that's all that the monks would raise him as.It's what they do. Rebellious, I have no doubt," his lips pulled into a wide smile, though he looked down at the bedding. "I doubt that," he cleared his throat, "Dean would like to have the monks tell him that he could not touch the others. Could not hold hands with his best friend when they ran or bump shoulders, or have a hug when he had a nightmare." Sam bit his lip and nodded, "Oh, I am certain he would be rebellious," he smiled, glancing at Dean, "I would hope him to be no other way."

A deep blush spread across Sam's face and disappeared under his tunic, before he tore his gaze from Dean's and looked back down at the bed thoughtfully. "So, they would raise you to be my innocent whether you wanted to be or not, as is customary," Sam shrugged a shoulder, "after all, it wasn't as though I were standing on the street yelling 'pick me, pick me' when you found me." He nodded, "And they would make you learn more Latin than any English person by rights should ever be made to, have you study and work hard by day, pray every morning and night, and midday. You would be given one hour every afternoon to pray for your knight, which time you would waste away by sending secret messages to your three best friends by way of blinks and swallows, coughs and smirks because talking during that time is forbidden," he explained, "...but there would be times that you would pray for me. You would pray that I would be handsome and kind, that I would care for you and not be cruel or beat you. You would pray that somehow, when the day came that God would grant you the strength to do what it was you had to do." Sam sighed softly and licked his lips, fidgeting on the bed.

Glancing over at Dean he bit his lip, "Am I angering you, my lord?" he shook his head, "I don't mean to, but you wanted to know what it would be like the other way around... I didn't figure you had any idea about my life before..." he hung his head, blushing once more, "not really."

Dean put his hands together, steepling his fingers as he regarded Sam. "Angering, no. I want to know, but remember... in this a story, the innocent is me. Do you think I'd break the rules and touch myself? And what if my knight saw this, would he condone punishment... what would he feel? You know what I mean, touch myself, like I showed you how to pleasure yourself."

Sam nodded, "Oh, I know, it's you." He picked nervously at the bed linens and shrugged a shoulder, "I was just filling in blanks for you, I mean that you might need to know for your rebellion." He cleared his throat, making a face at how uncomfortable this was, but he didn't voice it. "I, um, well, I wouldn't want him -" Sam glanced up at Dean and smiled, his face a deep red, "you," he hung his head again, gaze fixed once more on the bedding, "to do that, because that would be, um, for me." He frowned, "My right," Sam shrugged a shoulder, "at first, I mean. So, yeah, I wouldn't be happy and I'd probably say something about it." Sam frowned, shaking his head, "Punishment? No, you would be just a kid," he licked his lips and looked up, though not at Dean. "I think the prayer room is punishment enough."

"And if I was seventeen?" He saw the blank look on Sam's face and ran his hand through his hair. "You know the bawdy ballads they sing belowstairs? Make this story bawdy. It's not real, but it is you and me, and we want each other now... and in your tale. Say things that will make me and you ache between our legs, make us want to touch... to kiss. That is the purpose of this game, and you know how we end the aching." He gave his innocent a heart stopping smile, trying to encourage him to play.

Sam slowly turned his head to look at Dean straight on and not from the side, his mouth hanging open in shock and he knew his face was red, he could feel it burning with embarrassment. "I - I can't," he clamped his mouth closed and shook his head adamently, "I don't know how!" he insisted, as he hung his head, still blushly fiercely.

Blowing out a breath, Sam swallowed and closed his eyes, "I - I can tell you," he bit his lip, "um, how is this..." he slowly released his lip that he had started to chew again, letting it fall from between his teeth, wet and pink from abusing it. "I - I come to see you and you're in the bath... um, I watch you through the wall, and see you swimming and having fun in the water, but that's not what my focus is.... it's on the beads of water clinging to your skin and I am wishing I were one of those beads of water. I watch one run down your chest and in my mind, it's my hand, running over your too soft skin, that the sun has kissed and left freckles on," he bit his lip on a soft smile.

"I don't have freckles..." Dean started, then remembered Sam was talking about his childhood, and something in that smile said he still had them, which he did not.,

"I watch you blink the water from your eyes and I know how pure and green they are, I have carried that vision with me into every battle, it helped me when I wanted to just give up and give in, helped me to fight harder. I watch you start to lather soap on your body and I can't explain it but I am jealous of the soap because it gets to touch what I can not yet." Sam made a soft whining sound and peeked out of one eye as he bit his lip, "I am horrible at this..."

"Nay," Dean smiled. "You're just poetic. It's sensuous, it's... it's very you. Please continue."

