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Encounters of the Passionate Kind: Revelations

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Encounters of the Passionate Kind". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Several years have passed and we're now mid-season 5 when Xander turns to Lilith for help in dealing with several situations. Very Dark Slash Fic, Non-Crossover Fic

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Dark > Xander-Centered
BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Xander/OC
DennSedaiFR21213,805012,39616 Nov 0923 Nov 09No

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Chapter OneA

Disclaimers: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and associated characters, as well as Angel The Series are property of Mutant Enemy, Joss Whedon, etc.
Author's Notes: This takes place in mid to late Season 5, and starts up roughly around the point where Xander finally finds out the truth about Dawn and the fact that he's the last one to be 'informed'. Deals with his issues of feeling betrayed, and the aftermath of the end of Season Five. Huge, honking amounts of Semi-Consensual Sex Scenes, Dom/Sub, Sado-Masochism and other naughty play are going to be GRAPHICALLY PORTRAYED, explored and dealt with as well as part of Xander's journey. Also technically touches upon aspects of selling of sex and prostitution, but not really. You'll have to read it to find out the details. There will be multiple pairings, including one's where Xander is very Dom and one's where he's very Sub. They won't be the same pairings where he's both with the same set of characters though. Yep, I'm keeping him reasonably close to character, including a fair bit of underlying rage at the sense of betrayal. Not to mention guilt and angst later when things go to Hell in a handbasket.
Acknowledgments: Many wonderful thanks to Katrina aka Ryan Wolfe of Sylum Clan for the wonderful help with beta reading, and also for idea bouncing and inspiration *smirks* You're just as evil as I am, if not more so. Love you.
Pairings: Xander/Kyle, Xander/Tor, Xander/Kyle/Tor, and a few others as well. But those are the main ones, when others are introduced I'll make a special note of it . Yep, I will warn you that Lindsey McDonald is making an appearance much later *smirks.

Pacing back and forth in his apartment, Xander muttered softly under his breath, his temper running higher every moment as he paced. The fact that none of the gang had bothered to tell him the truth about Dawn had hurt more than a little bit. The fact that Spike....Spike of all people had learned the truth before he had, had just been the final straw as far as he was concerned. Walking out of the Magic Shop, he had stormed off before he ended up saying or doing something that he'd later regret.

Shortly after arriving back home, he'd made a snap decision to call and see if he could speak to Lilith. With the level of rage that he was feeling at the moment, he needed some safe way to vent it, and the services that she offered to her clients definitely fit his mood; especially with the Hyena having perked up of late. Her rage and anger feeding his own in a vicious circle.

He'd even briefly considered going out on a solo patrol, but had decided that as angry as he was, that would be far too dangerous. Besides if the 'girls' felt he was that much of a liability that they couldn't trust him with this information, than why should he help them with dealing with patrol and saving them some work.

Stopping short as the phone rang, he hurried over and grabbed it after the second ring, recognizing the phone number that had come up on Caller ID, he answered politely, forcing himself to stay calm.

"This is he," Xander replied to the voice on the other end, nodding to himself. "Yes...., that's more than acceptable.....please extend my thanks to the Lady.....yes.....Good Bye."

Hanging up the phone , Xander let a hint of a smile cross his face, one that if anyone else had seen, would likely have sent them off running in a blind panic. For the smile showed his more predatory side. Heading to the bathroom he stripped along the way, in a hurry to get washed up and prepared for his meeting with Lilith.


"Your rage is not unreasonable Xander," Lilith said softly as she watched the younger man, he was practically vibrating while sitting in the chair across from her. "But you must learn how to control it and channel it, so that you can use it and not be the one used instead."

Taking a deep breath, Xander let it out in a slow sigh. "I know Mistress, but it's hard to do so. Especially when friends betray your trust like that. I thought things were finally back to normal again, and now they're once more on their 'special girl' kick."

Keeping her expression carefully neutral Lilith just nodded her agreement with that. "I do understand. Especially as you are a key part of the team, even if they wish to ignore it. Still there are other more important matters to discuss. This situation involving Glory, is very dangerous. The Key must be kept safely away from her, or there will be an apocalypse to rival anything that you've encountered so far. I can put such protections upon you as to protect you from her influences, but that won't keep you safe from physical harm, if she attacks."

Xander slowly nodded his acceptance of that.

"The fact that they transformed the key, and made her a part of the Slayer's essence, is very disconcerting to say the least, but it does mean that she is well protected now. Still, you are going to be a key part of that defense. So we need to help you find a way to channel and control your anger," Lilith said slowly and patiently. "I may have the ideal solution for you."

Xander just arched an eyebrow at that, knowing that Lilith would reveal what she had in mind in her own time, and that in this case at least it was best to wait for her, rather than to try and guess or press for answers.

