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Harry Potter and the League of Justice

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Summary: The Future is Changing, can you keep up? HP/Smallville/DC/Buffy also on

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Chapter One

I unfortunately do not own anything in this story other than the general idea, Harry Potter is owned by J.K Rowling, Buffy is owned by Joss Whedon, D.C Comics owns all the superheroes, C.W and D.C Comics own Smallville. Smallville timeline has been pushed back to accommodate my story, plus some ages are my own ideas e.g. Bart being 3 / 4 years younger than Clark

Harry Potter and the League of Justice

All through history certain days have changed the world, 31st October 1981 was the day Lord Voldemort vanished bringing peace to the wizarding world for a short time, 31st May 1996 was the day the Slayer line was changed forever, 2nd May 1998 was the day Lord Voldemort was vanquished for the last time, but one of the most important days in the history of the multiverse was 31st October 1997, this day was the beginning of the future for mankind, but in truth 8th September 1998 was the time when our adventure really begins....

A silver Porsche 911 Carrera pulling into Sunnydale High’s car park gained a lot of student’s attention, but nothing like the attention garnered by the car’s occupants. Getting out of the driver’s side was a tall young man with black windswept hair, dark sunglasses, black leather jacket with HP stitched onto the collar, dark green hoodie, black combat trousers and black combat boots, whereas the cars other occupant was shorter than the driver with brown hair, dressed in a bright red hoodie with a lightening insignia on the chest, dark blue jeans and white trainers. The main thoughts going round anybody watching were two very important questions, who are they? And what are they doing here?

“ Yo GL, looks like we’ve already got fan girls for the best looking guys to ever grace this town,” the young guy in red stated in a slightly cocky tone matching his grin.

The guy in black shook his head in obvious amusement thinking that his friend will never change, “Bart I thought we’d already decided we weren’t going to cause trouble, let’s just get this done and over with and back to real life, I mean honestly Zatanna said there is a potential Omega threat occurring here this year, so keep your eyes open!”

To the average person looking over at the duo, they would think spoilt rich kids, but in truth they couldn’t be more wrong, Bart Allen in his very bright clothes is a cocky, cheeky guy who everyone seems to get along with, looking deeper though, we have a member of the secret group Justice League, codename : The Flash, currently the fastest man alive, a true speedster in every sense of his name, he has the ability to run at the speed of light after getting struck by lightning when he was younger.

Then there’s the more serious member of the duo, Harry James Potter, English 18 year old, once upon a time he was a wizard world renowned as The Boy-Who-Lived for being the only known survivor of the Killing Curse an unblockable spell in the wand wavering community of magic users, yet a few months before his 18th birthday when he defeated the worst Dark Lord in History, Lord Voldemort, his magic vanished for reasons only known to him, and when he emptied out his family vault at Gringotts the goblin run bank in the wizarding world, he found a ring entrusted to his family by its last user due to a vision showing a glimpse into the future, a ring from another dimension, which brought to life the Justice League member Green Lantern, the only member of the Green Lantern Corps, an intergalactic peace keeping force, in this dimension.

Walking to the school office of Sunnydale High gave Harry and Bart an experience to remember, first meeting something which Harry was sure he’d never have to endure after leaving the wizarding world, fan girls, and this time not for something he doesn’t remember doing, in retrospect he thought he could of picked a more inconspicuous car which just screamed lots of money, but chuckling to himself he only thought that the brand new Porsche was his baby and he wouldn’t give it up unless he had to. Then again hanging around with Bart always meant a high chance of girls hanging around, usually because he was sure Bart knew the types of girls that annoyed him and made sure they hung around to see how far he’d go before walking off. Looking back at Bart’s smirk, he dreaded thinking what was going through Bart’s head to bring that look around, and that look usually meant trouble.

Dragging along behind Harry’s striding walk to get school paperwork sorted, gave Bart plenty of time to think of all the fun that could be had on this ‘mission’ they’d been asked to go on, he understands why it was him and Harry doing this rather than anyone else, seeing as they were the youngest members of the Justice League, but he didn’t understand the warning about not using their powers unless a desperate need to, then again all the magic stuff always went over his head, all Bart could think was, we’re heroes and we’re not allowed to do our job? But in retrospect he knew he could annoy Harry and that was always fun.

After sorting out all their paperwork they had to have a meeting with the Principal of Sunnydale High, Snyder from what reports they managed to get an obnoxious man with delusions of grandeur. But their meeting with Principal Snyder had surprisingly gone well, probably due to the obvious wealth from Harry’s files. They’d spent roughly half an hour in his office talking about their grades, previous schooling and lots of warnings about who to stay away from, such as Buffy Summers and her friends. They told him they understood and would be sure to avoid that little group. Principal Snyder had been quite pleased with that, but still managed to annoy the hell out of both of them with his incessant nagging about the little circle of friends...

Heading to the Library, to gather whatever books they may need according to their reading lists, Harry was quite happy to meet another Brit, even though he did get suspicious due to a glance from Mr Giles to his forehead where his once famous lightning bolt scar once was, but he put it down to being paranoid, after all Zatanna would of let them know if there were any wizards or mystics around.

“So Harry, what a year this is going to be! I mean this place looks almost as boring as Smallville! But honestly it’s much more fun with you here, after all Clark can’t take a joke like you can, or attract the girls!” Bart laughed at Harry’s disgruntled look before striding off humming some annoying song.

“Bart, get back here!! I’ll know if you tell those shallow, vipers that I’m interested in them and I’ll make sure I get my revenge, you remember I’m the son and godson of the Marauders, pranks in my blood” Harry shouted out before thinking it was worth the hassle being friends with Bart Allen, after all he might annoy the hell out of you, but he grows on you before following his team mate into the dreaded lesson, Science, after all science doesn’t really count when you can run faster than light, or create anything in your imagination with a ring.

Please Review and if there are any people willing to Beta for me, I’d more than welcome to read and get back to any messages you send!

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