"Sensuous," Sam grumbled, "Another word for 'womanly,'" he huffed and ran a hand through his hair. "I totally blame Christiana and Stephanie." Blowing out a breath, he licked his lips and closed his eyes. "Alright, where was I? Right. I, um, you start to lather your body and in my mind it is my hand running over your flesh, learning every area, every freckle and scar so that I can conjour every part of you up in my mind later if I want to." He smiled softly, "I watch as your hand travels lower, over your toned stomach and down," Sam swallowed hard and started to fidget more, even with his eyes closed, "Uuuh," he bit his lip, cheeks turning a bright crimson, "I watch as you start to wash between your legs, and think about how it would be if I were the one touching you there, if it was my hand on your member," he made a small choked sound deep in his throat, "think about stroking you and taking you in my mouth, like - like we practiced," he frowned, "sorry," he shook his head.

Thinking about Sam, re-imagining him in warriors clothes, battle hardened and full of desire, was difficult, but Dean managed. The words Sam spoke rang true... he'd been there, imagined touching his innocent, wanted it beyond everything else. "Go on," he couldn't manage to laugh now that he felt his cock stirring.

Sam nodded, "I, um, my eyes dart up to look at your face as you wash to see if," he grinned, "to see if my innocent is being innocent or demon spawn," his smile slowly melted away as he shook his head, "But what I see isn't a bad kid, a boy who doesn't listen. I see my innocent, his lips parted just right. It makes me want to come around and put my lips over yours and not care that the rules say I must wait another year. I see light brown long lashes wet from the water fanning over high cheekbones," a small smirk tugged at his lips, "that have the cutest smattering of freckles," he cleared his throat, "they go over the bridge of your nose too, by the by." Sam ducked his head snickering softly.

Giving his innocent a mock glare, Dean knew it would be fruitless to argue. He had, and lost. Time and again.

Sam cleared his throat and bit his lip, brow creasing in thought, "your head is tilted back and I have an overwhelming urge to run my tongue along the tender flesh there. Slowly, my gaze travels back down to your hands, between your legs and I think about how it would feel to have you rut against me, would you cling to me? Would you think me handsome?" he chewed his lip as he sat there a few moments deep in thought, his eyes still closed.

Dean's breaths had become more shallow as he imagined the pictures painted by Sammy. "I think I would take to rutting quite nicely, if you were my teacher. I'd find you very handsome, distinctive. All the other knights who came were short in comparison. You... with your ready smile, even as a knight I don't think you'd lose that, I would think you very handsome. I would... agree to let you take me."

Sam smiled wide and shook his head, "You would be in SO much trouble," he chuckled softly and took a deep breath, licking his lips. Peering out of one eye he looked at Dean and saw that he seemed to be waiting, apparently he wasn't off the hook yet. Closing his eye again, Sam nodded, "Right, okay, so I watch you climb out of the bath and I can see all of you now, not just parts that the water is not covering, too brief glimpses that are just not enough." He pressed his lips together thoughtfully. "So, as I watch you, I make up my mind to take what I so desperately want. I come inside. I have you in my arms and I am slanting my mouth over yours, I am touching you, my hands running over your skin as my tongue battles yours and I ache, I ache for you. I walk you backward until your back is against the wall and there I start to run my hands lower, learning your body, reaching down to touch your member and caress you there until you are aching just like me, my mouth on yours, against your neck, your jaw." I whisper in your ear how handsome you are, how long I have waited for you and how I have dreamt about you, about this moment for, eternity it seems." Sam shifted on the bed, moving to lay back against the headboard. He would never say it, never tell, but now he was telling his own dream, though it was working well as a story for Dean in the reversal and he was adding to it the new things he'd experiences, new knowlege he'd gained of coupling.

His boy learned fast... damned fast, Dean found out as his body tensed. The way Samuel told the story, it was equal parts sweet and bawdy. He shifted in his chair, not covering up the pole that had risen in his breeches. It was the point of this game after all. "I know these sensations, because I'm a rule breaker and I've touched myself... but it never felt like this," Dean chipped in. "I no longer have to imagine, you are there, solid, pressing me to the wall, touching me, holding me like I'm yours, and I am... once your mouth touches mine, I'm yours for always."

Blowing out a breath Sam, kept his eyes closed and slid down a little to get comfortable. "I tell you that I will make it good for you, because you are the brightness in my world, that I have loved you from afar and now I am going to show you. So, I start to remove my clothes and weapons. It's haphazardly done as I can't wait and I am unclothing mostly one handed because I can't stop touching you. I finally manage and there we are standing naked together, and I tell you to go ahead, touch me, that it's alright, that I want you too. I tell you not to be afraid that I would fight Lucifer himself to keep you safe."

