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5 Women Xander Never Dated

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Summary: Xander's luck with women, continued true to form after the fall of Sunnydale.

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SithicusFR786,01903321,79414 Nov 0921 Nov 09Yes

Second Star to the Right

Author's Notes: Fast update folks, and I fear the title may give this one away, I do hope I'll get a few reviews before days end. See first chapter for Buffy disclaimer, and see below for disclaimer concerning the secret date Xander gets this time.

Xander couldn’t be sure, but he couldn’t imagine anything worse, demons, vampires, mummies, those he could handle. But this? How on Earth did that online service hook him up with her, at least, that’s what he’d like to know.

She’d arrived for their date promptly, as soon as she saw him, she turned an interesting shade of pink, quite literally. Then she promptly started to cry, her language made it difficult to understand her woes, but his past experiences helped.

Xander offered a tissue to the distraught woman. “I’m sorry, really I am, but believe me, I’m not a pirate.”

She said something he almost couldn’t catch.

“Honest, cross my heart, no pillaging or looting for me,” he replied, raising his right hand.

She cheered up and started to discuss plans to at least try and make this date work, as she did, she flew over his head and sprinkled dust on him.

“Well, ok, I can see us doing that I guess, but are you sure this is the best idea?” Xander started to rise off the ground, he was a little unprepared for it.

She nodded and said a firm yes.

“Alright, lead the way, Tink,” Xander encouraged with a winning smile.

The End

Disclaimer: Tinker Bell belongs to Walt Disney Corporation, the author claims nothing else.
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