After several minutes of silence had passed by with the tension steadily growing between the two Lilith finally let out a soft laugh. "So, you have learned one lesson at least in how to be patient. I'm very impressed Xander," Lilith offered with a smile. "I've also noticed something else while you were telling your story that you didn't bother to share. It appears that your previous possession by the Hyena was not as fully exorcised as your friends believed."

Xander just nodded once at that. "You're right. And, of late, she's been making her presence felt even more, especially when I'm angry. So why is that so important Mistress?"

"Because it offers you several additional points to consider. First, if you learn to merge more completely with Her, you'll find that Her strength, skill, speed and so on, can aid you. It also offers you a small measure of additional protection"

Xander considered that silently for a few minutes. "Probably, even likely. But what about controlling her other tendencies?"

"That's simple enough. A small change in your diet will satisfy her, more meat, perhaps not cooked to more of a medium rare, and forming an expanded pack, choosing a mate or mates, at least on a temporary basis who are compatible with you. It would also provide more of a drive for her to aid you and help in your fighting."

Xander slowly considered that, his mind flickering back to his memories of what had happened when he and the others had been possessed the first time. "You have someone in mind, don't you? Since you know what happened to me back then...."

Lilith nodded once at that. "I do indeed, haven't you considered what happened to the others who were also possessed? I could tell you, if you wished to know."

Xander shivered at that, the thought of reclaiming his old pack appealing heavily to the Alpha who'd left her mark upon him, as well as to his own darker desires as he recalled what had happened between himself and some of the others as well.

Smiling Lilith nodded ever so slightly to herself, as she watched Xander's reactions carefully. "Two of them have moved on and left those memories behind, much like a nightmare fades upon waking. But two others still recall those times. They've been here many a time, trying to recapture the pleasures that they once knew...the ones that you felt so much guilt over at that time."

Xander shivered even more at that, letting out a small involuntary whimper.

"Of course you would have to re-establish the dominance that you held then. Remind them of who was in charge...." Lilith offered trailing off softly, carefully leading her wonderful boy down this trail with the greatest of care. "Of course, if you aren't up for such, I can find someone else to take them on instead."

"NO," Xander said suddenly, nearly growling as he said it. "Mine...."

"Very well then Xander, I'll arrange for the two of them to come here tomorrow night, and have a special room set aside for the three of you," Lilith said firmly, holding up a hand as Xander started to object she went on. "This allows you time to consider your decision, as well as allows the two of them to consider if they wish this as well. I will let you know tomorrow what time to appear, if they have agreed."

"Very well, I can't argue that it's unreasonable," Xander said his expression showing his annoyance at the delay. "But I'll accept it for what it is."

"And if you do this, you will owe me two favors, that I shall call due at a time and place of my own choosing."

Xander nodded his acceptance of this price.


Glancing around the room, Xander slowly nodded as he took it all in. Lilith had called him late in the afternoon to tell him what time he was expected to arrive and that Tor and Kyle would arrive a short time after he was to be there. This allowed him time to examine the room and prepare himself mentally if he needed to.

Smiling as he ran a hand over the solidly padded walls and floors, he let out a small laugh when he spotted the basket in the far corner over flowing with condoms, lube and some interesting toys for him to use at his discretion. The padded walls and floors were definitely a good thing, as he didn't want to risk doing serious harm to either of his pack mates, but he knew that he would be forced to prove his dominance over them once more, since it had been so long.

This time though, it would be a more willing submission for Kyle and Tor, rather than the forced submission of the last time that had been closer to rape in the one case, rather than a grudging, yet still willing submission that would happen today. Still it was best to be prepared for anything, which was why he'd chosen the clothes he was wearing with care. A tight t-shirt that showed off his body, yet still allowed for ease of movement and couldn't be readily grabbed or used against him. As well as jeans that he wore many times out patrolling with Buffy and Willow. Ones that were loose enough to allow for movement and flexibility, yet snug enough to not get caught or used against him. Gone were the days of baggy clothes and ugly Hawiian Shirts, especially as he now had two potential mates to impress and force to submit.

Forcing his face and body language to be utterly neutral as he heard the knock at the door, Xander waited as the door opened a few seconds after that and Kyle and Tor walked in, with Tor almost predictably in the lead.

"Harris," Tor said with a slight growl staring at the more defined Xander, who simply waited there watching the two of them.

"Hello Kyle....Tor," Xander said at last after a minute of silence had passed. "You both know why you're here, as do I. Or do I have to prove it to you both again? Not that I'll be as kind, this time around."

Tor let out a slight snort at that, while Kyle backed away, knowing that regardless of which of the other two won, he'd still be a beta member of the pack regardless.

Xander smirked ever so slightly at that, as he watched Kyle back down. "Smart decision Kyle, just sit off to one side so that you don't get hurt, and I'll get to you once I deal with Tor here."
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