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Questionable Relations

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Summary: Ficlets about relatives that don't or won't come up often. Most are very short and just for fun.

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Multiple Crossings > General > Ficlet Collections - OthernamegoeshereFR134734062,37615 Nov 0919 Nov 09No

Chapter One Paternity

I do not own BTVS or HP!


Dawn looked down at the paper that had been sitting on the coffee table. It was addressed to her mother, but since her mother had been dead for over a two years she guessed Buffy had opened it. It was a confusing couple of charts and some numbers paired together, but what had caught her eye was both Buffy's and her own name in the blocks on the top. At the bottom under Buffy's name was the words Paternal Match, under her own was No Match. Sample- Hank Summers.

A note was attached to the bottom that the UK's criminal data bank had found an match via request from Wolfram and Hart. Match to Juvenile record for one Tom Riddle. Location Unknown.

Dawn rolled her eyes, “Good joke Andrew, Voldemort's my father. And Vader's my Uncle.” She balled up the paper and threw it in the trash.

The heir of Slytherin walked out the the living room not seeing the owl sitting just outside the window.
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