"I argue that I'm not afraid of anything, but I am. I'm afraid touching you changes everything. I'm a little afraid of that look in your eyes, your smile is gone, and I wonder if I only imagined the dimples." He searched Sam's face, wondered if he was holding his breath. Rising, he went and lay next to him, on his side. "I touch you like this." He moved his hand very lightly over Sam's cock, hiding a smile as he felt his innocent's reaction. "I know you want more, I feel it, but I won't do it... not unless you tell me."

Sam felt the bed dip and knew the moment that Dean had laid down next to him though his eyes remained closed as he chewed his lip. At Dean's touch, Sam sucked in a small breath, body jerking slightly in surprise at the feeling.

He licked his lips again, slowly running the tip of his tongue over his bottom lip. "I, uh," he swallowed, a frown creasing his brow, "I moan at your touch, but it's not enough, I want more, more of you, but as bad as the monks say you are and as unafraid as you claim to be, I don't want to be like other knights I have heard stories about, so I lean in, cupping the side of your face with one hand and run my thumb over your bottom lip slowly as I gaze into your bright green eyes, my other hand slowly moves down between your legs. I wrap my hand gently around your cock and start to caress you, my mouth is close to yours now and we are breathing in each other's breaths as I watch your face and listen to the sounds you make. But, I can't take it any longer and I move my hand back slightly, my fingers threading into your hair as I press my lips to yours, kissing you slow and soft, it's hard to make it that way, because I want more, want to put my tongue in your mouth, but I force myself to go slow, to be gentle. Pulling back I suck your bottom lip into my mouth for a second before releasing it and smile at you."

"I don't know exactly what is happening to me. My body won't listen to my own commands. My heart beats so loud I can barely hear you over it's sound. When you touch me, when you close your hand around my cock, I can't help it... I moan into your mouth. I'm a bit embarrassed, but you don't seem to notice, you just keep touching my mouth with yours. I know... in my heart I know something comes next, but I don't know what it is. It just... my mouth burns, and I need... I need something. 'My lord... help me... I'm on fire, I don't know how to stop it,' I tell you." Rolling closer, Dean spoke with his mouth only inches from Sam's, hand resting on Sam's groin.

Sam gasped in a breath, chest rising and falling harder, his own breaths coming slightly heavier. He bit his lip, then licked them, the tip of his tongue touching Dean's lips in the process, causing Sam to stifle a low moan. Clearing his throat, Sam's brow creased thoughtfully as he tried to focus on the story and not Dean's hand on his cock or the taste of his lips on his tongue. "I - I tell you that it's alright, that I feel it too, that we're going to help each other. Wrapping my arms around you, I cup your buttocks in my hands and press you against me, let you feel how much I ache for you, and I tell you to rut against me, that it's alright to do it. While you do, I pull one arm from around you and bring my hand up to your face again, cupping your cheek, but this time I turn my hand and tell you to take my finger into your mouth, to suck on it and get it wet. As you do, I kiss your neck and jaw, moaning softly and telling you how wonderful you are, how good you feel. When I pull my wettened finger from between your lips, I pull my head up and stick the same finger into my own mouth as I gaze into your eyes. When I pull it out I wrap that arm back around you and lean in, my lips over yours and push my tongue between your teeth, into your hot mouth. My wet finger is behind you, at your hole and I'm slowly pressing it into you as I kiss you, pulling back just far enough to encourage you to rut against me harder, to do what makes you feel good."

Almost ready to rut against his innocent, Dean started to suggest it when his words were cut off as Sam displayed greater knowledge than what they'd done so far. "How. How do you know to do this, Samuel?" he asked, trying to forget the images, and concentrate on his innocent's answer.

Sam slowly blinked open his eyes, his breaths coming in pants, "M - my lord?" he asked, puzzlement clear on his face as he shook his head, "Do what? I was only doing what you asked of me. I -" Sam closed his mouth and bit his lip. "Was it not good enough?"

"Yes, too good," Dean rolled over Sam, pinning his arms up above his head. "Where did you learn about the fingers in my mouth and then pushing it in me, the way you just said?" He was breathing hard too, wanting Sam, but he wanted an answer. "Who told you... showed you these things?"

Sam's eyes widened as he struggled against Dean's hold on his arms, his mouth fell open as he tried to speak but no words came out. He shook his head, " N - nowhere, my lord. I didn't - " he continued to shake his head, "please, I - I was just trying to do what you told me to, to tell you a story. I -" he glanced up at Dean's hands holding his arms above his head then back at Dean's face.

