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The Reason Anya Hates Bunnies

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Summary: she really wishes she had never seen what she did...

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Cartoons > Looney ToonshangmansgirlFR131173051,04021 Nov 0921 Nov 09Yes
*i own nothing of Buffy or Loony Toons*

"No one understands," Anya complained silently.

She thought back to the moment when it had all become clear to her.


She was running late for here weekly status meeting with D'Hoffryn and his secretary was nowhere to be seen. Deciding that she should just go in, she barged through in true Anya Style.

Much to here shock and horror, there in the middle of the office was D'Hoffryn, dressed up like bunny, being chase around by none other that Bugs Bunny dressed up as Elmer Fudd.

Anya left so quickly they never even noticed. She decided right then and there that all bunnies must be evil if this is what they did in there free time.

She guessed It also explained why people should never be late to a meeting.

/end flashback/

"No one understands," she complained again as everyone dismissed the that the bunnies where behind it.

Anya wishes she had never seen it but she's glad she knows the truth now.


(\ /)

The End

You have reached the end of "The Reason Anya Hates Bunnies". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking