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5 Rescuers Dawn Never Needed

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Summary: Dawn is always getting kidnapped, but this time the Scoobies aren't the ones rescuing her.

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SithicusFR752,5140299,51916 Nov 0918 Nov 09Yes

The Terror

Author's Notes: This is a companion story to my 5 women Xander never dated, with a same basic theme of well, you know what. I won't spoil anything here, see below for additional disclaimers.

Disclaimer 1: Buffy and all related characters belongs to Joss. I make no other assertions.

Once again, Dawn Summers was in chains, kidnapped for sacrifice, or blood draining, or bait to lure her sister in. This time she was really feeling the urge to smack some heads, it wasn’t enough they had to tie her up, but this time they’d torn her favorite shirt, stolen from Buffy’s closet of course.

Furiously she glared at the creep. “You’re going to be in so much trouble when Buffy gets here.”

“Shut up food,” the demon snapped, “soon you be in stomach, after I kill Slayer.”

Dawn glared at her captor all the more harder, she intended to tell him off, but a sudden and large puff of purple smoke caused both of them to start coughing. “What?” She started to ask of no one in particular.

“I am the Terror that flaps in the night,” a voice said, the source being inside the cloud of smoke. “I am the penny that you’re always missing when you go to pay the exact change.” The smoke disappeared and a creature in a costume appeared. “I am Darkwing Duck!”

Dawn’s eyes widened in shock. “Huh?” The duck in the purple costume with matching cape and hat, was definitely not who she was expecting.

“You go squish now,” the demon declared.

Darkwing aimed a gas gun at the beast. “Suck gas evil doer.”

“That’s never going to work.” Dawn rolled her eyes, Darkwing fired his weapon, the demon inhaled the gas and promptly collapsed. Dawn stared at him in disbelief.

“No time for autographs, let’s get you out of here before Morgana’s special gas wears off,” Darkwing said. Gallantly he hopped over to Dawn.

As he began to undo her bonds, Dawn wondered how she’d ever explain this, all she knew was, Buffy would never hear the end of it. If some whacko duck in a cape and mask could take out a demon with a lowly gas gun, well it spoke volumes about what the Slayer could expect from her sister, the teasing this presented alone was enough to make her forget the torn shirt. Just a little.

The End

Disclaimer 2: Darkwing Duck belongs to Walt Disney, I make no claims to the contrary.
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