Sam arched, trying to make Dean let go, "I - Christiana! She - she said that when a knight takes a girl she bleeds because he tears her open, and when a knight takes a boy he has to wet his fingers," Sam shook his head, "I don't know! You - at the cottage, I felt... I just put the two together, I swear it." Sam told him, eyes wide and shiny with fear.

"Why are you afraid of me?" Dean frowned. "I've never hurt you... I never would. I just needed to know, and you've explained." He brushed Sam's mouth with his. "Get naked for me as you tell me the rest." He released Sam and rolled away, but left almost no room between them.

Sam sighed as he slowly brought his arms down. Closing his eyes he licked his lips and took in a deep breath. "No, you haven't, but it-" he shook his head, "just scares me. You were angry, I thought and I -" he ran a hand over his face. "Bad memories of other knights and other innocents, I guess," he answered softly, "I'm sorry." he sighed, raising up on an elbow. "Naked?" he quirked a brow, "Me? Now?" he poked Dean in the chest, "What about you?" he smiled slightly, "What, now I am to strip for you too? Why do I get the feeling you are getting the better part of this deal?"

"Because you are getting to know me. Alright... you're playing knight... you get to say what I do, as you're telling me how it happened," Dean magnanimously compromised. Rolling onto his side, he locked gazes, a challenge in his eyes.

Sam opened his mouth to argue and closed it again with a sigh. "Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut..." he mumbled under his breath, reaching down to pull his tunic up before sitting up and pulling it over his head. Laying back down Sam looked over at Dean, "You should take yours off too." He nodded, then closed his eyes, trusting that Dean would do as he asked.

Licking his lips, Sam sighed, brow creased thoughtfully. "Okay, so, I tell you to do what makes you feel good, to rut against me, and I'm kissing you and distracting you as I push my finger into you, slowly moving it in and out of you. I whisper to you how good you are how good you feel and tell you how much I want this, want you," he licked his lips, wiggling slightly on the bed, his erection pressing against his breeches, making him moan softly deep in his throat. Sam bit his lip, "Hmm.. I - uh, work another finger into you we rut against each other and my mouth is at your throat, I'm sucking and nipping your flesh, unable to get enough of you. My free hand moves around to your cup your face as I pull my head up and look into your eyes. I tell you how beautiful you are as I rain kisses over your face, eyelids, the bridge of your nose, your cheeks," he smiled softly, "if I could I'd kiss every freckle. And yes, you have them stop looking at me like that," Sam told him, though his eyes were still closed.

Dean frowned in consternation at that, but he had his shirt off, and the story pleased him. Aroused him. He watched Sam the entire time, the way certain descriptions had him squirming, or restless. The outline of his shaft straining against his beeches, the soft sounds he was unable to hide.

Clearing his throat Sam continued, "I pull my fingers from you and step back, taking your hand in mine as I sit down on the floor, then lay back, pulling you down with me, on top of me. I tell you that I need to be inside of you, that I have to. I swear that I will do my best to make it good for you, as I cup your face in both my hands and kiss your lips softly. I tell you to sit up then, as I reach between us and take my member into my hand and caress myself a few times, then tell you to lift up, to sit down on it slowly. I hold it so that you can, watch you as you do, the looks on your face, the way you are trying so hard to do what I ask of you, but I can tell that it hurts and it breaks my heart to see it. I move my hips to help you and finally you're there, and I'm all the way inside of you. I pull you down so that I can kiss away your tears, tell you that I'm sorry. I tell you how much you mean to me, how I've loved you from afar for so long."

Sam's hand slid down his body to cup himself through his breeches, his hips thrusting upward, his cock into his hand, a soft moan escaping him, before he licked his lips a strained whimper sounding deep in his throat.

Every image painted by Samuel's words ratcheted up Dean's lust. He was so so hard, it hurt. When he moved his hand over his own breeches, he found them wet with his precum, moaning as he touched himself. "Oh God... where did you lean that?" Once again, it was nothing they'd ever done. Was it because his innocent dreamed of doing it? He knew, in his heart he knew Sam was innocent, because otherwise he could not have cleansed his soul. But the depth of his imagination scared him a little, what would he dream up next? "And do you mean it, when you say you love me?"

Sam slowly opened his eyes, a deep blush staining his cheeks as he looked up at Dean. "I learned it from you, a long time ago. We did that every night for years." His gaze lowered, looking away as he licked his lips, shook his head. "I didn't know what it would feel like, didn't know how I would feel really, but I knew there was pain..." Sam bit his lip his gaze darting back up to Dean's "and everytime you made it better." He shrugged a shoulder slightly. "Yeah, I do... love you, have for a long time before I knew you and now that I know you.... even more so."

"Do you think..." he cleared his throat. "Would you love any knight? Since you imagined a faceless knight?" It was ridiculous to be jealous of ... of nothing, a non-existent knight, of a dream lover. Ridiculous, but Dean wanted Sam's love only for himself, he wanted it in the depths of his soul.

Sam shook his head, "No, not just any knight," he smiled softly, raising a hand to cup Dean's cheek, "just my knight." He smiled wider, then started to giggle, "I certainly didn't love Peter!"

"But if he'd claimed you as your knight," Dean persisted, the circular thought giving him a headache, but taunting him nonetheless. "You thought he was yours, that day. What if it had been true?"

Sam looked down, his smile falling away, "Then I would have done as is expected of me, but," he bit his lip, "at night when I couldn't sleep, I would have thought of the knight I wanted," he looked up at Dean, "of you."

That took Dean's breath away. Reaching for Sam, he pulled him close, partly on top of him as he raised his mouth and kissed him. It wasn't enough, not at all enough. Sliding his hand behind Sam's head, he deepened the kiss, claiming him with his tongue, exploring every corner of the silky depths of his mouth. When they needed to break for air, he looked up. "And if you were anyone else's innocent, I would kidnap you, take you for my own, even if I had to fight a thousand armies. I'd recognize you as mine only." Sliding his hand down Sam's back to his ass, he pressed down. "All of you."

Sam's heart ached at those words, but it was a good ache. Dean pressing down on his rear, his groin pressed against Dean's, Sam's breath hitched, even as he had to close his eyes to hide the sting of tears. Happy tears. Sam lowered his mouth over Dean's like he'd showed him, lips parted, and ran his tongue over his knight's bottom lip before pressing it inside to slide against Dean's own. Sam's arms slid under Dean's shoulders, hands clasping the tops, holding onto him tightly.

He moaned as Sam's tongue entered his mouth and tangled with his tongue. Sam tasted sweet like innocence and salty like tears, like the rarest of spices. Between kisses, he murmured the love words that he knew Sam hear. What started as slow lingering kisses and touches quickly ignited into more. The kisses became more desperate, the touches rougher. They rolled on the bed, changing positions again and again, with Dean somehow managing to undo both their breeches. "Do you want to try it... the way you would take your innocent for the first time, if you were a knight?" he asked, his voice husky with lust.

Sam's breaths panted out as he looked at Dean, lips parted, eyes glazed with passion. "Uh-huh," Sam nodded, and licked his lips. "I -" Sam swallowed hard, scared, but this had been something he had dreamed about for a very long time. "Yeah, like, um, my knight - you and me," he nodded as he spoke, eyes wide.

Dean jacknifed up, bringing Sam up with him. "Pants off." Lifting up, he rid himself of his own britches, the put the pillows against the headboard. Pushing himself up the length of the bed, he sat slightly reclined with his back against the pillows and legs slightly bent. He grasped his cock and stroked himself as he watched Samuel undress more slowly, biting his lip as he glimpsed Sam's perfect ass. "Samuel, grease yourself... let me watch," he said, nodding toward the table within reach. A small porcelain plate held a measure of butter.

Sam knelt at the foot of the bed, his clothes removed as he looked from Dean to the butter on the nearby table and back biting his lips. His mouth opened, to say that he didn't know how, but then he clamped it closed without saying anything. Nodding he turned his upper body and reached for the butter dipping two fingers into it before turning back around, his bottom lip held tightly between his teeth, as a slow blush worked over his features and down his neck.

Squeezing his eyes closed, Sam reached back behind himself and started to push a finger inside his tight hole, slowly sliding it in, his face a mask of concentration, lip turning white as he bit into it hard, face flushed a deep red. Gasping out a breath, his lips parted. Pulling his finger almost out, he added the second, a whimper tearing from his throat before he grit his teeth, pressing his fingers all the way in. Sam held his breath, eyes squeezed tightly closed, lips pressed together as he whimpered and fought not to pull his fingers out and say he couldn't do it.

So hot, so fucking hot, watching his innocent finger fucking himself like that. He couldn't see his ass, but the reactions of his body, the small sounds he made, it was enough for Dean. He could imagine Sam's fingers splitting him open for him, preparing him to take his cock. His breaths came out in harsh near gasps as he continued to stroke himself until he was rock hard. "Crawl over my lap, I will finish it."

Sam opened his eyes as he pulled his fingers out, a sigh of breath leaving him before he leaned down on his hands, crawling on hands and knees up the bed onto Dean's lap, he straddled his knight, holding himself up on his knees, Sam leaned down, his open mouth brushing over Dean's.

