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The Neutral

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Summary: When Light and Dark form an alliance to stop their war and find their origin, Angel and the others will be in for a ride of revelations and surprises. Warning: slash

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/SpikeGaladrielleFR1522,135021,00315 Nov 0915 Nov 09No

Chapter 02

Chapter 2: Secrets revealed

The drive to Sunnydale was mostly in silence after Angel told them about Spike’s past and his love for the blond.

Cordy began telling Gunn about the Scoobies.

Snickering she remarked, “Boy, Angel and Xander used to have some dustups. It reminds me of how me and Xander used to constantly….,” her eyes widen as a sudden thought occurred to her.

“Angel,” she purred, “Is there something you want to tell us?”

Angel stiffened and stared determinely at the road, “Uh, no?” with little hope that she would let the matter rest.

Gunn and Wesley exchanged puzzled glances, wondering what was Cordy getting at.

“You know,” she remarked in a thoughtful tone, “The way you would always react to Xander sorta reminds me of how Xander and I used to fight, right before we headed to the nearest broom closet…ya know? Now, spill it Mr. I’m In Denial!”

With a sigh, Angel gave in knowing Cordy would only pester him endlessly about his secret attraction to Xander Harris.

"Alright already! Look I don't want to have secrets between us so I am going to tell you this, so please don't freak out or anything. I’ve loved Spike since the first time I saw him, but I also fell in love with Xander. They are both beautiful, loyal and love with a great deal of passion. They hide behind masks, Spike behind his Big Bad image, Xander behind jokes and sarcasm. At least now that I'm gonna be with Spike I will have one half of my dream come true. Besides, nothing will ever come of my attraction to Xander, afterall he hates me.” He brooded silently on his unrequitted love for the original male Scooby.

"But you loved Buffy!" protested Cordelia, while she had guessed the truth it still confused her…Angel in love with Xander?!

"No, I was with her to punish my demon,” Angel admitted quietly. He continued, “According to Willow and Giles, it was her virginity that actually released Angelus. If she hadn't been a virgin Angelus wouldn't have been released. Willow and Giles told me that after I came back,”

“You mean that if Buffy had been a skanky ho, Angelus would have never been freed,” Cordy gasped.

Angel looked at her, “Well, why that’s not exactly how I would have put it, but essentially that’s correct,” he said dryly.

Again thoughtful silence filled the car before Gunn broke it with his question.

"Do you really think the war will stop just because we find this guy and turn him back into a girl?"asked Gunn quietly hopeful.

"If it's true that God and Devil made such a deal then it follows that this also must be true. I can hardly believe that there should be an entity that no one was aware of and that instead of two Presences that there are actually three! This changes everything…that all three were one entity, Good Lord think of the implications!” Wesley ended, sounding excited.

Angel, Gunn and Cordy laughed at their British friends excitement, only their Wes would find something like this exciting. And with fresh resolve lifting their spirits, they continued on to Sunnydale.


By midnight the L.A. crew arrived in Sunnydale and stood in front of the ruins from the school.

“Damn girl, you weren’t kidding when you say you guys blew up the school,” Gunn muttered.

They shivered as two powerful Presence appeared in front of them….

….a man-- blond hair, pale skin and black eyes.

….the other with black hair, also pale but with eyes of blue.

"Welcome lower beings" greeted the blond. At a sharp glance from the blue-eyed man, he said “Look, I’m Evil okay?!”

The other continued to give him a long cool stare.

“Fine! I’ll be ‘good’,” he said with a convulsive shudder, before turning to the terrified L.A. crew.

"As you may have guessed, I am Lucifer the Lord of Hell." He turned slightly and indicated the black haired man,"And this is God but he can't speak for himself because he would destroy you with his voice," Lucifer ended bored.

He looked over to God and sighed, "Look, I am TRYING to be nice but it is only for Her," he seemed to sulk.

Wes, Gunn, Cordy and Angel couldn't believe that these two were really the Lords of Heaven and Hell. And a childish Lord of Hell at that.

"Did you bring the potion?" Lucifer asked coolly.

"Yes, Lord we brought it with us. Would you be so kind to come with us? We must go to the Slayer’s Watcher to do some research first. Hopefully, we will be finish there quickly, because we are as less interested in seeing the Slayer as you are." spoke Wesley politely.

"Lead the way, we will be able to sense her as we get closer, no matter the gender she takes." spoke Lucifer quietly.


On the way to Giles house, Wesley made the proposal to inform the Scooby Gang that they were coming. With their agreement he called Giles’.

"Giles…it’s Wesley."

"Wesley, it’s good to hear from you! Has something happened?"

"No, no nothing has happened, we are quite alright,” Wesley said hastily. “But we received a message from the Powers that Be that there is a entity more powerful than anything we can imagine. We were told that you could help us and that we should trust all of you,” he paused and added hesitantly, “But Buffy."

"Oh dear,” he could heard the sigh from the other, “Should I call the others?"

“Yes, that would be good a good idea. We will be there shortly and we bring two beings with us. One is God the other is Lucifer...The short version is that the two made a deal to find the entity and that the war will end, forever!” Wesley could hardly contain his excitement.

"Really? Good Lord, this is to good to be true! Are you sure?" he could hear the excitement in Giles’ voice.

"Oh yes! We will be there in a few minutes, Giles."

"Very well, we will be prepared. Thank you Wesley, for the hope that this all will end soon! I will be most happy to see you again."

"And I, you…I will see you shortly, Rupert. "

"Goodbye." Wesley could feel the sappy smile spreading on his face.

Angel looked at him surprised, "So Wes, is there something you want to tell us?" he teased his friend gently.

Wesley blushed and answered "I don't know what you mean, Angel."

"You seemed to be extremely excited to hear his voice and as you guys said your goodbyes you were distinctly flustered. So as Cordy would say, Spill it Mister," Angel said with a smirk.

Gunn and Cordy began laughing at the sight of their flustered teammate.

"Okay, okay Angel you win,” Wesley sighed. “I..I’m attracted to him. Have been since..since the first moment I saw him but he will never return those feelings and I’ve learned to life without it" Wesley told him quietly.

“You British with you stupid, stiff upper lip and crap! Just tell him already, like what’s the worse he can do, laugh in your face?!” Cordy said in exasperation.

“Actually, laughing would be the least of my worries,” Wesley said dryly, “It’s the hitting and kicking that I’m also afraid of.”

"You didn’t hear it but he was also excited to hear from you, don't think your love isn't returned,”Lucifer cut in. He was surprised by his willingness to help the man who was so polite.

"Thank you. Perhaps you are correct, I will have to tell him of my love so that we have nothing between us and so I will learn of his feelings," Wesley told them bravely.

“That’s the spirit, Wes. Go get your man,” Gunn chuckled and punched Wes in the shoulder, ignoring the surprised ‘Ow’ from the man.

Soon they were at Giles’ house and taking a deep unneeded breath, Angel knocked….


The End?

You have reached the end of "The Neutral" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Nov 09.

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