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Summary: Buffy's a long way from home. X/over with Tales of Symphonia. Series of connected one-shots.

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Games > Japanese FantasyAryllFR761,239041,57820 Nov 0910 Dec 10Yes


Disclaimer: Tales of Symphonia is the property of Namco. Buffy the Vampire slayer is the property of Joss Whedon.


Fragments, all sharp edges. Nothing whole no matter how many layers she peeled back, just more and more pieces rushing in her head. How would she ever fit any of them together? Her mind was a mess of disjointed chaos.

There was nothing solid to grasp, so when they asked for her name the only noise that fell from her chapped lips was silence. It’s not that she couldn’t remember it (she can’t); she’d forgotten how to speak.

Her thoughts formed words, but somewhere between mouth and mind a circuit had broken. Her tongue felt clumsy, it weighed down in her mouth, tripping out garbled nonsense. The bottom lip trembled and one intelligible sound finally broke free. Great heaving sobs shook her frame as she wailed for the entire world like a broken hearted wreck.

But it was so much worse. The organ she grieved was more valuable than such a delicate vessel. How much harder is it to mend a broken mind?

Strong arms encircled her, pulled her tight against a solid chest, but human contact only made it worse. Even with her face buried against the rough material her hysterics choked the village.
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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking