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40 things Buffy Summers is not allowed to do

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Summary: Though they'd only been in Scotland for a few months; Giles, Dawn Xander and Willow felt compelled to try and control Buffy's behaviour, so they compiled a list.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Comedy > Cast: Scooby GangInSmithereensFR1331,9614185,68919 Nov 091 Dec 09No

Buying 'essentials' and hair dye

Author's Note: Thanks for the reviews. I'm doing the Andrew cult-tv one next (the problem is, I'm going to have to either research another show or talk about Firefly). I'm not too happy with this chapter, but I wanted to put something up this morning (or afternoon, as it is now).

“But Giles,” she elongated the name. “I need new clothes. All of mine are in that crater”

“And you’re sure you can’t make do?”

“Nope, unless our whole new slaying technique thing comes with nudity.” Giles took off his glasses and pinched the bridge of his nose. He sighed and bought out his wallet. Buffy’s eyes widened at the thick fold of bills inside. Her eyes seemed to widen even further when he took out a credit card. He frowned at her expression.

“Please don’t destroy the credit rating. Remember, you only need the basics.”

“And some hair dye.” Dawn supplied. Buffy put her hand up to self-consciously touch her roots.

“Why would I need hair dye?” She said, feigning innocence.

“Give it up Buffy, I grew up with you and your white-trash roots.”

“I’m blonde! I just have highlights, that’s all.”

“Yeah, highlights all over your head.” Dawn scoffed. Buffy shot her a dirty look.

“Come on, we need to get the train down to the city. And it’s going to take forever… Stupid Scotland.” Buffy muttered the last two words. California natives really didn’t take well to being forced into a cold, wet, rural country.

A few days later, a strange cry came from Giles’ office. The scoobies and the new slayers ran inside the office, each heavily armed. When they saw that Giles was alone, Buffy dropped her weapon.

“What happened?” But the watcher didn’t reply, he took a deep breath and handed her a sheath of papers. Buffy’s eyes widened as she saw his face was turning purple. She quickly skimmed the pages and replaced them on his desk.

“I told you I needed clothes-” She started, but was cut off by Giles speaking.

“We agreed that you would buy essentials, not exceed the overdraft!”

“They were essentials… Everything was slayage-appropriate.”

“So spending a few thousand pounds in a shop called ‘Cush’ was essential?” He was almost shouting. Silently, the scoobies and slayers slipped out of the room, leaving Buffy to argue with Giles. “And the few thousand in a shoe shop was necessary?”

“But I had to by the jackets in Cush; they had all these pockets and I figured they’d be good for concealing weapons… And I needed boots, we are living in the land of the rain.”

“Buffy, the bank called me yesterday to tell me that there had been unusual activity on my account. I thought someone had stolen my cards!”

“Just because you don’t buy nice things…” Buffy grumbled. “And that’s a council card; I can use it if I want to.” Giles realized he wasn’t going to get through to her.

“You’re going to have to spend the afternoon asking our investors for donations, then. Try to save us from the bailiffs.”

Buffy pouted but nodded.

“But doesn’t my hair look great?” She smiled.

The End?

You have reached the end of "40 things Buffy Summers is not allowed to do" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 1 Dec 09.

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