"Mmmm," Dean gave him a noisy kiss, then wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close. He felt Sam's jutting cock press into his chest as he slid his mouth along Sam's hip bone, sucking and kissing him. "You're so beautiful, Sam." Hand splayed across Sam's thighs, he moved them up and down, sometimes inwards between his thighs, taking his time as if memorizing his body for all time. As he moved his hands, one pulling Sam's cheek to one side, the other moving to allow his index finger to rub against his hole, playing with it, smearing the butter around.

Sam watched Dean's hands run over him for a while, until the pleasure got to be too much and his head fell back, lips parted, soft moans leaving him, though his cheeks remained stained a soft pink blush. He slowly pulled his head up, his breath leaving him in a gasped breath, before he whimpered, biting his lip, body straining forward to rut against Dean and back against his finger.

Sam's eyes widened as he felt the blunt tip of Dean's cock at his hole, slowly starting to fill him, his breaths panted out fast, hand grasping at Dean's shoulders as low groans and whimpers tore from his throat. "It - I," Sam shook his head, closing his eyes and biting his lip. He lifted himself up a little, then back down, trying to push down further, to take Dean deep inside, though he whimpered as he moved, biting hard on his lip.

"I know... different position. Take as much as you can, then stop," the knight said reassuringly. His stomach was clenching with need, his cock leaking, his body, eager to thrust deep inside Sam, yet he gripped Sam's hips and held his breath, allowing Sam the time he needed. "Bounce a little... small movements." His eyes practically rolled back when Sam moved and he got a taste of what it would be like to be sheathed within his tight hole. "More, more Sammy," he locked gazes with his innocent, eyes pleading.

Nodding at Dean's instructions, Sam did as he told him, taking a little more then stopping, bouncing slightly and taking more, then he was sitting flush on Dean, fingertips digging into his knights shoulders, short blunt nails leaving crescent moon indentions. Sam gasped and whimpered, A small cry tearing from his throat before his head fell back and a groan tore from him. He lifted his head, eyes glazed, pupils lust blown as he looked at Dean, brow furrowed. "Oh God, so.... so much, I - " Sam's hands were shaking as he held onto Dean. He licked his lips, breaths panting out,"Is it - do you like it?"

Dean nodded, screwing his eyes shut as he fought for control "I... like it a lot. You will too... just trust me." He moved his hips up, very gently, in circular motions, a groan breaking out of him at the intensity of the sensations crashing through him even with just these small movements. Lifting Sam up slightly, he allowed him to come back down over him, this time looking at the highly polished mirror that had been placed on the wall since he'd taken his innocent.

Sam gasped as Dean moved him on his cock, lips parted as he clung to Dean. He bit his lip of sounds breaking from his throat.

"Look," he nodded toward it, pushing Sam up again, this time revealing more of his own cock, then watching as Sam lowered, impaling himself. "Beautiful, hmm?" Even before Sam answered, he started to thrust with more speed, seeking Sam's pleasure point.

Sam looked over where Dean nodded and gasped at the image of himself impaled by Dean's member. Heat burned Sam's face as he blushed deeply, but he couldn't seem to tear his eyes away. "B - beautiful? I - I," Sam gasped and arched as Dean did that same thing he had done at the cottage that had him feeling so good. A small cry tore from Sam's throat, "Dean... Nuugh... Nuugh..." Sam ground himself back on Dean, his cock leaking precum and aching. One of Sam's hands moved hesitantly to wrap around his cock, a gasp leaving him as he moved his hand on himself, head falling back, though he kept his eyes on his reflection.

Dean's eyes too were glued to the reflection, watching Sam stroke himself, ecstasy etched on his face. "Move with me, up and down," he said, and suddenly they were both groaning. The need to ram into Sam, take what he needed was growing, and only the fact that Sam himself took his instruction stopped him. "Oh God... oh God," he groaned, looking in the mirror as Sam rode him, watching his hard flesh disappear repeatedly inside his innocent. With his cheek resting against the side of Sam's chest, he kissed and licked him as he watched, slowly burning up as if he was walking through the fires of hell. "Yes ... Sam..."

Sam moved up too high, and Dean's cock slipped out of him. "Angh... Sam," Dean grasped his cock and positioned it, looking up at Sam.

Sam bit his lip, released his shaft and moved back, pushing himself down on Dean's cock, lips parted, lashes fluttering as he closed his eyes. A small groan tearing from his throat. "Should - should I sit up, all the way up? Like you're my horse?"

Dean groaned, "Now that's all I'm going to think of when you're riding your horse. Yes," he nodded, "ride me, as fast and hard as you want." He seized Sam's sides with his large hands sliding up and down, then pulling him in. Capturing his mouth with his own, Dean kissed him fiercely, with all of the lust that had built up from Sam's story telling and then visually in the mirror. He was hot, burning up inside, wanting, needing to be ridden, and he put all of that in the relentless kiss, his tongue everywhere at once, demanding a response and complete capitulation.

Sam moaned into the kiss, hands clenching at Dean, finger tips digging into tender flesh as whimpers and groans broke from deep in his throat. He tried his best to keep up with his knight, giving back as good as he got, hoping he was pleasing Dean.

When he broke the kiss, his lips hurt and Sam's were swollen and red. "Now. Ride me to the finish," he said, gaze locking with his innocent's.

Sam sucked in air, breaths panting as he stared at his knight, eyelids droopy, hazel's glazed with passion, a small smile pulling at his lips before he pulled up, sitting back straight on Dean's hard cock and lifting as far as he could, then lowering, watching Dean's shaft sliding in and out of him in the mirror, lips parted, head back, cheeks flushed with passion.

"Oh God... oh fuck..." Dean helped Sam ride him, arm muscles bulging each time he lifted him. It was unbelievably erotic, being able to watch Sam bounce up and down, take him in his body, ride him like that. The faster they moved, the louder their joint panting and moans got.

Sam couldn't think, could barely gasp in enough breath, his body was on fire, ached and felt so good, so full. His cock pulsed in his hand, leaking precum as he clumsily stroked himself. "Uugh... uugh.... Dean..." Sam's moaned and mewled, writhed and ground back against the cock in his ass, thrusting up into his firsted hand. So good, better than any dream, better than he could have ever imagined.

"Yes... fuck, yes," Dean said, through clenched teeth as heat pooled in his groin. Releasing Sam's waist, one hand closed around Sam's cock, and they pumped him together.

Sam gasped, straining his hips forward into their joined fisted hands, back arching, muscles tensing, clenching Dean's cock inside him. "Oh God.... Dean... gonna... I can't..." Sam squeezed his eyes closed as he grit his teeth, his free hand gripped Dean's bicep, fingertips digging into his flesh.

Dean didn't know where he started and his innocent ended, all he knew was they were joined, body on soul, racing for heaven. He felt his climax like a rumbling eruption. "Now... Yes....Yes!" he shouted, lifting his body up, holding Sam down against him, preventing either of them from moving as he came deep inside him.

Sam's face twisted into a look of almost pain before his hips bucked just slightly, face flushed. He came with a harsh cry, Dean's name tearing from his lips as his spunk coated their joined hands. His body shook, trembled and jerked as he rode out his orgasm, lips parted, small grunts and groans leaving him, his head tilted back, before he collapsed forward onto Dean's chest, breaths panting out against his knights neck.

Dean ran his hand up and down Sam's back, soothing him, even as he continued to rock for another minute until the last waves of his own ecstasy subsided. "And then the innocent went to live with his knight, and they lived happily ever after," he murmured against Sam's ear. "Look what a good story-telling can do."

Sam let out a breathy chuckle, not moving a muscle, not totally sure he could if he wanted to. Sam's eyes started to slide closed as he lay there on Dean. "Mmm.... good.... story...." Sam mumbled sleepily.

"Maybe tomorrow we'll..." A sneaky suspicion crossed Dean's mind, and he looked down. Sure enough, his innocent was burrowing close and almost asleep. "You are going to quickly turn me into a 'one round wonder'," he complained, repositioning his innocent, laying him on the bed and taking care of cleaning them up. By the time he got under the covers and pulled Sam close, Sam was fast asleep. Morning sex... maybe that would be better for extended bed play, though they had been at it for quite a while. His innocent was both imaginative and a fast learner. Kissing him on the temple, Dean closed his eyes and thought about all the things he wanted to teach Sam.

* * *

The courtyard outside the castle was a flurry of activity. knights, some already on horseback, others mounting or retrieving arms ran around getting their tasks done. Servants brought large bags filled to the hilt and secured them to the supply horses. Instructions were given to those staying behind to protect the castle and routes were worked out by those Dean entrusted with that task.

Wearing a fur trimmed tunic and a fur lined cloak for the long ride ahead, Dean finished talking to the men in his library. Amounts that would be collected from his villages, what income could be expected from the market fairs that belonged to him, and who would take care to record the transactions was taken care of. He signed two requests for allowances to remarry. The noble widows in question had paid the required sums, and he wished them well.

