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~The New Council~

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Summary: Buffy, Dawn and Faith decide that it would be a good idea for the New Council to build a relationship with the FBI. Mainly cause they're bored. Will have crossovers with different FBI focused shows and them meeting the girls. (Fanart by MistressAshley)

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple PairingsShulikFR152668,86135268102,37318 Nov 093 Oct 11No

How it all begins

Legal Disclaimer: I own nothing, noooothing... (said in a dinky little Bavarian accented voice).
See, this is what you get when you stay up late because you're overcaffeinated )))

Seriously, the characters below are owned by Joss Whedon. He used to rock and then he made the Buffy Season 8 comic.
Bahhh, shudders at what he turned Buffy and Co into...

Rant over :)

Please, please, PLEASE review!
Like all authors, I strive on feedback. *wink wink*
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Kay done now

“I’m booored…” Dawn was twenty two years old, had two PhD’s that she finished in time for the annual apocalypse and yet her ‘whiny teen’ voice was still as perfect as ever.

Buffy looked up from polishing her nails, they were a pretty light pink now and gleamed softly in the light.

She looked at her younger sister, Dawn had grown up to be very beautiful as well as freakishly intelligent, getting her BA by nineteen, her Master’s by twenty and her PhD at twenty two.

Her eyes had become a blue green with age, she was pale from all the time spent indoors and had lovely dark chestnut tresses that curled softly as they fell down her back.

She was also easily bored and the situation they currently found themselves in did not contribute to her being in a good mood.

“Plus, Faith’s playing with the knives again,” Dawn helpfully pointed out the dark haired Senior Slayer who looked up from her activity of polishing a wicked looking knife with Sumerian runes on the blade.

Startled at being outed she glared at the sisters before resuming her actions, a sound suspiciously like a reassuring coo escaping her lips as she gazed adoringly at the knife.

Dawn glanced at Buffy “you *know* how nervous the minis get when she whips out the cutlery, and by the looks of things- the swords are coming out next.”

Buffy looked at her sister slayer thoughtfully.

It was true, ever since the activation of the worldwide Potentials and the organization of the new Council- there really wasn’t much for the two oldest Slayers to do.

The daily patrols were taken care of on a rotating schedule, demons were behaving- scared shitless by the hundreds of super powered girls with a yen for violence.

The only thing that the Council really needed the Seniors (as Dawn had once snidely called them) was for the annual apocalypse, and that wasn’t for another four months still. So they waited, and trained the minis, and waited, and organized their contacts, and waited…

The blonde slayer jumped up at the thought that Dawn *was* right, they were freaking bored.

She herself had taken to catching up with years of neglected personal grooming due to being the only thing standing between the supernatural and humanity. Her hair was super shiny and healthy, split ends were a thing of the past. Her nails were beautifully manicured, which for a slayer was a very rare occurrence.

Her wardrobe was finally at the point where Buffy didn’t feel a rabid need to ravage a shoe store any time she passed by one.

Faith on the other hand had taken up collecting knives, daggers, katanas, swords- hell, if it was sharp and shiny chances were that Faith was going to buy it. Frankly, Buffy thought it was a little morbid that her dark haired counterpart had such an obsession with blades, considering that she was almost killed by one.

But hey, who was Buffy to judge?

Her younger sister, the genius Head of Research for the New Council, was running on empty too.

Years of extreme multi tasking had taught Dawnie to make sure that everything she did was to the best of her ability, what this meant now was that she was bored out of her extremely well organized mind.

The Research Department employed some of the best trained academics on the Western hemisphere, prophecies were recorded as soon as they came in through the seers, books were catalogued with pertinent information going straight into the battle plans.

The Council was a well oiled machine and three of it’s top members found themselves with nothing much to do.

Thinking off the top of her head, Buffy smiled widely at her sister before clearing her throat loudly so that Faith would listen too.

“So you know how Giles says we have to foster mutually beneficial inter-agency relationships between us and the FBI?” she grinned at the slow smirks coming onto both her physical and mystical sisters’ faces.

Faith quipped " try saying that three times fast" and winked at Dawn as Buffy snorted at her words.

“Ladies, I think it’s time we got on that! Besides- I’m *sure* there are things we could learn from the Feds.”

Buffy clapped her hands in anticipation as she pulled out her Swarovski pink crystal studded cellphone and began dialing President Lincoln.

He did say that she could call whenever the Council needed something, and he was always going on about strengthening relationships on TV.

True, going to work with the Feds would be slightly different to making peace in the Middle East, but Buffy was strangely confident that it would be definite fun.
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