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5 Rescuers Dawn Never Needed

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Summary: Dawn is always getting kidnapped, but this time the Scoobies aren't the ones rescuing her.

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SithicusFR752,5140299,51916 Nov 0918 Nov 09Yes

Vampires on Third Street

Author's Notes: Before I get engrossed with anything else, I'll post the last chapter of this particular story. Hope to see loads of reviews after this one.

The vampire had Dawn pinned to the wall, it’s fangs protruding about to sink into her flesh, she hadn’t really been paying attention. Her mind had been stuck on dealing with the problem of one Gretchen Grundler, the new Slayer recruit, so naturally she hadn’t been expecting to get jumped. Which, naturally, was when it happened.

“I’m goin’ ta enjoy this,” he said.

Dawn suddenly watched the vampire turning to dust, expecting to find Gretchen there, she was startled when a bear of a woman appeared.

“The little hooligan,” she grumbled. She was dressed in a yellow dress, with a floral pattern, had grey hair and glasses perched on a thin bony little nose. “Are you alright?”


“You should know better then to run around after dark without a stake,” the woman chastised.

“Do I know you?” Dawn asked.

“Muriel P. Finster, Gretchen’s new Watcher, now let’s get out of here before any more degenerates show up.”

Dawn blinked at the sharpness in the woman’s demeanor, but she could tell Miss Finster actually cared about her, even though they’d never met. “Um, thanks.”

“Don’t thank me just yet, Miss Summers, not until we get out of the street. Randall!”

“Yes, Miss Finster?” a young boy asked, popping up so suddenly he startled Dawn. “I expect a report first thing tomorrow morning, now get home before any more vampires show up.”

“Yes, Miss Finster,” the boy said eagerly.

“Ah Randall, my trusted spy,” Muriel remarked. “You’ll find him invaluable I’m sure when you join us at Third Street School.”

“When I what?” Dawn asked in shock.

“I’ll explain that when we get to my place,” Muriel stated, “lot’s to do. Hopefully this will put an end to Detweiler’s shenanigans,” she added under her breath.

Dawn had no idea what she was getting into, but as soon as she could call Buffy, she was going to kill her. Or at least wheedle a shopping trip fund out of her.

The End

Disclaimer: The characters of Recess belongs to Walt Disney, I make no claims otherwise.

The End

You have reached the end of "5 Rescuers Dawn Never Needed". This story is complete.

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