He finished his mental checklist, then bellowed. "Why has Samuel not been summoned yet?!" His innocent would disappear for hours and finding him always required a hunt. If he wasn't off exploring the castle, he had his nose in a book or manuscript, or was busy rescuing a creature which would inevitably be added or sneaked into his personal stable.

Sam's head snapped up at the sound of his name being called by one of the servents. "Looking from the servant to the small chickling in his hands, Sam sighed.

"Coming!" he called back as he stood, carrying the bird with him.

"I'll just take you with me. How's that? Would you like to go for a walk? Come on, I'll introduce you to his lordship. He's really not as mean as he likes to seem. You'll like him," Sam muttered to the bird as he walked.

Entering the Castle, Sam went to where they had told him Dean was awaiting his presence. "My lord?" Sam asked as he walked in, trying to hide the chick in the folds of his tunic... just in case.

"Sam, where have you ..." Dean let out a frustrated breath and gave Sam a reproachful look. "I thought you might at least like to bid me good bye."

Sam gave a small sad smile, "I thought maybe if you couldn't find me, you wouldn't leave..." he offered a hopeful look, biting his lip as he stepped closer.

"I have to, there are people who are dy... who need help. I just wish, well, I didn't want to leave you alone so quickly. I've sent word to see if Kate can be spared to come for a visit. If so, an armed guard will go collect her. You , on the other hand..." he walked up to Sam and cupped his face, "you are not to leave the walls of the castle for any reason, unless Charles tells you. Is that understood, Samuel?" He knew that soft and innocent as he might seem, Sam had a stubborn side to him.

Sam frowned, "Well, if I just go to the houses within the area..." he sighed, seeing he wasn't going to win this, "yeah, okay." he hung his head, then looked up, "Can I have a calf? There was this one that I saw," Sam saw the look on Dean's face, "no, wait! You gotta hear this!"

"What. Is. That. Sound?" Dean's gaze snapped to the folds of Sam's tunic. "You fit a calf under there?!" He'd seen everything now.

Sam chuckled and shook his head, pulling his baby chick out for Dean to see, "They were just hatched a couple days ago. Isn't he cute?"

"It will make us a fine dinner sometime," he agreed, looking heavenward. "Sam... I do not want to find a 'zoo' when I get back, I'm serious. Once word of the elephant gets out, I will already be the laughing stock of this side of old Blighty."

Sam frowned and pulled his chicken up close to his chest. "He will not make a dinner for anyone!" Sam told him eyes wide. Sam bit his lip, "Not a zoo, uh-huh. I know. I mean, what are the chances of me finding another elephant?..." his eyes widened, "or a lion! Or tiger!"

"Samuel..." Dean pointed at him. "Now drop that damnable creature and kiss me goodbye." He opened his arms.

Sam smiled at him, and took a couple quick steps forward placing the bird on the desk, before hurrying back and wrapping his arms around, Dean. "If you argue about the bird, you can't kiss me." Sam told him, to keep from having to hear how putting the bird on furniture was not what he had meant. "I shall miss you, my lord," Sam told him softly as he bit his lip, hazel eyes searching green.

"I shall miss you more." Lowering his mouth over Samuel's, Dean crushed the boy to him as he kissed him deeply. In a matter of a little over a month, Sam had become important to him in ways that he'd never imagined, ways that had nothing to do with their relationship as master and innocent. "I will miss your conversation. And your..." he allowed his gaze to travel down Sam's body. "Keep safe. Do not get in trouble when I am too far to... for me, Samuel."

Sam pressed his lips together and nodded, "I won't let you down." he promised, as he gazed into Dean's face, then bit his lip, raising a hand to cup Dean's cheek, thumb running over his cheek bone. "You be safe," Sam gave a nod, "come back to me well," he offered a small brave smile, though it didn't reach his eyes. He cleared his throat and took a step back, reaching for his bird, "I should, let you get going, I guess," he mumbled, fidgeting. Tucking the bird back in the folds of his tunic, Sam stepped closer again, fitting his open mouth over Dean's and letting his tongue run over Dean's lips slowly before he drew back a hairs breath away.

"I love you," Sam told him, offering a small smile as he backed up, continued to slowly back away as he looked at Dean, "I just - just wanted to tell you that," in case, Sam shrugged a shoulder, then turned and hurried from the room.

Right there. This was the problem with loving someone. He'd never had so much trouble leaving his castle. If the hunt weren't so far, if it weren't as dangerous, he'd have taken Sam with him. Once Dean could no longer hear Sam's footfalls, he walked out of the library, and strode outside, barking out last orders as he mounted up. As they started riding, he looked back, wondering if Samuel was at a window, and then started to ride hard for the gates leading outside the the castle walls.

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The End

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