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40 things Buffy Summers is not allowed to do

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Summary: Though they'd only been in Scotland for a few months; Giles, Dawn Xander and Willow felt compelled to try and control Buffy's behaviour, so they compiled a list.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Cast: Scooby GangInSmithereensFR1331,9614185,68819 Nov 091 Dec 09No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Who made Buffy read the Harry Potter books?

Author's Note: I've decided to do some chapters based on the list items. So yeah, review and tell me which one(s) to do next.

“Avada Kedavra,” Buffy yelled as she staked a vampire. The next evening, there was a meeting.

“Who made Buffy read the Harry Potter books?” She addressed the group of new slayers gathered around the room. They looked at each other guiltily. None of them wanted to tell the slayer’s younger sister what had happened, she was scary when she was angry with Buffy. Finally a short brunette shuffled to the front of the group.

“It was me.” She sighed, expecting a telling off. Buffy wasn’t exactly traditional with the whole slayage thing, nothing like her old watcher.

“And what did you learn?” Dawn asked.

“That I shouldn’t do anything without asking you…?” She asked, unsure. The slayer’s sister sighed.

“That you shouldn’t give Buffy anything that will excite her.” Buffy scowled at this, her friends had taken to talking about her as though she wasn’t in the room.

“Are you really pissed that I read the book series that most of the English- speaking world is obsessed with?”

“No but Willow doesn’t want to over-excite you.”

“Over-excite? You’re acting as though I’m a little kid that’s got into the sugar.” Dawn raised her eyebrows and did the heavy- breathing exercises that Willow had taught her. Buffy had been acting like a giddy kid since Sunnydale was destroyed and, although it was funny to watch, it didn’t exactly keep the troops safe.

“I’m just showing them that slaying can be fun.” Buffy seemed to read Dawn’s mind. “And hey, I’m the big sister here.”

“We have Andrew for the pop-culture references, someone needs to be serious with the girls’ training.”

“But it’s fun!” Buffy protested. “Have you even read the Harry Potter books?” Dawn sighed again, she had been asking for more authority but having a meeting without Xander and Willow was rather difficult.

“Yes, I read them when I was fourteen, remember?”

“And you loved them!”

“I haven’t denied that, Buffy.” Dawn argued. “But when you’re going around making ridiculous comments about the series and playing pranks it’s going a little too far.”

“What pranks? What pranks have I been playing?”

“Notes in pigs blood, at least I hope it was pigs blood, scrawled across the walls… Teaching the newbies to check Willow for the Dark Mark.”

“How do you know that was me? They’ve all read the books.”

“Yes, but most of them have a level of emotional maturity above that of an eight year old.”

“Ha! I’m mature; I’m so much more mature than you are. And I’ll have you know that Amber has the same emotional maturity level as me and knows how to say things in Parseltongue!”

"Cool," Andrew said. Off Dawn's look he looked at his feet. "It might be useful for the girls to have a grasp of other languages." Dawn rolled her eyes and turned to the short brunette stood at the front of the group and raised her eyebrows.

“Crap.” Buffy muttered, she turned around to leave, beckoning for the slayers to follow her. “We’re going to patrol again.” As she walked out of the hall (which she had nick-named the Great Hall) Xander walked in with his date, an English witch.

“Mugglefucker.” She muttered as she passed them.
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