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Keying In

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Summary: Someone is copying Spike's MO. But is it even related to Spike? Dawn has to find out, and prevent the BAU from finding a connection.

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Television > Criminal MindsnamegoeshereFR1824,0011435,46019 Nov 0920 Nov 09No

Chapter One

I do not own BTVS or Criminal Minds.

Keying In-
Rating- 18 (for now)
Pairing- Dawn/Reid (Any ideas drop me a line and I may use it.)

The rose are in bloom
The heart screams as in discontent
Drip drop; there is not a beat
It's in the blood
It's in the blood

William- a Poet

Washington DC-

Dr Spencer Reid surveyed the crime scene taking in every detail, from the puddling on the ground next to the victim to the way the carpet was almost thread bare in a number of areas, as if someone had spent many hours standing or pacing in one area. The room was richly decorated. Not in modern decor but in ancient artifacts that would have cost more money than any designer collection.

Every artifact was in its rightful place, carefully placed with pieces from similar cultures or eras. Except the one that was wrapped around the victims neck. The scroll still in its protective case looked to be of Middle Eastern origin, maybe Turkish. It was there for a reason.

“The fourth victim, just like the first three, is upper class, although this one is new money.” Prentiss said while adjusting her fitted jacket. She didn't seem to notice that it gave away the fact she was uncomfortable with the amount of gore in the room.

“The victim was kept alive longer this time, meaning it is about the torturing for the Unsub, not the killing.” Morgan said while moving the victim's shredded tailored shirt to show wide, deep lacerations marring the man's chest.

“Right, but instead of taking a souvenir, he is leaving something on the body. That goes against the profile of a sadist.” Rossi tilted his head to the side and took a step backing standing on a patch of worn rug.

“Are you thinking a Mission-Oriented killer? Ridding the world of what? Grave robbers?” Morgan asked.

“Possible,” Reid ran is hand through his long, shaggy hair, “But none of the artifacts were removed by the victims. They simply procured them. It could be an out cry against a rich and lavish lifestyle, but if the Unsub was trying to make a statement wouldn't it make more sense to target a more common example.”

“And way that the victim was tortured, with railroad spikes? Not something seen often. And not a weapon of convenience that's for sure.” Morgan added, “The way they were driven through his hands and feet could have religious meaning.”

“Not likely,” Reid shook his head, “There is plenty of blasphemous pagan artifacts in the room, and even priceless biblical scrolls. He is choosing these artifacts for a reason, and I think the reason is hidden in the artifacts themselves.” He turned to Morgan, “We need to find someone who can give us a translation to what the Unsub has left behind.”

LA California-

“Hey! Where is everyone?” Dawn called out as she set her bags down in the newly rebuilt Wolfram and Hart reception area.

“In here, bit.” Dawn followed the voice to a doorway to her left, she poked her head in to find Spike and Angel sitting on a desk staring at a giant TV. It was on CNN and it was talking about some sort of serial killer.

“What's up guys? I mean, not that I mind a friendly visit, but a twenty-hour flight from London isn't exactly an enjoyable experience.”

Spike point at the screen. “Some poof is trying to play copy-cat with my groove.”

Dawn listen to the woman on the screen go on about the so called 'railroad killer.'

“So some vamp is trying to play at being William the Bloody? Send a slayer, not my cup of tea.” Dawn told them rolling her eyes. She could not believe they brought her out to LA just for that.

“Ain't a vamp, or demon. Some seer had a vision and the bloke is 100 % human, meaning we have no ground to... Ah, slay on.” Spike told her cocking a eyebrow at her.

“So...” She was just not getting the link.

“The BAU needs a translator for some things found at the crime scene. Wolfram and Hart lend out ours to the Feds commonly, we were hoping you would step in. In case there is any connection to Spike.” Angel told her, he was staring at the new red and blonde highlights she put in, she knew she was going to hear it from mister old fashioned later.

“Yeah, and like where is old Wood, number one on my list. If you ask me the boy has always been off his block.”

“He's in Asia with Faith.” Dawn said shaking her head, sitting on the only other piece of furniture in the room, a black leather couch.

“Ah, well.” Spike shrugged and looked at Angel, “Looks like bit's on the job, go call Miss Sexy Voice and say she'll be there is just a jiffy.”

As Angel left, Spike winked at her, “Love the color, bit. Has the plus side of making Peaches' eye twitch.”

“So where am I going?” She asked.

“DC.” Angel said leaning in the door frame. “And my eyes do not twitch.”


So I started with a short chappy to see if anyone likes my idea. I am much better at writing crime drama than anything else, so I hope you like it.
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