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Harry Potter and the League of Justice

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Summary: The Future is Changing, can you keep up? HP/Smallville/DC/Buffy also on

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Chapter 4

I unfortunately do not own anything in this story other than the general idea, Harry Potter is owned by J.K Rowling, Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon, D.C Comics owns all the superheroes, C.W and D.C Comics own Smallville. Smallville timeline has been pushed back to accommodate my story, plus some ages are my own ideas e.g. Bart being 3 / 4 years younger than Clark

Sorry for the long wait, finally started writing again after rough time, not sure if i'll be carrying on with my other stories but this one, i want to complete.

Harry Potter and the League of Justice

A few days later in the library, Harry was sat at the table with Bart and Giles, who were in a conversation about something or other. Harry was reading through the information regarding the party Oliver mentioned, all he could think was that he should never of invested his money, that way he wouldn't have to attend something like this. Looking up he had a confused look on his face, then shrugged and went back to work reading about the party, after all they wouldn't be talking about Scooby Doo, and it just wasn't possible.

Hearing the library doors opening, Harry glanced up and saw Cordelia and Xander entering with a short redhead girl and a short guy with purple highlights in his also red hair.

'Yo G-Man, you called? What's the what?' asked Xander in a joking manner.

Giles took off his glasses, giving them a slight polish before replying in a put upon tone, 'I do wish you would stop calling me that infernal name.' Standing up and walking away from the table he regarded everyone, 'As it is, I was hoping to let everyone meet, as well as sharing some information about each of our groups.' He finished saying looking from the Scooby Gang, then to Harry and Bart.

'First off, I believe you've already met Cordelia and Xander, now may I introduce Willow Rosenberg,' the short redheaded girl gave Harry and Bart a small wave with a intrigued look on her face,' She's a beginner witch and a I believe the term is hacker?' he trailed off looking at Willow, who gave a small nod. 'Also with her is her boyfriend, Daniel Osborne, who prefers to go by the name of Oz, he's also a Werewolf. The one person you haven't met yet would be Buffy, Buffy Summers, who is the Slayer.' Giles looked towards Harry, slightly indicating that he should follow on.

Leaning back in his chair, Harry slowly looked from each of the Scooby's before looking towards Bart who just nodded his head with a slight smile, showing it was all Harry's show. 'Very well, but can I ask where, Buffy is it? Where is she? As I believe she should be here if we're doing a sharing session.'

Asking this question, definitely brought out some interesting shifts in mood, from curious, to anger in the case of Xander, Willow looking like she wanted to hide, Oz and Cordelia both seemed unfazed by the question, whilst Giles, once again took off his glasses, before replacing them and saying three words which slightly worried Harry, if he was completely honest with himself, 'We don't know.'

Harry rubbed his head feeling the beginning of a slight headache forming, 'Ok then, I'm Harry Potter, until not long ago I was a wizard, I believe you'd call them wand wielders. I'm currently a member of a group called the Justice League,' Harry was slightly surprised to see a flash of recognition go through Xander's eyes at this, putting away for now he continued, 'we're a mixed group of varying people, some with powers, some without.' Looking over at Bart, he continued, 'Bart here, is what we'd call a speeder, he can run the speed of light, fastest man alive he likes to say. Codename: The Flash.' Holding up his right hand, his ring gave of a slight green flash, 'Whilst I'm something different...' Xander quickly butted in, blurting out 'You're a Green Lantern!'

Standing up quickly Harry was startled, giving Xander a look that would have made even the bravest of men stop whatever they were doing. 'And just how do you know that?'

Xander swallowed nervously, ' Umm, on Halloween last year, I dressed up as a soldier, but,' looking towards the Scooby Gang and wincing,' well everyone lost there memories of the night, but I've kept some here and there, the guy who took me over, was a government agent called Roy Harper, who was undercover in the military, but before he worked for the government, he was a hero, he went by the name of Red Arrow' seeing a startled look on Harry and Bart's face he pressed forward, ' He was the adopted child of Oliver Queen, who was Green Arrow, on the members of the Justice League. Roy was friends with Kyle Raynor; he was a Green Lantern, well the last Green Lantern.' He trailed off seeing Harry slumping in his chair, whilst Bart was trying to stop from laughing out loud.

Please Review and if there are any people willing to Beta for me, I'd more than welcome to read and get back to any messages you send!


The End?

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You have reached the end of "Harry Potter and the League of Justice" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 14 Jan 11.

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