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The Neutral

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Summary: When Light and Dark form an alliance to stop their war and find their origin, Angel and the others will be in for a ride of revelations and surprises. Warning: slash

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Angel/SpikeGaladrielleFR1522,135021,00315 Nov 0915 Nov 09No

Chapter 01

Title: The Neutral
Author: Galadrielle
Fandom: Buffy/Angel
Rating: for now PG-13, will later be NC-17
Warnings: slash, gender-bender, slight fem-slash (no not Tara and Willow)
Pairings: none for now but will be revealed from chapter to chapter
Summary: When Light and Dark form an alliance to stop their war and find their origin, Angel and the others will be in for a ride of revelations and surprises.
AN: Tara is very much alive but not with Willow, she didn’t forgive her for the mind altering.
Disclaimer: I don't own them or the fantastic shows. I'm just playing with them!

Chapter 1: Revelations

This morning Cordelia had a vision, but it wasn't one of the usual, of Demons and danger. It was a summons from the Oracles for them. It was the first time Cordy, Wesley and Gunn were allowed to see the Oracles and they were secretly terrified.

Angel and his crew were soon before the male and female Oracles, puzzled as to the summons.

The female began, "Welcome Warriors, we summoned you to deliver a message from both sides, that of the Light and the Dark."

The male began the narration, "In the beginning, there was only one Presence that contained all powers. It was called Neutral. This presence separated and formed two other Presences...Light/God and Dark, with Lucifer eventually becoming the head constantly striving against each other. Neutral choose to let them fight because she herself was the most powerful being that ever existed and will ever exist."

The L.A. crew exchanged wondering glances, this was something new! Only Angel dared to ask the question they were all thinking.

"But why didn't she choose one side and why haven't we heard about this before," Angel interrupted.

The female took up the narration, "Because Neutral choose to discover the living things that Light/God created ,finding joy with these creatures. But with time she forgot what she is and now lives as a mortal. However, when she dies she is reborn immediately. It's a never ending circle of rebirth for her. This will go on and on until she is the last being that exists.”

"Your task will be to make her remember everything. There is, however, an additional problem. Neutral choose the form of a female as her root, but now, she is male and this can not be, because to come back to her place she has to be female at first. After that the form is not important. So God and Lucifer made a deal to find Neutral and bring her back. They are tired of their never ending war," the male ended the narration.

The four couldn't believe their ears.

God and Lucifer made a deal to end the fighting?!

Now all they had to do was find a man who is supposed to be a woman and supposed to be the most powerful being in the universe.

Angel had his doubts as he said, "How are we going to find, him?"

The male replied, "He is in Sunnydale, on the Hellmouth. Lucifer will be there along with God to detect him, but it is your task to convince him and give him this," and he handed Angel a phial filled with a luminous blue fluid.

"What`s that?" Wesley asked suspiciously.

"This is a potion to make his body change into his real one and he must swallow it. Make sure the Slayer can not attack Lucifer or Neutral or he will break the deal and try to take Neutral as his Mate. Should that come to pass it will be the end of everything, save her. And you must be careful of the Slayer because she will try to interfere. She has become self-absorbed and believes herself as one of the most powerful beings."

The female sighed, "We will be happy when there are no more Slayers. The line of Slayers became corrupted a long time ago but they were still needed to fight evil.”

"As for you, Angel you must be careful! She still considers you as her soul-mate, her property, but soon you will get to know your destined mates and your demon will merge with your soul. All of you will find your mates." said the female. With that she looked from one to another.

" A further piece of advice to you: trust the two witches, the Watcher, the soldier and your childe, Angel. All that was in the past should be forgiven. Should he not believe you, you must tell him that the two of you share a mate."

Angel seemed to be shocked "What...I...that can`t be!? He hates me, for what Angelus did to him, and for what I am!"

"No, he still loves you. Not the love of a childe, but that of a soul-mate. He has forgiven you and waits for you."

With that final pronouncement the L.A. crew found themselves outside of the Oracles’ domain staring at each other in confusion, before they left for Sunnydale.

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking